An employee at a Chinese restaurant in Jefferson reported that the business received multiple harassing phone calls recently, which included references to COVID-19.

The employee told Jefferson police she received a call during which the callers — who appeared to be youths — asked if the business used dog or cat in their food or if the workers were carrying COVID-19.

The woman said the people called back three more times, continuing to harassing her. After the third phone call, the woman said she told the callers to “f---- off.”

She said she then received another call from a person identifying herself as mother of the callers. The employee said this person began asking similar questions as the youths.

The employee told the caller she was going to file a police report, and the caller told her she would have her arrested “for swearing at the children.”

The employee told police she wanted the calls to stop so they could run their business.

Other recent incidents reported to the Jefferson Police Department were:

•possession of marijuana (less than one ounce) and speeding on Hwy. 129 after a motorist was cited for the infections following a traffic stop for speeding.

•information on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a man said he was threatened by his ex-wife’s boyfriend when picking up his children from his ex-wife. According to the man, the boyfriend walked toward him in an aggressive manner, telling him he needed to hire an attorney and that he was “going down.” The man’s ex-wife alleged that he is not abiding by court custody orders. The man said he feared sending the children back to his ex-wife’s home, alleging that his children told him that the boyfriend hits them. He requested to make a report regarding the alleged abuse.

•information on Jefferson Blvd. where a man reportedly banged his head against a wall until he became unconscious following a break-up with his girlfriend. The man contended that he did not lose consciousness and denied medical assistance.

•burglary on Lynn Ave. where two juveniles were discovered running around inside a business, though no items appeared missing nor did property appear damaged. The complaints declined to press charges.

•theft by taking on Pine St. where a woman said $15 was missing from her pocket book. She told police that a man had been at her residence and noticed the money missing when he left. The woman appeared “very intoxicated,” according to the incident report.

•burglary on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a man said he found a refrigerator was pulled away from a wall, a microwave removed from a space above the counter and a water line cut at a home that he owns. Water covered the floor as well. Several items were also reported missing from a shed in the backyard, including two firearms.

•domestic dispute on Cheatham Bluff where a man said his wife slapped and scratched him after the two argued over her leaving and taking their children to her mother’s residence. The woman denied hitting him. No arrest was made due to a lack of physical evidence of injuries.

•hit-and-run on Logistic Center Pkwy. where a woman said someone left a note on her windshield saying they accidentally struck her vehicle.

•aggravated assault on Kissam St. where a woman said she was assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend, who was drunk according to the woman. She said the man choked her with one hand and pulled her hair with the other. The woman said the man was recently released from prison for assaulting a female which caused that woman to lose an eye.

•information on Forrest St. where a woman said she was en route to Gwinnett County to obtain a temporary protective order against her daughter. She said she feared that her two daughters and one of their boyfriends would break into her home. The woman also said she’s been threatened physically and along with threats that sugar would be put into her gas tank.

•domestic dispute on Elrod Ave. where a man he said his girlfriend’s son left him a voicemail that “he didn’t like.” He said he wanted to alert police “before anything happened.”

•burglary on Washington Street where a window at the old weight room at Jefferson High School was reportedly broken. Nothing appeared to be taken, according to the incident report.

•information on North Public Square where an employee said she received a call from a man, claiming to be from a police department, who asked how much money the business kept in its register. He said he was calling because a bank deposit from the business included counterfeit bills. The man said he would come to the business to county the money in the safe. He claimed to have spoken to the business owner about the matter, but the business owner denied ever having a conversation with law enforcement and did not have counterfeit money in her deposits.

•death investigation on Wildwood Place where a man was sitting in a recliner unresponsive. The man was stiff and cold to the touch, according to the incident report. Medical personnel determined the man was deceased.

•information on Hwy. 129 where boxes lying on the grass near a business contained smart watches. The complainant said the watch boxes where thrown out of an SUV.

•suspicious activity on Storey Porter Rd. where two residents said a vehicle driven by a male had been circling the area. They were concerned the man was canvassing the neighborhood for potential break-in locations or property to steal.

•domestic dispute on Washington Pkwy. where a woman said her husband yelled and cursed at her, accusing her of locking his keys in his van. She said her husband also flipped over a table. She also said he had been drinking. The man reportedly broke a rear van window to gain entry to the vehicle.

•information on Tugalo Dr. where a man said his wife drove home drunk from Gainesville. He said she does this about once a month and doesn’t want her to get hurt. The woman denied driving drunk, saying a friend took her home.

•scam attempt on Oak Ridge Dr. where a couple looking to rent a house was contacted by a person through Facebook who attempted to rent home he does not own to them for $1,000.

•information on Banks Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend came through a locked backdoor to retrieve items and “got into her personal space” and started screaming at her.

•possession of a drug-related object and speeding on Hog Mountain Rd. where a man was cited for the violations after a traffic stop for speeding.

•burglary on Lynn Ave. where a woman said her business phone was missing when she returned to work. The woman said there had been a break-in over the weekend which Jefferson police had already investigated.


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