Fraudulent telephone solicitation reported at Commerce business.

On Wednesday, September 22, Commerce Police Department officers responded to Love’s Travel Stop, Maysville Rd., Commerce, where the manager reported receiving phone calls from two numbers where a man claimed to be with the corporate office and he instructed her on how to pay $4,000, from funds held at the store, for a shipment of computer and software equipment to be delivered to the store.

The man instructed her on where to go to deposit the money in a Bitcoin ATM.

The corporate office was contacted and it was determined no one had called the store and no one had any knowledge of a delivery of computer and software equipment.


Other incidents recently reported to the CPD include:

•theft by taking on Barber St., Commerce, where a man reported the theft of a gas can from his outdoor shed.

•forgery at Quality Foods, Maysville Rd., Commerce, where a $100 bill was used in a transaction.

•forgery, harassing communications and bribery reported to the Commerce Police Department, Commerce, where a man and woman reported someone had taken a total of $700 out of their bank account. The man and woman stated they received phone calls, text messages and emails from an unknown person advising they had nude photos of the man and they would post them on his Facebook account.

•forgery on Baugh St., Commerce, where a woman reported a company she paid over $6,700 by a wire transfer for a fence to be installed reported their email had been hacked and they do not do wire transfers as a method of payment.

•civil matter and harassing communications at Bellview Homes, Commerce, where a man reported his aunt picked up his juvenile son form his mother and located a marijuana cigarette in the juvenile’s food. The complainant said the juvenile’s mother constantly harasses him and threatens bodily harm to him and his family members.

•fraudulent telephone solicitation at Tractor Supply Co., Homer Rd., Commerce, where the manager reported someone claiming to be the district manager attempted to scam her out of $2,800 in gift cards.

•information report at Commerce Primary School. Minish Dr., Commerce, where a woman reported her four-year-old son was being “bullied” by another student.

•warrant executed at Quality Foods, Maysville Rd., Commerce.

•information report on South Broad St., Commerce, where a CPD officer located a woman’s wallet.

•battery at an Ash St., Commerce, residence, where a domestic dispute between a man and woman was reported.

•hit and run; duty of the driver to stop at or return to the scene of an accident on Washington St. at North Broad St., Commerce, where a woman reported the female driver of a Jeep struck her Ford Expedition on the driver’s side front door and then drove off.

•forgery at Pinnacle Bank, North Elm St., Commerce, where a man reported his granddaughter had been writing checks to herself using his personal checks.


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