A Commerce man told Commerce Police Department officers someone had damaged his deceased mother’s residence on East College St.

On Monday, March 1, the complainant advised a window had been broken on the front porch, four window screens were missing and glass bottles had been broken around the residence.


Other incidents recently reported to the CPD were:

•driving while driver’s license is suspended or revoked on Interstate 85 South, Commerce, where a traffic accident was reported.

•terroristic threats and acts on Baugh St., Commerce, where a man reported he received a text message from an unknown individual stating “you are a bast$%d and am gonna kill you” after he failed to send $1,000 back to the unknown individual who instructed him to cash a check he received in the mail.

•animal complaint on Heritage Hills, Commerce, where a Commerce Police Department officer reported seeing a German Shepherd dog on a leash, with two juveniles and an adult female, behaving aggressively. The officer said the female later appeared to be taunting her with the dog.

•failure to maintain lane and driving without a valid driver’s license on Interstate 85 South, Commerce, where a van was stuck in the median.

•harassment and terroristic threats and acts on Cedar Dr., Commerce, where a man reported two females had been making statements towards him advising that “they would beat his a$$” and do him bodily harm.

•suspicious incident on Victoria St., Commerce, where a female was attempting to “shoot up.”

•driving without a valid driver’s license and too fast for conditions/speeding on Ridgeway St. at Pine Ave., Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.


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