A Commerce man alleged that his ex-girlfriend stole his license plate and vandalized his vehicle at his Crossing Place residence last week.

According to the incident report, the vehicle’s windshield wipers sustained significant damage, key marks were present on the vehicle and a tire was flattened. It was unclear if the tire was punctured or deflated.

The man’s ex-girlfriend arrived on the scene and denied the vehicle damage and the theft.

Officers had responded to a dispute between the man and his ex-girlfriend three days earlier.

Other incidents recently reported to the Commerce Police Department were:

•damage to property on Elm St. where a tractor-trailer struck powerlines. An estimated $500 damage was reportedly caused. The driver of the truck told the responding officer than the powerlines were hanging too low and he did not realize that until after his truck struck them.

•driving with suspended license on Washington St. where a woman was stopped after running a stop sign. The driver was not taken into custody after the officer learned that her license was suspended due to a new policy at the Jackson County Jail regarding coronavirus. She was cited for her suspended license and running the stop sign and was released. A licensed driver picked up her vehicle.

•theft by taking on Louise Dr. where a man reported a leaf blower was stolen from his garage.

•criminal trespass on Duncan St. where a woman reported that the backdoor steps of her residence were damaged.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 334 where a woman said her phone was stolen at Ingles.


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