On Wednesday, March 31, a Commerce woman told a Commerce Police Department officer her debit card number had been compromised.

She advised her husband had made personal charges on their debit card on March 25 and their information may have been compromised then.

The complainant reported a total of $286 in fraudulent charges were made.


Other incidents recently reported to the CPD were:

•domestic dispute on Crossing Pl., Commerce, between a woman and her husband.

•warrant executed on Hwy. 211 in Barrow County, where a man was picked up from a Gwinnett County Police Department officer.

•warrant executed on Hwy. 441 South, Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•driving without a valid driver’s license and too fast for conditions/speeding on Hwy. 441 North, Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•domestic dispute and warrant served on Crestwood Cir., Commerce, where a woman and her brother were involved in an argument.

•possession of amphetamine and possession and use of drug-related objects on Wood St., Commerce, where a medical unit was responding to a 50-year-old male possibly having a heart attack.

•driving without a valid driver’s license and defective equipment on Shankle Rd., Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•affixing materials that reduce ort increase light on windows/windshield, driving while driver’s license is suspended or revoked and open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle on Hwy. 441 North, Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•lost/mislaid property on Hillcrest Dr., Commerce, where bullets were found in the roadway.

•warrant executed, possession of methamphetamine, possession of amphetamine and drugs not in original container at Fast and Friendly, Ila Rd., Commerce, where a domestic dispute between a woman and man was reported.


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