An employee with the Jackson County Tax Commissioner’s Office, Athens St., Jefferson, reported terroristic threats and acts to the Jefferson Police Department.

The employee told officers he thought he was shot at while posting property on Lebanon Church Rd. for a tax sale.

The following day a man came by the tax commissioner’s office to figure out what to do to keep from selling the property and he said “the tax commissioner needs to be careful with people who possess a certain skill with heavy machinery. The guy with the dulldozer he was speaking about mowed down the tax commissioner’s office and the employees’ homes.”


Other incidents recently reported to the JPD were:

•nuisance on Athens St., Jefferson, where a man said, after about two and a half years, he continues to receive mail and packages for the previous residents. He said the four residents have come on occasion to pick up packages delivered to his home and he has requested that they not use his address.

•information on River Mist Cir., Jefferson, where a man said he was receiving mail for a company that wasn’t associated with his address.

•entering an automobile or other motor vehicle on Borders St., Jefferson, where a man was following a man who had stolen some money out of the complainant’s truck.

•possession of marijuana at the Circle K on Dry Pond Rd., Jefferson, where the vehicle of a man refusing to leave the property was searched.

•theft by taking at the Jefferson Recreation Department, Old Pendergrass Rd., Jefferson, where a catalytic converter was stolen off a bus.

•hit and run; failure to stop and render aid at Kroger, Old Pendergrass Rd., Jefferson, where a man reported his truck had been hit while parked in the parking lot.

•miscellaneous report at the Jefferson Police Department, Washington St., Pendergrass, where a man requested a welfare check on his ex-wife, who had a problem with alcohol and drugs, because she was supposed to have their two children and she had dropped the children off at her brother’s house.

•deceased person on Coopers Hawk Ln., Jefferson.

•information on Park Dr., Jefferson, where a man reported a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend who is the mother of his daughter.

•civil matter on Pine St., Jefferson, where the complainant’s sister’s ex-boyfriend was attempting to remove a boat and other possession inside a storage shed.

•harassment at Kubota, McClure Industrial Dr., Jefferson, where a woman reported she was receiving unwanted messages on her phone from someone she believed is at the facility.

•theft of service at Quick Lube on Athens St., Jefferson, where a woman drove off without paying for her oil change.

•hit and run; leaving the scene of an accident at Aldi, Dry Pond Rd., Jefferson, where a man reported his car had been damaged while parked in the parking lot.

•theft of lost/mislaid property at McDonald’s on Hwy. 129, Jefferson, where a man reported someone took a fanny pack that contained a headphone case and ear pods that he had left laying in the parking lot following an argument with his girlfriend.


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