Theft by conversion reported at Gringo’s Mexican Grill

On Saturday, November 6, Jefferson Police Department officers responded to the restaurant on Washington St., where the manager reported an ex-employee had reportedly given a customer, who was intoxicated and causing a scene, a $2,700 shadowbox-design sign without management approval.

The complainant stated the customer wanted the Coors/Braves lighted sign with baseballs that was hanging in the bar and he requested to purchase the sign. He was told by an employee that he would need to ask the manager who was not in but would be back later.

Then a fired ex-employee who is the boyfriend of a cashier at the restaurant told the customer he could just take the sign and the unknown man left the bar with the sign.

The manager was able to provide police a copy of a credit card receipt from the man who took the sign.


Other incidents recently reported to the JPD were:

•information report on Jefferson Station at Cornish Way, Jefferson, where a woman found a 2-3-year-old juvenile male in the middle of the street. The child was later reunited with his father.

•verbal dispute between a woman and her ex-boyfriend at an Andrew Jackson Ct., Jefferson, residence.

•theft by taking at the Pendergrass Flea Market, Hwy. 129, Pendergrass, where a vendor reported a man took a DeWalt pressure washer without paying.

•theft of gasoline at Circle K, Dry Pond Rd., Jefferson, where a man drove off without paying for $25 in gasoline.

•civil matter on South Public Square, Jefferson, where a man questioned the location of a bounce house.

•theft by taking at the Lavaquita Flea Market, Hwy. 129, Pendergrass, where a 16-year-old juvenile reported his wallet had been “pick pocketed.”

•information report on Elberta Dr., Jefferson, where a physical altercation was reported between a woman and her ex-boyfriend.

•information report at Home Goods, Logistics Pkwy., Jefferson, where a female employee reported her tire had been slashed while she was at work.

•criminal damage to property at Resilux America, John B. Brooks Rd., Pendergrass, where an employee was reportedly dropping empty/consumed small bottles of Fireball in their product boxes that are shipped out to other companies for use.

•information report on Cypress Pl., Jefferson, where a custody dispute was reported.

•sexual battery at Clipper On The Run, Winder Hwy., Jefferson, where a woman reported a man punched her in the “backside” and would make verbal remarks about “grabbing her titties”. She said the man had attempted to trip her up and had entered her car without permission while she was parked at Clipper.

•prowler at a Soaring Ln., Jefferson, residence, where a woman reported going out of her house to check the mail and finding a cup of iced coffee on her doorstep. She said later in the day a friend of hers saw a man crouched down in the woods behind her house and when the neighbor yelled the man ran off into the woods.

•lost/mislaid property at Waffle House, Hwy. 129, Jefferson, where a woman reported her husband had lost his wallet.

•theft by taking at Amazon, Hog Mountain Rd., Jefferson, where a 53-foot trailer was reported stolen.

•information report on Fountainhead Dr., Jefferson, where a woman requested a report on a pair of Apple Air Pod Pros that were order but never delivered to her.

•lost/mislaid property on Cheatham Bluff, Jefferson, where a man reported his weapon carry permit missing.

•information report on Spinner Dr., Jefferson, where a man reported his vehicle had been damaged.

•information report on Georgia Belle Dr., Jefferson, where the co-owner of a residence reported two pieces of jewelry missing.

•criminal damage to property and obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers at Home Goods, Logistic Center Pkwy., Jefferson, where an intoxicated man was asking for a job application and acting very strange. Five employees came out and found the mirrors on their vehicles had been damaged all in the same manner and video showed the intoxicated man causing the damage.

•terroristic threats and acts at a Fieldstone Cir., Jefferson, residence, where a man reported threats made towards his mother through a text message.


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