Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently walked in on a man attempting to strangle himself in his bathroom on Pace Dr.

When a deputy arrived, the man was in the bathroom talking to himself. The deputy then reported hearing the man choking and kicked the door in. The man had tied rope around his neck and to a door handle and he started fighting the officer trying to untie the rope from the door.

The deputy then tried to release the rope from the man’s neck, he used his knife to cut the rope at one point, but the man struggled so much, the knife became a threat to the man. Eventually, the deputy was able to remove the rope with his hands.

The man then fought against the deputy and EMS trying to get him to go to a hospital. He attempted to run and hide from authorities, but they handcuffed him and placed him inside a sheriff’s office vehicle. Deputies transported the man to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•a woman on Hunter’s Ridge Rd. reported a video game console and two controllers stolen from her residence.

•a man on Ivy Creek Rd. said his mentally handicapped brother’s girlfriend is keeping him from talking to him.

•a man on Hawks Ct. complained about his grandson arguing with his girlfriend.

•a woman on Hunters Ridge Rd. complained about a neighbor’s dog attacking her dog.

•complaints of gunshots on Hawks Ridge Rd. The complainant’s neighbors were shooting at pumpkins in a ditch.

•complaints of deer body parts in a box on Richard Bridges Rd.

•a man on Cabin Creek Dr. complained about neighbor’s playing loud music.

•a father and son were in the woods behind their residence on Jefferson Dr. when they heard a gunshot. The men think someone shot a deer.

•a woman on Stapler Dr. accused her husband of kicking her.

•a woman on Cedar Dr. complained about her daughter cursing at her when she accused her of taking her cigarettes.

•a woman complained about an unruly teenage son on Ivy Creek Dr. refusing to do what she tells him and leaving the residence.

•a man on Hunters Ridge Rd. complained about a neighbor’s aggressive dog being in his yard.

•a woman on Ivy Creek Dr. reported her vehicle stolen by her son. While deputies met with the woman, the son called to tell her he was in an accident in Chattanooga, Tenn. A Tennessee State Trooper arrested the son and held him in the Marion County Jail.

•a woman and her son argued on Jims Ln. over his alleged drug use.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Old Kings Bridge Rd.

•a man on Hwy. 334 complained about his ex-wife not letting him see their children.


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