A gun was brandished during a dispute on Hwy. 129 between a man working for an impound lot and a driver of a tractor trailer.

The man placed a parking boot on the tractor trailer for parking on private property and knocked on the door to tell the driver. The driver grabbed a tire iron and tried to beat the boot off the wheel. The man said he tried to block the tire iron with his boot but the driver pushed him with it. The man admitted to pulling out his gun and claimed he only grabbed it because he felt threatened.

The driver claimed the man put the gun in his chest and he called 911. Neither man was charged and an officer stayed until the dispute was worked out.


Jefferson PD officers recently arrested a man who allegedly pulled a woman to the ground and struck her on Jasmine Dr.

The woman said Scott Edward Barker, 35, 818 Jasmine Dr. was being loud in the kitchen and she asked him to be quiet, which started an argument. The woman admitted to throwing a bottle of detergent at Barker, but she missed and Barker threw the bottle back at her. Barker reportedly raised the volume of his speaker and when the woman tried to take the speaker away, Barker allegedly pulled her to the ground and hit her several times. Another man at the residence held Barker down to keep him from hitting the woman.

Barker denied pulling the woman to the ground, but due to the woman’s injuries on her arms, Barker was arrested and charged with simple battery.


Other arrests recently made by the Jefferson PD were:

•Michael Porter Daughtry, 28, 1133 Davis Cir. Northwest, Atlanta – driving with a suspended license.

•Christopher Jackson, 28, 82 Michelle Dr., Jefferson – warrant service.

•Ismael Sesmas Cruz, 18, 1135 Mill St. Southeast, Gainesville – underage possession of alcohol.

•Michael Hughes, 22, 121 Mario Cir., Athens – warrant service.

•Kevin Mitchell Moon, 46, 4530 Summerset Dr., Gainesville – warrant service.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•a man on Fairfield Dr. said a guitar was stolen from his residence. The guitar was delivered while the man was out of town and he did not find a package when he returned.

•a woman on Athens St. said her residence and shed was broken into. She said items were taken from the shed but she wasn’t sure what because the items belonged to her boyfriend.

•a man on Hwy. 129 found a crack in the back window of his vehicle.

•a woman was caught stealing a jar of pickles, a pack of oranges and a bag of M&M’s. The woman was forced to pay for the items and was written a citation for shoplifting.

•a jewelry salesman at the Pendergrass Flea Market said a man and woman stole a bar holding eight 14 ct. Gold bracelets valued at $6,000.

•a woman said she was pulling into her driveway on Washington St. when a trailing vehicle struck her vehicle and sped off.

•a man on Washington St. said $390 was taken from a money bag in a shopping center.

•a woman on Springbrook Ct. said her checking account was fraudulently used to pay for utilities in Jefferson.

•a man on Mahaffey St. reported receiving a threatening message on Facebook by someone accusing him of assaulting a woman.

•a woman on Georgia Belle Dr. said she was scammed out of money by a person claiming to be with Spectrum Internet. The person claimed they needed $125 through Western Union and the woman said accounts have been opened in her name for Windstream and AT&T.

•a vehicle failed to yield when entering the roundabout on Hwy. 11 and Hwy. 124 and struck another vehicle.

•a driver on Hwy. 129 said they attempted to change lanes too early and struck the front of another vehicle.

•a vehicle backed up at an intersection on Hwy. 129 and struck the front of another vehicle.

•a woman turning onto Hog Mountain Rd. from Hwy. 129 failed to yield to oncoming traffic and was T-boned. She and a passenger were taken to a hospital for minor injuries.

•a vehicle stopped on Hwy. 82 to turn onto Legg Rd. and was struck from behind.

•rear-end accident in a turn lane on Hwy. 11.

•multiple separate rear-end accidents in turn lanes on Hwy. 129.

•a vehicle hydroplane in the southbound lane on Hwy. 129, spun through the grass median and struck a vehicle in the northbound lane.

•rear-end accident in a turn lane on Hog Mountain Rd.


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