Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to a residence on Summit Chase Dr. where a couple argued to the point of physical confrontation.

The man said he and the woman were yelling at each other and she slapped him in the face and pushed him. The man said he pushed her away from him and she hit her head on a cabinet.

The woman said he was getting into her face and spitting on her so she pushed him away from her and he pushed her back.

No arrest was made and the couple agreed to sleep on opposite ends of the residence.


A couple on Adella Ln. contacted the JCSO after searching their 14-year-old daughter’s phone and finding a string of messages between her and a man claiming to be 74 years old.

The couple said this has been a problem with the teen in the past and they recently confiscated her laptop for engaging in online conversations with strangers. The teen reportedly didn’t seem to understand the severity of the situation and claimed the man seemed bored and genuinely wanted to be her friend. She said the conversation started when an advertisement popped up on her phone asking if she wanted to talk. She admitted to answering yes and then her messaging application opened and the conversation began with the contact listed as “IDK.”


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church reported identity fraud on the church’s bank account. $2,000 was fraudulently spent from the account.

•Jackson EMC reported a forged check made out to a man for $1,400.

•complaints of drug activity on Lyle Field Rd. Deputies searched the suspected residence and cleared the occupants of any wrongdoing.

•multiple single vehicle accidents on I-85.

•a man on Winder Hwy. complained about someone trying to enter his garage.

•a man on Ebenezer Church Rd. reported tools stolen from his garage.

•a man on Riley Rd. reported a disoriented woman claiming she was evicted from her residence. The man initially thought the woman threatened him but he admitted he misheard her.

•a man reported his trailer stolen from a ditch on Rambler Inn Rd. He said the trailer came unattached from his vehicle and rolled into the ditch and he decided to retrieve the trailer later, but when he returned, it was gone.

•vehicle accidents with deer on Hwy. 124, Winder Hwy. and Athens Hwy.

•complaints of a suspicious man sleeping in a vehicle at Dollar General on Hwy. 82. The man claimed his wife was in the store shopping, but she was not present. The man was given a courtesy ride to his residence.

•a woman on Three Forks Rd. complained about gunshots in the area.

•a man on Holiday Cemetery Rd. said he gave his father $100 but now he wants it back.

•a man on Ebenezer Church Rd. believes someone is hunting on his property.

•a woman on Holiday Cemetery Rd. said she heard a loud noise outside her residence before her doorbell rang. She believes someone tried to break into her home.

•a man on Double Bridges Rd. complained about not being paid by a client.

•a man reported a firearm stolen from his residence on Windy Hill Rd.

•a man on Ford Rd. reported a client not paying him and said he would follow the civil process to receive his compensation.

•two deputies stopped a vehicle which initially returned stolen and detained the driver on Hwy. 82, but the vehicle identification numbers didn’t match and the driver was released.

•a man reported hearing a vehicle door close outside his Brockton Loop residence. After his dogs started barking, he said the vehicle left.

•a man reported finding a bullet hole in his hot tub at his residence on Hwy. 82.

•a man on Winder Hwy. reported a chainsaw stolen from his property.

•a man on Rock Forge Rd. reported his neighbors fighting in front of their residence. A deputy arrived and heard the couple arguing inside the residence. Both answered the door and had injuries on their face, but they refused to cooperate with deputies.

•assisted EMS on Double Bridges Rd. with a man who believed he was detoxing on drugs.

•a woman on Andrew Ridge Dr. said her step-father initiated an argument with her and threatened her. The step-father denied the threats and claimed the woman started the argument.

•a man on Hwy. 82 reported three firearms stolen from his residence.

•a woman reported receiving scam phone calls on Blue Grass Rd. The woman said the caller claimed they were from New Jersey Mega Millions and that she needed to buy two $500 gift cards.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle accident on Winder Hwy.

•report of a juvenile walking on Hwy. 82 near Raford Wilson Rd.

•complaints of a man and woman arguing at a residence on Harris Ln.


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