Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to Low Falls Ct. where a woman got into an argument with her son and his girlfriend. The dispute reportedly became physical between the women involved.

The son said the argument began over him and his girlfriend finding their laundry missing. They asked the mother about it and she reportedly started scolding them. She allegedly verbally assaulted the girlfriend by calling her a whore and a slut because she was sexually assaulted in the past.

The girlfriend said she confronted the woman and the woman hit her with her finger. The girlfriend admitted to jumping on the woman after that.

The woman’s story matched the son’s and girlfriend’s story, except she didn’t admit to scolding the couple, verbally assaulting the girlfriend or hitting her.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•a woman said debris fell off a truck on I-85 and struck her vehicle.

•a Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority employee reported a theft of water on Traditions Way.

•a woman on Lake St. said she found drugs belonging to her husband and she threw the drugs away. She said he became angry after that and threatened to break out the windows of their vehicle to grab divorce papers.

•a man and woman on Galilee Church Rd. accused the other of threatening them while they were intoxicated. The woman said the man pushed her and refused to let her leave the residence with her belongings.

•a woman on Hardin Terrace Cir. complained about her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend making Facebook posts about her.

•a man reported thefts on his property on Lewis Sailors Rd.

•a student at West Jackson Middle School reportedly tried to pass off vitamin gummies as drugs to sell to other students.

•a driver on I-85 said another vehicle blew a tire and debris struck her vehicle.

•complaints of gunshots near Alberta Dr.

•a man on Valentine Industrial Pkwy. reported finding a gas tank on his vehicle damaged and leaking gasoline.

•complaints of a suspicious vehicle on Lake Point Ct.

•vehicle accident into a ditch on Athens Hwy.

•welfare check on a man on Duncans Mill Rd. A woman said she believed a man was being abused by his wife and she noticed scratches on his body. When deputies met the man, he wasn’t wearing a shirt and a deputy noticed no scratches on the man’s body. He denied any physical abuse taking place.

•a man on Tyson Ct. said he parked on the roadway in front of his residence and he is complaining about his neighbors parking too close to his vehicle and preventing him from moving.

•dispute between a couple on Preakness Trl. over the husband drinking alcohol.

•a woman on Rock Forge Ln. complained about a man not taking her to cash her check and buy her cigarettes. The man is in charge of her finances because of her mental health issues and his name is also on the check.

•a man said his vehicle broke down on I-85. When he returned to the area to retrieve it, the vehicle was gone.

•a man on Petal Creek Ln. admitted to wanting to harm himself and wanting to go to a hospital.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Hwy. 82.

•vehicle accident with a cow on Brockton Rd.

•a man visited the JCSO to report his girlfriend finding an envelope full of pills when moving her daughter out.

•a business owner on Lyle Field Rd. reported finding nine fraudulent charges on his business account.

•dispute between a couple on Ethridge Rd. over the wife being upset about not being invited to the husband's son’s wedding.

•a man on Harrison Johnson Way complained about a man becoming agitated when he attempted to repossess his vehicle.

•a woman on Hwy. 82 wanted her husband kicked out of their residence.

•complaints of a man driving door-to-door on Wexford Ct. offering to do yard work.

•a woman on Hog Mountain Rd. made her granddaughter’s boyfriend leave her property when he came to retrieve his motorcycle.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle accident with minor injuries on Waterworks Rd.

•a man on Thyatira-Brockton Rd. complained about someone knocking on his door and leaving his residence.

•complaints of two men fighting in the roadway on B. Whitfield Rd.

•a man on Lebanon Church Rd. complained about his son threatening to assault him.

•dispute between neighbors on Winder Hwy. over the whereabouts of a dog.

•a man on Cleveland Ct. complained about a landscaper asking for more money before completing any work.

•dispute between a man and woman on Winder Hwy. The woman claimed her boyfriend attacked her and she had marks on her body, but they were not consistent with the assault she described. The boyfriend said she was on new medications which have had a negative effect on her. He claimed she caused the marks to herself.


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