A man recently shot and killed a dog in West Jackson after seeing the dog act aggressively towards family members.

Deputies with the JCSO were called for the incident on Duck Rd. A man shot a dog twice after the dog was seen behaving aggressively at a family member's house. The dog reportedly growled at a woman and her son and approached them aggressively.

It also reportedly kept a woman from entering her vehicle and going to the store. She was ultimately able to get into her vehicle and leave and, at that time, a family member shot the dog twice, killing it.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•dispute on Fincher Dr. where man said his neighbor began videoing him while he repaired his fence and told him to quit stalking her. The man, who also began videoing the interaction, said this is an ongoing issue. The woman told the responding deputy that the man has been stalking her and also posted a photo of her real estate agent’s vehicle and made threats. The deputy saw the post and said no threat was made.

•dispute on B. Wilson Rd. where a woman said her husband shoved her into a window during an argument. Her husband denied that the confrontation was physical.

•dispute on Tuxedo Rd. where a man said a crew parked two tractors with lawnmower attachments on his property near where he keeps bee hives. He said the tractors are angering his bees.

•agency assist on Apple Valley Rd. where all people involved in a two-vehicle accident were treated by emergency medical services but not transported to the hospital.

•information on Hwy. 334 where a woman wanted a deputy to talk to her 8-and 5-year-old grandchildren for being unruly. The responding deputy told the woman the he “would not be scaring her grandchildren.” She said she wanted the deputy warm them that continuing “down the road they were going” could “lead to them getting in trouble.” The deputy offered instead to tell the children “to have a great summer,” to which the woman agreed.

•simple battery on B. Wilson Rd. where a woman said a man struck her during a domestic dispute and damaged three of her phones during previous disputes. She also said he took an X-Box controller and cut the chord to the console. The man, who was at the residence, said the woman damaged his phone and that he did not take the X-Box controller, allowing the responding deputy to search his bag.

•information on Hwy. 82 North where a man would not leave a store. The complainant said the man entered and exited the store several times but did not purchase anything.

•information on Bolton Gordon Rd. where a woman said she’s being harassed by her boyfriend’s aunt, who she said calls her continuously and comes to her house asking to see her dog. She said this woman accuses her of mistreating the dog. She also said the woman is mentally ill. In a separate incident report, the woman said her boyfriend’s aunt arrived at her residence again to argue with her. She said the woman would not let her leave her driveway and began to hit her vehicle.

•suspicious activity on Lee Ln. where a woman said two men exited a vehicle, one of which rang her doorbell and left two pamphlets for a roofing company. She said the men did not appear to stop at any other neighbors’ houses.

•suspicious activity on Windmill Ln. where a man said someone burned a front-porch stool during the night.

•dispute on Old Hoods Mill Rd. where an unidentified person said a man and woman at a neighboring residence were reportedly yelling at each other. Both the man and woman said no yelling occurred and that the neighbor is trying to get them in trouble with law enforcement because they cannot purchase their land and house.

•agency assist on Woods Bridge Rd. where a deputy helped search for a missing juvenile. The deputy met with a man who said the missing juvenile left his residence with a man and went to that man’s mother’s house.

•suspicious activity on Commerce Rd. where a possible shooting was reported. A deputy spoke with two people who said an SUV stopped at their driveway and then heard two shots fired.

•agency assist on Woods Bridge Rd. where a man went into cardiac arrest. A deputy administered chest compressions until emergency medical services arrived. The man was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

•burglary on Richmond Way where a woman reported a stolen ring after she discovered that it had been pawned in Athens.

•simple assault on Old Commerce Ext. where a woman said her husband made a fist and acted like he was going to punch her. The man denied the allegation.

•possession of methamphetamine on Old Commerce Rd. where deputies found a substance suspected to be crystal meth on a mental patient. The patient was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•runaway on Hunters Run where a woman said she hadn’t seen her juvenile son at home since she returned to work after her lunch break that day.

•suspicious activity on Raco Pkwy. where two people were smoking marijuana in a cut-de-sac. The two people were told to leave and the marijuana was destroyed.

•information on Woods Creek Rd. where a woman and her husband said they’ve received numerous calls looking for the previous owner of their home. The woman said they think the previous owner is giving creditors their phone number. She said when they contacted him, the man told her husband “to sleep with one eye open.”

•dispute on I-85 South where a woman and her 17-year-old son were arguing. The woman said the argument upset her so much that she could not drive.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Athens St. where a man was found deceased after a welfare check at his residence.

•dispute on Bell Wood Rd. where a man said his neighbor is dumping grass clippings on his yard. The man said he attempted to speak to his neighbor about the issue, but the neighbor “was unpleasant” and refused to discuss it.

•criminal receipt of goods and services fraudulently obtained where the complainant sent a man $600 for a rental property in Hilton Head and said the man has since deleted his online profile and contact information.

•welfare check on Sandy Lane Ct. where a man said his brother posted on Facebook that he wanted to harm himself. The man’s bother denied wanting to hurt himself.

•welfare check on Brockton Loop where a woman said her friend’s son has harmed her friend in the past and uses drugs. The woman’s friend said she needed no assistance.

•information on Johnson Mill Rd. where a man said several people were trespassing on his river property.

•suspicious incident on Stan Evans Dr. where a woman said a female refused to get out of her vehicle after giving her a ride to the Jackson County jail.

•dispute on Hwy. 82 North where a man was reported chasing a female around a yard and assaulting her. The woman said the two were arguing, but no assault occurred.

•suspicious activity on Traditions Way where a woman reported that a man was on a water tower and feared that he might jump off of it. It was later learned that the man was doing repair work on the tower.

•information on Hunter Rd. and McCreery Rd. where a man reported that gunfire behind his residence “is an everyday occurrence.”

•agency assist on Lewis Sailors Rd. where a deputy responded to a dirt bike crash involving injuries. The man riding the dirt bike was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional.

•agency assist on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a deputy responded the scene of a vehicle on fire.

•suspicious activity on Hardin Terrace Cir. where a woman said a group teenagers were walking around the parking lot of an apartment complex.

•suspicious activity on Jefferson Rd. where a man said a male wearing no shirt or shorts was on his property. He said the male left when he warned him that he would go get a firearm.

•criminal damage to property on Ebenezer Church Rd. where a woman said a former tenant destroyed her single-wide mobile home trailer before moving out. The woman said the damage totaled approximately $6,500.

•litter dumped from a vehicle on Thyatira-Brockton Rd. where the complainant said a man has been throwing beer cans in his yard over the past few months. The complainant, who has pictures of the man throwing the cans, said the incident stems from a disagreement several years ago. The man accused of throwing the cans told the responding deputy that he has photos of the complainant putting peanuts in his gas tank. The man said there would be no more problems from him, but said if he sees the complainant again, “they would settle this like men.” The deputy advised both men to stay away from each other.

•information on Stan Evans Dr. where a woman came to the sheriff’s office to report that her daughter-in-law is leaving her children at night to go to parties at another apartment.

•damage to property on John B. Brooks Rd. where a woman said her car was either vandalized or hit by another vehicle while she was at work.

•dispute on Ivey St. where a woman said her ex-girlfriend wouldn’t return her son unless she brought her a pack of cigarettes. She said she had taken her son to her ex-girlfriend’s home to let her spend time with the child since they were together when he was born. The responding deputy contacted the other woman and told her she could be charged with interference of child custody and possibly kidnapping if she didn’t return the child. The deputy took the woman to her ex-girlfriend’s residence where the child was returned.

•agency assist on Damon Gause Pkwy. where a deputy responded to a vehicle in flames.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Mitchell Rd. where a man on hospice care was found motionless on his bathroom floor.

•alarm on Petal Creek Rd. where a person was seen inside a vacant home. No one was inside the residence when a deputy arrived.

•financial transaction card theft on Albert Ln. where a woman said some hacked her Amazon account, ordering items and charging $2.16 to her account.

•welfare check on Hunters’ Run where a deputy spoke with the adopted father of a missing juvenile after an anonymous report that the juvenile was purchasing a bus ticket for Ohio.

•harassment on Cottin Gin Row where a woman said she suspects her soon-to-be ex-husband has been driving past her residence multiple times, noting that a truck fitting the description of his going by her home. The woman said there is a no-contact bond condition against the man. She also said there’s an active warrant out of Banks County for his arrest.

•dispute on Duncan Mills Ln. where a man said he wanted his brother removed from his property. The man said he had been taking care of his brother and was now “tired of him.”

•simple battery on Jefferson River Rd. where a juvenile teen reportedly pushed her mother during a dispute and threatened to hit her with a shoe. The juvenile denied doing so, but a witness confirmed seeing her shove and threaten to strike her mother. The juvenile was taken to the regional youth detention center in Gainesville.

•identity fraud on Links Blvd. where a man said someone attempted to open a credit card in his name.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•assault on Highland Way where a man said he was attacked by his daughter. According to the man, the two were arguing and she started hitting him with her hands and fists and also struck him with an aerosol can.

•theft by taking on Holly Springs Rd. where a man said someone unlocked an out building on his property and stole a welding and cutting set.

•suspicious activity on Planview Rd. where a man who had possibly taken suboxen or meth was acting out and destroying items at the residence. An ambulance was called to the scene but the man declined emergency medical services. The man was talking clearly and coherently, according to the incident report.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•suspicious activity on Pace Dr. where a man a heard the sound of metal hitting metal and saw what appeared to be a flashlight behind a camper that sits next to his residence. The man said he thought his neighbor was possibly responsible for the noise, but the neighbor told a deputy that he’d just gotten off work and couldn’t have caused the disturbance.

•permitting livestock to run at large on Berea Rd. where a man said cows were destroying his yard. He said he doesn’t know who the animals belong to, but that this had been occurring for three to five days.

•entering auto on Cedar Dr. where a woman reported that a firearm was stolen from her vehicle.

•fraud on Kesler Rd. where a man said his soon-to-be ex-wife has been cashing his business checks and applied for seven credit cards in his name. He said the business checks totaled $3,503.

•information on Hunters’ Ridge where a man was reported driving a lawn mover on the roadway.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 441 where the manager of the store reported four people lingering in the parking lot as the business was about to close.

•information on Hunters Ridge Rd. where multiple gunshots were reported in the area.

•animal complaint on Groaning Rock Rd. where a woman said her neighbor’s dogs are running free and tearing up her mail packages, though she said she has not witnessed them doing this. The woman said she has warned her neighbors that if their dogs continue to enter her property, she will shoot them. The responding deputy told her not to shoot any dogs unless they were threatening her or her livestock. The woman said her neighbors said they would respond by shooting her cows. A man at the neighboring residence said his dogs do not run free. He was told by the deputy not to shoot any cows.

•dispute on Staplers Bridge Rd. where the complainant suspects her husband’s sister is contacting her daughter on behalf of her husband. The woman has a no-contact order placed against her husband.

•information on Old Bridge Kings Rd. where a woman reported a missing cat.

•information on G.W. Wilson Rd. where gunshots were reported in the area.

•unruly juvenile on Hawks Ct. where a teenager was reportedly yelling, screaming and fighting with his siblings and threatened to hit his mother.

•theft by taking on Hunt Club Rd. where a trailer hitch was reportedly stolen. The complainant said she regained possession of the trailer hitch after offering a man $100 for its return. The man returned with the hitch, saying a neighbor had the hitch. The complainant, however, said she believed the man had the hitch originally. She asked to place a criminal trespass order against him on her property.

•welfare check in Highland Way where shots were heard fired at a residence. The man at the property said he fired warning shots into the ground because he saw people in his yard who he thought were trying to steal his property. The man was told to call 911 if he sees suspicious people on his property.

•dispute on Kelser Rd. where a man said he and his wife argued over the woman’s behavior around their 4-year-old daughter. The man’s wife said they were arguing over him not signing divorce papers and him not having access to a shop on that property.

•theft of lost or mislaid property on Broad St. where a woman said she left her phone in a convenience store bathroom. The phone had not been turned in to employees at the store.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in North Jackson were:

•suspicious activity on Village Pkwy. where a woman said that someone put a stick in her vehicle door keyhole. She said she believed her car was tampered with by a female as retaliation for recent issues.

•theft by taking on Oak Crest Ln. where a woman said her son’s school-issued laptop was stolen.

•harassing communications on Hwy. 60 where a man said a woman he does not know, but friended on Facebook, threatened to post photos of his private parts on social media if he did not pay her money. He said she sent him a photo of male genitals that she intended to post. He said the photo is not of him.

•theft by taking on New Cut Rd. where a license plate was reported stolen.

•information on Fountain Dr. where a man said someone parked his his yard without his permission.

•criminal trespass on Emily Forest Way where a man said a male rode a three-wheeler through his yard. The man said this occurs about once a month.

•suspicious activity on Belmont Hwy. where a person was reported looking into the windows of homes.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in South Jackson were:

•information on Windford Smith Rd. where a man said he found a letter in his mailbox telling him to keep his dogs in the yard. The author of the letter alleged that the man’s dogs chased their vehicle. This person said they would contact animal control “or take matters into their own hands.” The man said he wanted to prosecute whoever wrote the letter for placing it in his mailbox.

•information on Shoals Ct. where a man said he received calls regarding people trying to cash checks for $9,000 from a credit union account. The man said he does not have an account with that credit union but that the checks have his information.

•dispute on Commerce Rd.where a woman and her son had a dispute over him going to the hospital. The woman said her son was high on methamphetamine and was bipolar and schizophrenic.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. where a woman said a man stole her cell phone after she left it on her vendor table at the J&J Flea Market. The man later approached the responding deputy and told him that he did not take her phone and allowed to search him and his bag. The phone was not found.

•information on Hwy. 330 where a car was reported doing “dough nuts” on the roadway.

•dispute on J.T. Elrod Rd. where a woman said the father of their 1-year-old special needs child isn’t feeding her by guidelines prescribed by a physician.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 441 where two men spotted on the property of an industrial plant fled into the woods upon seeing the complainant.

•suspicious activity on Woods Edge Dr. where a man saw three males climbing a tree in his backyard.

•information on Cane Creek Rd. where a man twice reported speeding mopeds in the area. The responding deputy found that the mopeds observed the speed limits. During the second call to deputies, the man also said his brother had “hurt his feelings.” The deputy told the man that calling 911 because someone hurt his feelings was a misuse of 911 and could be charged for that. In another incident, the man called 911 to report that his brother is using all the hot water in the home. The man was told to only call 911 for an emergency.

•agency assist on Jefferson Rd. where a man was reported lying in a yard. Paramedics on the scene noted likely alcohol use, but not drug use, according to the incident report.

•dispute on Mallory Rd. where a woman and her boyfriend were reportedly screaming at each other.

•information on Hwy. 330 where a deputy responded to multiple calls about a van driving into oncoming traffic. The deputy made contact with the driver, who stopped at a store. The driver appeared to be asleep. He told the deputy he felt tired and pulled into the parking lot of the business. He was given a field sobriety test which revealed no alcohol consumption.

•theft by taking on Mallory Rd. where a woman said her vehicle was taken without her permission by her ex-boyfriend. She said the two had ended their relationship and that the man took a vehicle registered to her.

•information on Fuller Rd. where a woman said a child called her and told her that a tree had fallen on top of her mother. A deputy responded to the location, but the lot was abandoned.

•suspicious activity on Savage Rd. where a man was heard yelling.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•theft by shoplifting on Hwy. 124 where a man attempted to shoplift over $300 worth of merchandise.

•welfare check on Ward Rd. where a woman asked officers to check on her sister and her sister's child because she hadn't heard from them in months. A resident said the woman was at a treatment facility.

•agency assist on River Bluff where officers assisted EMS with a man who wanted a ride to the hospital for an alcohol detox.

•registration of sex offenders on Ward Rd. where officers learned a registered sex offender no longer lived in the residence where he was registered.

•harassment on Skelton Rd. where a woman reported her ex-husband sent her unwanted text messages. Officers said the woman appeared fearful of the man and she noted a history of domestic and drug abuse. Officers suggested the woman try to reinstate an expired temporary protection order.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 124 where a woman reported her phone went missing.

•welfare check on New Liberty Church Rd. where officers attempted to check on a man who had threatened suicide and said he took 32 Xanax pills. He also had a warrant. Officers didn't find him at the residence.

•harassing communications on Huntington Trail where a woman recorded a video that someone had posted on Snapchat of someone burning an American flag. She then received messages from different accounts, claiming they knew where she lived and calling her a derogatory name.

•suspicious activity on Cardigen Dr. where someone reported seeing a vehicle drive around a neighborhood multiple times. The vehicle stopped at the entrance to the neighborhood, then left and came back multiple times. Officers found the vehicle, but no one was inside. A door was open at a residence where the vehicle was parked, but officers didn't find anyone or any damage.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where someone reported three people threw ice at vehicles. A second person later reported finding three people hiding in their garage, but they took off. Officers spoke with three people at a nearby residence, but they denied the actions.

•suspicious activity on Durham Dr. where a man parked a vehicle while he handed out political fliers.

•suspicious activity on Emma Cir. where a girl told her father that she heard noises outside and reported seeing lights moving. He didn't think anything about it until she mentioned it again. The man saw someone outside of his residence and a vehicle parked there. The suspect took off and the complainant wasn't able to catch up to get a better description. The complainant's wife suspected it may have been her ex-husband.

•damage to property on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man swerved to avoid hitting a dog, but the vehicle hit the dog and an embankment, damaging a fog light. The dog wasn't injured.

•agency assist on I-85 where a truck with a trailer was involved in a wreck with a truck. There was damage to a guardrail, but no one was injured.

•terroristic threats and acts on Brannon Dr. where a 14-year-old girl "had a meltdown." The girl reportedly got upset after she heard whistling, but other family members told her there wasn't anyone inside the residence. The juvenile reportedly threw a glass bottle, damaged her bedroom door and threw items in her bedroom. At one point, a family member held the juvenile down. She also reportedly threatened family members. When officers approached, she said she was going to kill herself and cut her wrist with a charger block. She was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where someone reported an older woman was sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot and talking out of her head. She said she was just ordering groceries.

•mental person on Jackson Trail Rd. where a man said he saw people on his property, but officers said no one was there.

•suspicious activity on Albion Ct. where two people sat in a vehicle in a cul-de-sac. They said they were looking for a quiet place to talk.

•criminal trespass on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man reported an unknown person entered his residence through the front door and walked straight out the back door.

•welfare check on Hwy. 53 where officers checked on a man who was asleep in his vehicle. He'd gotten into an argument with his wife and parked at the business. When he got there, he had a couple of single-serve liquor bottle drinks. Officers took him home since he couldn't get anyone to come get him.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 124 West where a man's cell phone was taken.

•dispute on Ward Rd. where a woman was upset at a man who retrieved a storage building from her property. She said the man threw blocks and wooden wedges, nearly striking someone on the property. The man said the woman was hostile and he was removing the blocks in a hurry due to her attitude. He said he didn't damage anything.

•information on Cedar Rock Rd. where a man said another man "snapped" and was destroying his own belongings. He reportedly damaged his home and burned items. He ultimately decided to stay with a friend.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck with injuries.

•damage to a vehicle on I-85 where a man tried to merge when he noticed a lane was closing, but he couldn't get over and struck a cone.


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