Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies met with a man at the Circle K gas station who videoed a driver pointing a gun at him while driving on I-85.

The man was driving in the left lane when the suspect’s vehicle drove behind him in the left lane. The suspect allegedly pointed a handgun at him and shook the gun twice to imitate it being fired.

The man took a video of the incident and sent the video to the sheriff’s office. From the video, the deputy was able to read the suspect’s license plate and identify the suspect.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•a woman on Hwy. 82 complained about a man leaving a vehicle in her driveway.

•an elderly woman on Blue Grass Dr. reported a check written for her from an unknown individual.

•welfare check on a child on Brockton Oaks Dr. A school bus driver said the child wasn’t able to enter its residence. The child was found inside the residence and told officers it checked the backdoor after finding the front door locked.

•a woman on Harris Ln. complained about the mother of her boyfriend’s children being at her residence causing problems.

•complaints of people shooting guns on their property on Holiday Cemetery Rd.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with vehicle accidents on I-85 and Hwy. 129.

•a woman on Hog Mountain Rd. reported finding blood and guts on the ground.

•a man on Carruth Rd. reported seeing a dog foaming at the mouth.

•dispute between roommates on South Apple Valley Rd.

•physical dispute between a couple on Jefferson River Rd. where a woman claimed her boyfriend punched her in the ear.

•vehicle accidents with deer on Hwy. 129, Sheep Pasture Rd. and Brockton Rd.

•welfare check on a man on Hunter Rd. who reportedly made threats to jump off a bridge. The man denied making the suicidal threats.

•a man on Standridge Rd. said his daughter’s mother and her son recently moved out of his residence and he believes they’re on drugs and doesn’t want them to come back.

•a woman damaged her vehicle on Psalms Dr. avoiding loose horses.

•a woman on W.O. Smith Rd. complained about a vehicle pulling into her yard and the driver taking pictures. A deputy told the woman the vehicle belonged to the tax assessor's office.

•a woman reported her son’s deteriorating mental health and threats he’s made to himself and other family members.

•a man was found by authorities and neighbors dead inside his residence on Swann Ct.

•a man on Waterworks Rd. believes his package was stolen off his front porch.

•vehicle accident into a ditch on Gum Springs Church Rd.

•assisted the Mobile Crisis Center on Barber Rd. with a woman who cut her leg and wanted to harm herself.

•dispute between a couple on Preakness Trl.

•complaints of suspicious men on P.J. Roberts Rd.

•Jackson EMC reported receiving two returned fraud checks for $2,400.

•a woman on Jackson Trail Rd. said her boyfriend used her debit card and spent over $2,000 while she was in jail.

•a woman on Meadow Park Ct. who recently left the Jackson County Jail complained about people harassing her on social media about her arrest.

•dispute between a mother and child on Molly Dr.

•a woman on McCreery Rd. reported a fake check sent to her.

•dispute between neighbors on Red Bird Dr.

•a man said rocks from a flatbed truck damaged his windshield on I-85.


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