The Jackson County Jail recently introduced a set of educational tablets to inmates. The tablets are serviced by Pay Tel Communications and were provided to the jail for free.

On the tablets are educational courses which include GED preparation, auto mechanics and religious studies as well as courses in “Parenting while Incarcerated'' and “Thinking for the Future.” Inmates can also communicate with family members on the tablets.

All activity on the tablets are monitored. The other goal of the educational tablets is to decrease facility violence. 

“We are excited about these tablets which will provide inmates with the tools they need to become productive citizens upon their release from jail,” said Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum. “I always say to our staff that everyone who is in jail are not bad people, but they made a choice that put them there. We will be assisting them in having access to programs that they may not have had access to, and it’s free of charge.”


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