A representative with a bank in Elberton recently contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office because she believed an elderly Commerce man was being exploited by his caretaker.

The man had reportedly written several checks to the caretaker over the course of a year totaling $21,000. She also said the man opened a joint checking account with the caretaker and placed $20,000 in the account. At the time of reporting, $17,000 was in the account and the bank had frozen the account.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•a man on Traynham Rd. believes his ex-fiance used his information to set up a credit account.

•a man on Hwy. 334 complained about two people at a residence he recently evicted tenants from. The people were at the residence retrieving an item they purchased from the tenant.

•complaints of gunshots near Harris Lord Cemetery Rd.

•dispute between two men on Old Harden Orchard Rd. One man arrived to check on a woman, but the other man who lives in a camper on the property confronted him. The visitor said the man grabbed him so he pushed him to the ground.

•assisted EMS on White Hill School Rd. with a woman having suicidal thoughts.

•complaints of a suspicious man walking on Woods Bridge Rd.

•an intoxicated man on Bradberry Ct. complained about his ex-wife calling him mean names.

•suspicious vehicle parked in front of a business on Jefferson Rd. The man was at the business because he thought it was open, but deputies determined the radio clock in the vehicle was wrong.

•a woman on I-85 said an item fell off a tractor trailer and chipped her windshield.

•a toddler child left its residence on Fincher Dr. and was found walking in the road. The mother soon retrieved the child.

•neighbor's sharing a driveway on Old Ginn Rd. disputed over the driveway. One of the neighbor’s was grading the driveway and other claimed he wasn’t allowed to.

•a woman on Westwood Rd. complained about her ex-boyfriend threatening to share her nude photos and threatening to have her assaulted.

•a man on White Hill School Rd. complained about his neighbor honking his vehicle’s horn as he passes by and doing donuts on his property.

•a vehicle turning onto Steve Reynolds Pkwy. failed to yield to traffic on Ridgeway Church Rd. and caused a two-vehicle accident.

•an East Jackson Comprehensive High School student reported a set of earbuds stolen.

•dispute between a man and woman on Hwy. 82. The woman said she was at the residence checking on someone and the man instigated an argument by telling her to leave. Another man intervened in the argument and was reportedly hit by the man.

•a man on Glenn Fuller Rd. reported a gun stolen from his residence.


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