Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently assisted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at the Southeast Toyota distribution facility with a device found that was thought to be an explosive.

The device was found on a vehicle shipped to the dealership on a train from Canada. There were no other disturbances found on the train. A deputy couldn’t determine what the device was and called in a GBI bomb squad. The bomb technician determined the device was a stamp placed on the vehicle at a previous plant.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•a woman on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. complained about her ex-boyfriend harassing her by contacting her and family members, and visiting her place of work.

•dispute between an ex-couple on Millstone Dr. where the ex-wife told her ex-husband she was coming to take custody of their son. The ex-wife was criminally trespassed at the request of the ex-husband and his current wife.

•stopped a vehicle borrowed without permission on Hwy. 334. The driver claimed the owner hadn’t contacted him about the vehicle, but the driver contacted the owner who did in fact say he wanted the vehicle returned and had reported it stolen. The owner did not want to press charges, however.

•a woman on White Hill School Rd. said her mother accidentally locked her in the basement and was worried about the mother when she didn’t answer the phone to unlock the door. The mother was OK and asleep. The woman exited the basement through a different door.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle accident on Ridgeway Church Rd.

•a manager of a store on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. reported a pair of sunglasses were stolen after doing inventory and checking video footage.

•a man on Sheep Pasture Rd. said he paid a man $1,000 to do plumbing work at his residence and the man never showed up.

•a man on Fincher Dr. complained about his neighbors breaking posted signs on his property.

•assisted the GSP and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office on I-85 where a suspect committed suicide and a vehicle was on fire.

•a woman on I-85 said a vehicle hit the rear of her vehicle and left the area. Her vehicle’s trunk was so damaged, it would no longer close.

•a couple on Woods Bridge Rd. complained about their neighbors shooting fireworks and debris landing on their vehicles.

•a man on Medical Center Dr. was using his juvenile son’s cell phone when a message appeared from an adult male asking to video chat. The man also found phone calls and messages with pictures sent by the male. The male is a friend of the son’s mother and the man believes the mother is putting the son in an unsafe environment.

•a woman on White Hill School Rd. said her older brother threatened to beat her up. The brother said he came over to look at renovations when the woman began yelling at their mother. The brother told her to stop yelling at the mother but he denied making threats.

•a woman on Edgefield Dr. reported $470 in fraudulent purchases on her checking account.

•a woman on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. believes a man was following her and her children around a store. The woman said she returned to her vehicle to find a tire slashed.


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