Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to complaints of a woman criminally trespassing at a residence on Hunters Ridge Rd.

A man said he woke up to the woman rolling around on his floor yelling that she didn’t know how she got there. The man’s father drove the woman away before deputies arrived and the man claimed the woman and his father have a “weird relationship.” The woman was previously criminally trespassed from the residence in June of 2019.

The woman returned at a later date which started a physical dispute between the man and woman where the man tried to force the woman out of the residence. The father got involved to physically separate the two and the woman left on her own.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•a woman on Pace Dr. said she heard knocking outside her residence and her dogs began barking.

•a man and woman reported a motorcycle stolen from their residence on Hwy. 334.

•a man on Hwy. 334 reported receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be with Social Security telling him he owned $89,000. The man said he hung up and did not give any information.

•dispute on Broad St. between a convenience store clerk and customer. The customer’s debit card was reportedly denied and he started shouting at the clerk, and the clerk ran him outside the store.

•dispute between siblings on Ivy Creek Dr. leading to the brother criminally trespassing his sister from his property.

•a woman on Jim David Rd. said she received a call from someone telling her to give them money her uncle owes them or risk gang violence.

•a man on Cabin Creek Dr. complained about finding the back window of his vehicle broken.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle accident on Hwy. 335.

•a woman on Staghorn Trl. complained about a man taking pictures of her property from his vehicle.

•a woman on Pace Dr. complained about her son and his wife trying to kick her out.

•a juvenile girl left her residence on Ivy Creek Dr. to visit a friend at East Jackson Park. The girl was transported back to her residence by a deputy.


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