An Athens man reported to Commerce Police Department officers on Sunday, October 3, that a female had stolen $280 dollars from him.

The man stated he picked up the female friend from a residence in Madison County and drove her to the Fast and Friendly Convenience Store on Ila Rd. He said when they got to the store he gave her $280 in cash and asked her to go inside and purchase him a money order.

He said the female took his money and began walking towards the store. He advised he waited for several minutes and became concerned when the female had not returned at which time he went inside and spoke with a female employee of the store who told him she had seen his female friend approach the store then quickly get into a blue pick-up truck driven by a male and leave the scene on Ila Rd. towards Madison County.

The complainant said he tried to contact the female friend but his calls went straight to voicemail and he also stated he wanted to press charges against the female for the theft of the money.


Other incidents recently reported to the CPD include:

•animal complaint on Crestwood Cir., Commerce, where a woman reported her son ran inside the residence screaming saying the neighbor’s Husky dog had attacked both of their pet dogs, a Yorkie and another dog.

•removing/affixing a tag with the intent to conceal the identity of a vehicle on Crossing Pl., Commerce, where a woman had reported her tag stolen.

•abandoned vehicle towed from Kings Rd., Commerce.

•suspicious incident at the Ingle’s gas station, Hwy. 334, Commerce, where a man attempted to get out of one vehicle and get into another.

•warrant executed at the Texaco, South Broad St., Commerce.

•lost/mislaid property at Ingle’s, Hwy. 334, Commerce, where a man reported his wallet had been lost.

•criminal trespass on Cotton St., Commerce, where a man reported one of his neighbors had thrown rocks at his truck.

•theft by taking at SK Battery, Steve Reynolds Industrial Pkwy., Commerce, where the driver of a truck pulling a trailer reportedly entered the construction site and used a forklift to steal three electric cords, valued at $30,000 each, and damaged one electric cord.

•suspicious incident reported to the Commerce Police Department, South Elm St., Commerce, where a woman reported her husband and son had been harassed by a man for the past couple of months and on Friday, October 1, the man approached her son at Ingle’s and stated, “I’m going to beat you and your d@#n daddy’s d@#n a$$.” She said the man had also been seen passing by their residence on Harber St. several times.

•Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and driving while driver’s license is suspended or revoked at Ingle’s, Hwy. 334, Commerce, where a van driver was reportedly driving recklessly in the parking lot.

•possession of methamphetamine and possession and use of drug-related objects on Yarbrough-Ridgeway Rd., Commerce, where a possible domestic dispute in a vehicle was reported.

•obstruction of law enforcement officers and leaving the scene of an accident on Mount Olive Rd. at Mount Olive Church Rd., Commerce, where a single-vehicle accident was reported.

•information report at Fast and Friendly, Ila Rd., Commerce, where a man, believed to be on methamphetamine, inside a vehicle was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

•criminal trespass on Homer Rd., Commerce, where a man reported a broken window on a home he was in the process of remodeling.

•theft by taking – motor vehicle and entering an automobile or other motor vehicle with the intent to commit a theft or other felony on Hannah Way, Commerce.

•theft by taking at Auto Gallery Chevrolet, South Elm St., Commerce, where the theft of a toolbox and multiple tools was reported.


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