A 4-year-old Commerce girl was recently struck in the leg by accident after her mother asked a friend to shoot a snake.

The girl’s mother told the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) that the child was playing near a pond on their property on Boone Rd. when she saw a snake in the water. The woman got an AR-22 rifle and gave it to friend, who shot the snake at point-blank range. They were then alerted by others that the girls’ leg was bleeding. The mother said she thought the rifle round ricocheted off the water and struck her daughter in the leg.

The child was taken to North Ridge Medical Center where staff found the 22 round in the girl’s left leg and said she needed to be transported to Egleston Hospital in Atlanta.


Shots were reportedly fired in an alleged aggravated assault incident on Cooper Farm Rd. in Nicholson.

A man told the JCSO he brought his girlfriend to a residence to retrieve some items and another man started shooting at him while he was there.

He said the first shots were in the air. When the complainant told the man he needed to shake the battery cables in his van to start the vehicle and leave, he said shots were fired in his direction.

The complainant said while the man was shooting, the woman screamed and tried to flee, but the man pushed her back into the house.

When police arrived, the woman was found hiding in the shop area of the residence, while the man had jumped out of an upstairs window and fled to a field behind the residence.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Commerce:

•information on B. Wilson Rd. where a man said his estranged wife posted a photo of his residence on Facebook an announced that she had regained her right to own firearms in the same post.

•criminal trespass on South Apple Valley Rd. where the complainant said a man showed up across the street on property owned by the complainant’s sister. He said he told the man he needed to leave and the two exchanged words.

•agency assist on Old Ridge Ln. where a woman was unresponsive after drinking too much alcohol. The woman was transported to St. Mary’s hospital in Athens.

•suicide threats on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where a man said he woke up with panic attacks which made him “feel like taking his own life.” The man was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional for treatment.

•agency assist on White Hill School Rd. where a deputy responded with a medical unit to a woman who said she had suicidal thoughts. Law enforcement responded again to the address several days later, when the woman said she wanted to take all of her sleeping pills after an argument with her brother. She was taken to Piedmont Athens Regional. A deputy responded to a third incident several days later when the woman said she was afraid her father was going to harm her after he came to her car and knocked her window. The father said he was trying to make sure she was OK.

•agency assist on I-85 where a tractor, unhooked from its trailer, was on fire on the shoulder of the roadway. Jackson County fire personnel arrived on the scene to extinguish the flames.

•criminal trespass on Old Hoods Mill Rd. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend continues to appear on her property.

•harassing communications on Ridgeway Church Rd. where a woman said someone texted her and threatened to send nude photos of her to her boyfriend to let him know “what kind of person she was.”

•suspicious activity on Edgefield Dr. where a man said someone rang his doorbell several times. A woman at another residence on the street later reported multiple rings of her doorbell.

•suspicious activity when a man came to the Commerce Police Department and said he found skeletal remains, which he believed to be human, while hunting near the woods near the Georgia Power plant on Jarret Rd. The criminal investigation division was notified and went to the location to investigate. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation determined them to be animal bones. 

•criminal trespass on Hoods Academy Rd. where a man reported people fishing on his property without his permission.

•damage to property on Richey Rd. where an employee of a mowing company said someone siphoned fuel from two tractors and cut a fuel hose.

•fraud on White Hill School Rd. where a woman said someone used her Netspend debit card to make $206 worth of purchases at a CVS in Flowery Branch.

•dispute on Hwy. 441 where a man reportedly “destroyed” his residence and hit his girlfriend in the head with a BB gun. The man denied this, saying the woman was drunk and “destroyed” the house. He said the woman pushed him out of the back door of the house and a bone was protruding from his hand. He told the deputy he was en route to the hospital.

•dispute on South Elm St. where a man has reportedly been calling a business for two weeks cussing and calling the employees degrading names. He even said he was “coming for” the family of one employee. This employee said the man is upset after his down payment for a vehicle was refused.

•aggravated assault on B. Wilson Rd. where a woman said her husband has been mentally and physically abusing her every day since their wedding nearly a year ago. She said her husband has thrown her against a wall and over a play pen and thrown objects at her many times which have struck her. The woman said she will seek a temporary protective order and will file for divorce.

•agency assist on Mt. Olive Way where a man was reported unresponsive and was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for treatment.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Jefferson:

•suspicious activity on Lebanon Church Rd. where a woman said she saw an online advertisement for her rental property that she did not authorize. The rental amounts were said to be far lower than market value.

•criminal trespass on Sanctuary Dr. where a man reported a group of people fishing on private property without permission.

•mental subject where a woman said an intoxicated man left her home. She said the man needs to be hospitalized. Law enforcement was unable to locate the man.

•criminal trespass on Brockton Loop where a woman reportedly had a knife and made threats that she was going to kill herself. The woman went to the residence to see her ex-boyfriend and began making the threats after hearing he was not there.

•harassing communications on Windy Hill Rd. where a man said the ex-boyfriend of his soon-to-be wife is harassing them with calls from private numbers and phone apps.

•civil matter where a man came to the sheriff’s office to report that his wife, who he is soon divorcing, and her parents have been harassing him.

•suspicious activity on Red Bird Dr. where twice residents said drug deals were possibly taking place on the street. Witnesses in each incident report said a vehicle stopped and items were exchanged with someone on the road.

•dispute on Whitney Rd. where a woman said a man took her laptop after an argument over the computer.

•identity fraud on Will Clark Rd. where a man said he received notification that he’d qualified for unemployment despite having a job. The man said his social security number is listed on the state’s unemployment website.

•battery, criminal damage to property and violation of family violence order on Whitney Rd. where a woman said a man, who is restricted from having contact with her, kicked three dents into her car, busted out the windshield and then grabbed her by the arms and began shaking her.

•dispute on Old Pendergass Rd. where a woman said her daughter, who she believes is on drugs, began shouting at her which led to an altercation.

•illegal dumping on Traditions Way reported by president of the Traditions Homeowners Association.

•agency assist and death investigation on Rock Forge Ln. where a deputy responded to a scene where a woman was not breathing and eventually died. During the investigation, a man came to the scene afterward and started arguing with a deputy, threatening to “blow his head off.”

•suspicious activity on W.J. Dills Rd. where a man said he saw someone looking into his neighbor’s window. The man said when this person saw him, he fled. The man was later found. He denied entering anyone’s property.

•welfare check on Riley Rd. where a woman told law enforcement that she believes her niece and nephew were being verbally and physically abused. A deputy talked to both juveniles, who said their father was verbally abusive. The woman’s nephew said his father had been physically abusive to him in the past, too, pushing off a porch several months ago and beating him with a belt a couple of months ago to the point where he couldn’t go to school. The man denied abusing either juvenile. DFCS was notified of the incident.

•simple battery on Creek Nation Rd. where a 15-year-old juvenile reportedly hit his foster mother and had to be held down.

•harassing communications when a man and his sister came to the sheriff’s office to report that the man’s ex-girlfriend had created two fake Facebook accounts under his name with his picture. The false account includes photos with nudity, according to the man’s sister.

•simple assault on Feldspar Dr. where a woman said a 16-year-old juvenile male was throwing things around the house and beating on doors after becoming irate about doing chores. The woman said she locked herself in a closest out of fear of being hurt.

•harassing communications on Jackson Trail Rd. where a woman said she’s been receiving threats from her uncle via text saying he would beat her mother to death. She said her uncle is a convicted felon.

•suspicious activity on Hardin Terrace Cir. where a woman complained that people in the apartment below her were smoking marijuana. The responding deputy found no evidence of marijuana in the downstairs apartment.

•suspicious activity on County Farm Rd. where a man said an unknown male was standing on the front porch of his residence. He said the person left a few moments later on foot.

•suspicious activity on Ellis Banks Rd. where a woman said someone threw her private drive sign in the woods. She said this is a recurring issue.

•criminal trespass on Commerce Rd. where a woman said her neighbor continues to enter her property and will not leave her alone.

•information on Woods Creek Rd. where a man reported receiving an email from a person threatening to blackmail him if he did not pay $2,000 worth of bit coin.

•suicide threats on Delapierre Loop where a female cut her wrists with a razor blade. The woman said she cut her wrists after an argument with her husband. A medical unit arrived on scene to treat the woman, and she voluntarily agreed to be transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton for a mental evaluation.

•information on Sandy Rd. where a woman believes her daughter has either sold or killed her cat.

•harassing communications on Ebenezer Church Rd. where a woman reported that a man, who said he is a middle school special needs teacher, gained access to her phone number and sent texts to her telling her “he wanted to get to know her.” She said the man continued to contact her despite being told to stop. The woman said she used Facebook to warn other women about this man. The man then contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to file a report about the woman’s Facebook post. The man said he’s never contacted the woman and that someone “may have been messing with his phone.”

•agency assist on Athens Hwy. and Galilee Church Rd. where an accident resulted in one woman being injured. She was treated by emergency medical service workers, but refused to be transported to the hospital.

•dispute on I-85 where a woman said a man threw something out of his vehicle, striking her vehicle. The woman confronted the man at a stop light after the two had exited off the interstate, telling him that he had hit her car with an object. She said the man told her, “Yeah, I did hit your car, you b----.”

•theft by taking on Billie Jean Dr. were a woman alleged that her ex-boyfriend stole her truck and phone.

•dispute on B. Whitfield Rd. where a man and a woman got into an argument with their daughter over the woman attempting to discipline her daughter’s son for misbehaving.

•battery on Hardin Terrace Cir. where a woman said her boyfriend hit her on the lip during an argument about her fusing to give him a ride home. The man reportedly fled the residence after striking the woman, who was treated by emergency medical services.

•deposit account fraud on Lake Vista Dr. where a woman said someone used her routing number and bank account number to make $1,053 worth of purchases.

•theft by taking on I-85 where a man said his vehicle was stolen from the shoulder of the interstate after he left it there for the night with a flat tire. He came back the next day to change the tire but the vehicle was not there.

•agency assist on Rock Forge Rd. where a man died after going into cardiac arrest. A deputy performed CPR until medical units arrived.

•theft by taking on Jon B Brooks Rd. where a woman said someone stole her car from the Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot.

•harassing communications on Brockton Loop where a woman said a man sends her texts and Facebook messages and calls her despite being told to stop. The woman said the man uses drugs in the home of his mother, who is one of the woman’s friends. Concerned for her friend’s well-being, the woman gave out her number to neighbors, which the man was able to obtain. The woman said that’s when the harassment began. She said the man has been sending pornographic images of himself to her.

•suspicious activity on Threatt Rd. where a woman said her dog was on her father-in-law’s property when a neighboring dog attacked it. The woman said the neighbor who separated the dogs was holding a machete. Her dog sustained a cut on the neck which she believes was inflicted by the neighbor with the machete. The man denied using the machete to separate the dogs but offered to pay for the vet bill. The responding deputy inspected the machete and found no evidence of blood on it or evidence that it was used to cut the dog. In reference to his dog going to the neighbor’s property, the man told the deputy that the fence line is not the actual property line. The woman said she would consult a vet to determine if the wound came from a bite or a blade.

•simple battery on Winder Hwy. where a man and his girlfriend got into an argument which led to alleged physical violence. The woman said she stood in front of him so he couldn’t leave the residence. She said he slapped her, grabbed her by the neck, pushed her up against a wall and punched her in the face. The man said the argument began when she asked to see his phone and she eventually threw it, cracking the screen. He denied putting his hands on her, other than to remove her from the doorway to leave.

•suspicious activity on Athens Hwy. where a male was reported to have been knocking on doors along the road. The man said he and his girlfriend got into a verbal dispute and was told to exit the vehicle they were in. The man said he began knocking on doors seeking a ride to Athens.

•unruly juvenile on Hwy. 129 where a deputy responded to a report of a youth leaving home without permission.

•theft by taking on Athens Hwy. where a man said a leaf blower, two back pack blowers and a weed eater were stolen.

•deposit account fraud on Carver Dr. where a roofing company received a bad check for $9,900.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Maysville:

•burglary on Highland Way where the screen to a rear window of a residence was cut and the window was open. No items were reported stolen.

•agency assist where a deputy issued two citations to a driver who nearly hit a Braselton police officer head on. The driver, who admitted to talking on a cell phone while driving, was cited with failure-to-maintain-lane and hands-free violations.

•suspicious activity on Hickory Way where a man said he looked out of his bedroom window to see a white male looking back at him. A deputy patrolled the area but did not find the suspect.

•agency assist on Plainview Rd. where a woman was taken to North Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville after suffering mental breakdown.

•dispute on Red Oak Rd. where a man and his wife reported speeding on the street and concerns about the safety of their grandchildren. The man said a neighbor “burned out” in front of his residence, and he yelled at the driver to slow down.

•simple battery on Hillside Way where a woman said a her husband entered a residence through an open back window and threatened to stab her in the neck with a screwdriver. The two later went outside and he threw a board at her, striking her on the leg, and then hit her in the back of the head with an open hand. She said her husband regularly threatens to kill her.

•dispute on Yarbrough Ridgeway Rd. where a man and women were seen struggling on the ground. Witnesses said the man got up but the woman grabbed him by the legs and would not let him leave. The woman said she was not assaulted and told the responding deputy that “she could not make it by herself.” The woman was offered a ride to a hospital for a mental assessment due to her saying she was “having trouble with her nerves.” The woman’s mother later contacted the responding deputy and said she had taken her daughter to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville.

•simple battery on Hillside Way where a woman said her husband, whom she is divorcing, entered her residence, grabbed her by the hair, punched her in the head and grabbed her by the throat. She believes he entered the home through an unlocked rear door.

•suspicious activity on Dixon Bridge Rd. where a man, recently fired from a farm, reportedly blocked the entrance to the location for five minutes.

•theft of services on Pinetree Cir. where a hose was hooked to a county water connection to run water to a residence. A water meter had been removed from this location and a padlock placed on the water valve for lack fo payment.

•dispute on Green Hill Ct. where two women got into an altercation after one accused the other of sleeping with her boyfriend. One woman said the other chased her around the yard with a machete and then punched her, though a video recording of the incident didn’t show the woman being chased or being threatened with the weapon according to the incident report. The other woman, who lives at the residence, said she was pushed into a bathroom prior to the arrival of a deputy.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Nicholson:

•information on Pine Ridge Pl. where a woman said she found a pipe used for smoking methamphetamine in her boyfriend’s tool box. The boyfriend denied the pipe being his.

•suspicious activity on Wages Bridges Rd. where a door at a residence was kicked in and the door frame was damaged.

•theft by taking on New Kings Bridge Rd. where a woman said her $6,000 engagement ring was either lost or stolen.

•dispute on Abby Lane where a man said another man challenged him to a fight after he declined to give him a computer for his son to use for school.

•information on Winding Vines Ln. where a woman said a suspicious man carrying a hammer and walking with a dog walked up to her house. She said the man told her a black dog had attacked his dog.

•domestic dispute on Sawdust Trail where a man said his wife punched and scratched him after an argument over money. The man said his grandson came out of his room and took his grandmother’s side in the dispute. The man said he grabbed a kitchen knife to defend himself against his grandson if needed. The man’s wife said the dispute began when he accused her of seeing other people. She said he hit her first and she struck back. She said her husband has PTSD, which she said is “getting out of hand.”

•agency assist on Ivy Creek Dr. where a deputy responded with an emergency medical services unit to a man suffering a possible mental breakdown. The man’s wife said he suffers from PTSD.

•dispute on Jim David Rd. where a man and his father argued over the man’s cousin working on a shower at a residence. The man told the responding deputy that he wanted his father taken to jail over the disagreement. The father said his son “is mentally challenged.”

•dispute on Kesler Rd. where a man reportedly pushed a woman out of the way to allow him to close the door of his truck after the two had been arguing. The incident included accusations from the man that the woman took $45 dollars from him. The woman said she took $20, which she said they had agreed upon. Law enforcement was called out again to the residence when the man complained that the woman blocked him from entering the home. The woman said the man could have easily entered the residence, but didn’t try. The woman is seeking to get the man evicted from the home.

•dispute on Jim David Rd. where a man reportedly began arguing with his wife and punched a window, injuring his hand and causing it to bleed.

•suspicious activity on Staplers Bridge Rd. where a man returned home to find two people on his property. He used his truck to block their vehicles from leaving his property until law enforcement arrived. Both people on the property were employed by DNJ Communications, which was marking utility lines for Windstream.

•simple assault on Cooper Farm Rd. where a woman said her soon-to-be ex-husband kicked the door of her vehicle, causing a dent. The man had just been released from jail for an arrest for an incident at the residence a few days earlier.

•suicide threats on Hwy. 334 where a woman said that her son took two bottles of medication — Aripiprazole and Duloxetine — in an attempt to kill himself. The woman said her son’s new medications are making have mood swings. Her son was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional.

•suspicious activity on Woodpecker Ln. where a man complained that multiple juveniles are riding four wheelers in the neighborhood, making noise and causing damage to some residents’ property.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 334 and Hunters Ridge Rd. where a woman said she feared drug activity might be occurring in the area after seeing a group of juvenile males riding two four wheelers and two dirt bikes with one of the males wearing a backpack. When contacted, the juveniles said they had permission to ride on multiple properties on Hwy. 334.

•theft by taking on Kesler Rd. where a woman alleged that her roommate, with whom she’s had on-going disputes, stole $800 out of her safe.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in North Jackson:

•civil matter on Nichols Rd. in Pendergrass where a man said his ex-girlfriend’s sons threatened to kill him “by use of a firearm.” The man said he told them he had a loaded shotgun at his residence and would shoot them if they “start a problem.” The alleged threats came after his ex-girlfriend moved out of his residence, and he called law enforcement about removing her dogs and belongings.

•suspicious activity on Sweetgum St. in Talmo where a driver was seen riding through the area and taking pictures of houses.

•welfare check on Brooks Rd. in Pendergrass where an anonymous caller expressed concern that an 18-year-old woman was being sexually molested by a man. The caller said a family member recently claimed to have been sexually molested by this person. A deputy went to the address where the man reportedly became argumentative and spit on the ground in the general direction of the law enforcement officer. The man wouldn’t allow the female to speak with the deputy alone. When asked, the woman said she was not being molested. The man, who said his ex-wife was causing this issue, told the deputy “you guys better never come back on my property, especially late at night,” but denied this being a threat.

•theft by taking on Forest Lake Rd. in Pendergrass where a man said a stand-up kerosene heater and hanging spot light are missing. The man said his stepson would have been the only person with access to these items.

•agency assist on Main St. in Talmo where a deputy responded to a man having a heart attack. The man was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

•agency assist on Hwy. 129 in Pendergrass where a deputy joined the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) in the pursuit of a vehicle. The patrolman executed a successful PIT maneuver, causing the fleeing vehicle to roll over and come to an upright rest. The driver fled the vehicle on foot. Both the deputy and the patrolman pursued on foot and deployed their tasers, and the patrolman did so a second time, allowing the deputy to handcuff the suspect.

•agency assist on John B. Brooks Rd. where a pedestrian was struck by an SUV. The man told the driver he was fine and went to work and didn’t call 911 until later that day. The man had a small scratch on his knee and hand.

•violation of family violence order on Mountain Creek Dr. in Pendergrass where a woman said her husband is not abiding by a temporary protective order (TPO) placed on him. The woman said the man had contacted her 40 times over the course of two days. The woman was informed that the TPO had been dismissed due to both parties failing to appear in order to proceed.

•agency assist on Darling Ln. in Pendergrass where a woman said she took about 20-23 pills of Ambien after “she had received bad news at work that day.” She was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in South Jackson:

•theft by deception on Oak Grove Rd. in Athens where a woman said she purchased an Apple watch through Facebook and never received the item.

•criminal trespass on Jefferson River Rd. in Athens where a man reported illegal dumping on his property.

•unruly juvenile on Mallory Rd. in Statham where a woman said her daughter threatened to run away because she made her do her school work.

•suspicious activity on Tallassee Rd. in Athens where a woman working in a horse barn said she heard footsteps in the hay loft.

•information on Commerce Rd. in Athens were a woman said she believes her aunt is being scammed by someone claiming to be installing a security system. The woman called the security business and said they had no record of speaking with her aunt or setting up an installation appointment.

•identity fraud on Keri Ln. in Athens where a woman said someone purchased a $1,283 Mac Book Pro using her debit card. The order was cancelled.

•burglary on Commerce Rd. in Athens where a man said $5,275 of items were missing from his store. More items were reported stolen later in a separate incident report.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. In Athens where a woman said a recliner and some sockets were stolen from her.

•information on Lake Carolyn Rd. in Statham where a woman said she discovered that a female living on her farm was using a false name and convinced a man, who also lived on the property to buy a $1 million life insurance policy. When confronted about this, the female left the property and hasn’t returned.

•harassing communications on Cane Creek Ln. in Athens where a man living with a married couple reportedly sent an explicit text message to the husband about his wife, which included a threat toward the husband. The husband said he believes his wife is having an affair with this man, and he is seeking a divorce.

•financial transaction card fraud on Tallassee Rd. where a man said a woman he’s dated off-and-on did his taxes used his stimulus check but plans to repay the amount in installments. He said he did not allow her to spend his stimulus money.

•dispute on Jefferson River Rd. in Athens where a man said his former girlfriend swung a stick at him during an argument over over the man’s daughter. The woman denied swinging a stick at the man.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in West Jackson:

•aggravated assault on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man was taken to the hospital after intentionally setting a fire. The suspect had set two mattresses on fire inside of a residence. Two residents had to move the burning mattresses outside and one of them said he feared for his life. One of the residents said the suspect told him "you are going to burn in hell and only I am going to live." Moments later, the resident smelled the smoke. The suspect said he and his mother had gotten into an argument. He reportedly admitted to starting the fire. Officers said he appeared to be in an "altered state of mind" and they found an empty pill bottle on the man, despite the prescription being filled that day. The suspect was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Officers said it was evident he had intended to cause serious bodily harm.

•information on Joshua Way where a juvenile ran away from home, leaving a note indicating he didn't want to live with his mother anymore. Officers made several attempts to make contact with the juvenile.

•financial transaction card fraud on Ward Rd. where a woman reported money was taken from her account.

•information on Lauren Marie Dr. where a woman received a check for $1,800 from someone she didn't know. She took it to the bank, but later suspected the check may have been fraudulent.

•suspicious activity on Jacob Dr. where a woman reported banging outside of her house. She said a vehicle had also driven through her subdivision and stopped outside her residence.

•suspicious activity on Emma Cir. where a man reported someone tried to change an address on one of his credit card accounts.

•dispute on Grand Brighton View where a couple argued and the woman wanted the man to leave or move to another bedroom. She also reportedly got upset when officers told her they couldn't make him move. Deputies were later called back after the couple began arguing again and the woman said the man slammed her arm in a door. But there was no physical evidence and the man said he only closed the door. He showed officers a video of the incident. The woman reportedly got upset with officers when they told her there wasn't enough evidence to charge the man.

•suspicious activity on Bald Eagle Trace where officers saw a parked vehicle with its window down. They tried contacting the owner, but were unsuccessful.

•animal complaint on Penny Ln. where a woman reported her neighbor's dog bit her dog.

•temporary protection order service on Grand Brighton View where officers stood on scene while a man — who had a TPO taken out on him by his girlfriend — retrieved belongings.

•information on Pendergrass Rd. where someone found a juvenile playing near the road. The juvenile had gone outside while her mother was running a bath for her. Officers said there were no signs of neglect or endangerment, but told the parents to be mindful of the child playing near the road.

•suspicious activity on Duck Rd. where a woman reported hearing gunshots and said one of the bullets came near her dog's "rear end." Officers weren't able to determine where the gunshots had come from.

•harassing communications on Hwy. 332 where someone sent an email demanding bitcoin or they'd release blackmail.

•dispute on Chesterton Ln. where a man said his daughter invited someone over to the residence. She told the man to leave and that he didn't want anyone at the house due to the COVID-19 situation.

•criminal trespass on Olde Wick Trail where someone reported two men were outside their residence and one was standing in the living room. One of the residents thought the man in the living room may have been intoxicated. When he told him to leave, he did so and said he'd see him in the morning. Nothing was taken.

•information on Whites Bottom Rd. where someone reported a female with a 104-degree fever was lying in the yard of a residence. Officers determined the woman's boyfriend lived there. He reportedly has COVID-19 and didn't want the woman in the residence. She had left the scene when officers arrived and they couldn't find her in the area.

•information on Skelton Rd. where a woman reported her ex-husband contacted her fiancee, telling him it was "about time you and I talk." The woman believed it was a threat based on the man's history.

•agency assist on Rochester Rd. where officers assisted a med unit with an unresponsive female. She was taken to NGMC Gainesville.

•unruly juvenile/Department of Family and Children Services referral on Joy Rd. where a juvenile argued with his parents.

•hit and run on Hwy. 332 where someone struck and damaged a fence. A department of transportation sign was also damaged.


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