A hit-and-run at the intersection of Washington and Lee streets in Jefferson was reported last week where a vehicle struck the complainant’s vehicle in the rear twice before passing the complainant’s vehicle.

The complainant pursued the vehicle, along with witnesses, to a Brockton Rd. address, where an officer met them. The vehicle had no tag and was abandoned.

The officer checked the area but was unable to find the driver. A woman at a neighboring address was able to identify the driver. The officer was unable to find the driver at a Brockton Rd. address, but has warrants out for his arrest for being a habitual violator, hit-and-run, following to closely and improper turn and operating a motor vehicle without registration.

Other incidents reported in Jefferson were:

•vandalism on Gordon St. and at City Park where city signs and structures and a sidewalk were spray-painted with references to genitals and slurs about homosexuals.

•information on Jefferson Walk Cir. where a man said his neighbor’s dog ran at him aggressively. He also complained of the dog defecating in his yard.

•simple battery on Dixie Red Ave. where a woman said her husband kicked her multiple times after the two got into an argument.

•suspicious activity on Dragon Dr. where security cameras showing juveniles throwing eggs at the third-grade door of Jefferson Academy, as well as urinating and leaving beer cans. The wallet of one of the juveniles was found at the scene.

•information on Laurel Oaks where a man said he’s receiving fines from New York for failure to pay tolls. The man said he has not been to New York, nor does he own the Chevy Malibu listed in the fines. He said he used to own a Chevy Malibu, but sold it and turned his tag into the Jackson County tag office.

•harassment on Riverwalk Cir. where a woman said she received an email from a man saying he saw her at the bank and “was very interested in her.” The man said he got her name through the bank teller and found her contact information online. He also said that he had seen her at a gas station and has come to her apartment and knocked on the door. The woman said she does not know the man and emailed him back, telling him to stop contacting her. The man responded with an email saying he wanted to meet her in person at the bank and meet at her apartment to cook dinner. She said she again told him to stop contacting her and then called 911.

•burglary on Hwy. 129 North where someone broke into a store and stole a Caiman lizard. The complainant said a man earlier had expressed interest in the lizard, saying he wanted to buy it but couldn’t afford it.

•information on Bryceland Ct. where a man said that his wife, who has previously been arrested for battery, began yelling at him when he asked not to discuss their upcoming divorce in front of their children.

•leash law violation on Hidden Lakes Trial where a man reportedly shot and killed his neighbor’s dog. According to the report, there have been issues with the neighbor’s dogs entering his property and attacking this family’s dogs. The man showed police text exchanges with his neighbor asking for the dogs to stay off his property. The man, who said he feared the dog attacking his children or his dog, shot the dog with an AR-15. A woman at the neighboring residence was visibly upset over the death her dog, according to the report. She said she’d let the dog out to urinate and became distracted.

•information on Marion Dr. where a man said the window of the vehicle he rented was broken. The man said he did not know how the damage occurred. According to the report, the damage was similar to that done with a rock.

•public drunkenness on Hwy. 129 where a patron of a restaurant became intoxicated and passed out in the parking lot. A medical unit transported the woman to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton.

•domestic dispute on Turner Dr. where a couple was drinking and began to yell at one another.


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