A woman recently told Jefferson Police Department officers her estranged husband assaulted her in her vehicle and tried to run her off the road.

The woman said the husband came to her vehicle parked at McDonald’s on Hwy. 129 and started banging on it. He then opened the door and allegedly tried to choke her and hit her in the head. The woman said she tried to drive off, but he positioned his vehicle to block her in. A vehicle in another spot moved, giving her room to drive away.

The husband left the scene behind the woman, but later passed her on Hwy. 129 and break-checked her. The woman said the reckless maneuver almost forced her off the road. Both turned onto Hwy. 129 business and the woman pulled into Family Dollar to call 911.


Arrests recently made by the Jefferson PD were:

•Andrel Treamine Meadows, 42, 318 Waverly Ln., Byron – theft of mislaid property. Meadows found a man’s cell phone and left a store with it. Meadows admitted to throwing the phone out of a window while driving because it didn’t appear to be working. He initially denied taking the phone, but admitted after being told security footage showed him picking up an item off the ground and walking off with it.

•Darrell Lamar Thomas, 29, 633 Mimosa Way, Jefferson – criminal trespass. Thomas allegedly threw a vacuum against a wall, damaging it and the drywall, during an argument with a woman.

•Isai Hernandez, 24, 2038 Willow Rd., Gainesville – warrant service and obstruction of a 911 call.

•Ralph White Jr., 26, 57 George Urban Blvd., Sheektowga, N.Y. – disorderly conduct and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Jeffrey Eugene Cruce, 48, no address given – warrant service.

•Tynesia Berry, 34, 117 Bach Dr., Winterville – warrant service.

•Dontavious Devon Carruth, 27, 100 Rolling Ridge Dr., Athens – warrant service.

•Frederick Lamont Lawrence, 37, 242 Pittard Rd., Athens – warrant service.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•assisted EMS on Nelson Dr. with a woman with dementia who was confrontational towards family members.

•vehicle accident with a mailbox on Jefferson Walk Cir.

•a woman on Ebenezer Church Rd. complained about an ex-girlfriend paying her electric bill.

•a woman on Washington St. said her roommate (owner of the residence) evicted her when she turned down sexual advances made towards her. She also claims he sold some of her property.

•a woman on Borders St. reported her husband’s lawn service trailer stolen with all of his equipment inside.

•a man on Ashbrook Way reported a rental vehicle damaged.

•a woman on Johnson St. reported $100 missing from her purse and a photo posted of her on Facebook depicting her in revealing clothing.

•a woman on Lawrenceville St. reported her vehicle damaged. She believes the damage was caused by a tree removal service and an officer reportedly notice a tree stump less than 15-feet from the vehicle.

•rear-end accident in a turning lane on Hog Mountain Rd.

•rear-end vehicle accident with a tractor trailer on the I-85 off ramp onto Dry Pond Rd.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Old Pendergrass Rd.

•a vehicle failed to yield entering the traffic circle on Winder Hwy. and struck a vehicle already in the circle.

•drivers of vehicles on Hwy. 129 blamed the other for an accident. Both claimed the other failed to maintain its lane while driving side-by-side.

•while a vehicle yielded to traffic on Lee St., it was rear-ended.

•rear-end accident on Lee St.

•rear-end accident on Hwy. 129.

•a vehicle struck a metal fence when the driver missed a curve on Roy Garrett Rd.

•a driver fell asleep at the wheel on Danielsville St. and flipped his vehicle into a ditch. The man refused medical attention.

•rear-end accident in a turning lane on Hwy. 129.

•rear-end accident on Logistics Center Pkwy.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Hwy. 129.


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