Incidents recently reported to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office in Maysville were:

•dispute between a man and his mother on Horseshoe Bend where the man flipped a couch over and knocked pictures off the wall.

•a woman on Edwin Reynolds Rd. complained about her parents harassing her and calling the Department of Family and Children Services to investigate her.

•a man on Pleasant Acres Dr. complained about his girlfriend being late arriving home, but she arrived while deputies were on the scene.

•a man on Commerce Rd. argued with his schizophrenic son over the son claiming to see someone on their property. The son wanted the man to give him his gun, but the man refused.

•a woman on Marlow Rd. complained about someone beating on her front door. The woman announced she had a gun and the person left.

•a woman on Red Oak Rd. said three people were on her property while she was away.

•a woman arrived at a residence on Marlow Rd. and found a statue broken and a shovel and PVC pipes stolen.

•complaints of a suspicious woman on Mangum Bridge Rd. The woman in question worked for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and was in the area inspecting a dam.

•a woman on Ridgeway Church Rd. complained about a woman harassing her through posts on social media.

•a man caught someone trespassing on his Mangum Bridge Rd. property via a trail camera. The trespasser was written a criminal trespass warning.

•verbal dispute between a man and woman on Pinetree Cir. over money.

•complaints of multiple gunshots on Red Oak Rd.

•a woman on Jackson Woods Rd. complained about people running around the streets making noises.

•a woman on Donahoo Rd. complained about her daughter borrowing her vehicle the day before and not returning it.


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