Incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Athens/South Jackson were:

•a man on Harris Hills Dr. reported three fraudulent purchases on his checking account totalling around $375.

•a man on Providence Rd. said his former business partner stole his trailer.

•complaints of a suspicious person walking on Old Commerce Rd.

•responded to Jefferson River Rd. where a man was intoxicated and was making suicidal threats. The man reportedly took two Xanax to calm down. He said he wasn’t suicidal but he agreed to go to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

•a driver attempted to park a vehicle into a tight spot on Hwy. 441 and caused damage to two vehicles.

•a woman on Jefferson River Rd. said she received an email from a man claiming to be with Publisher’s Clearing House telling her that she had won $18.5 million and a new vehicle. The woman gave the man her phone number and he sent her two checks in the mail because he told her she needed to pay taxes before receiving the money. The woman’s nephew caught the incident and said he would help her close her accounts to prevent thefts from her account.

•complaints on Old Savage Rd. of a woman walking to a lake on someone’s property. The woman claimed she had permission from the property owner and only walks through the owner’s property, but one neighbor believes she’s walking through their property.

•complaints of a man trying to steal a power inverter at the J&J Flea Market.


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