Jefferson Police Department officers recently responded to Fairlane Dr. where a man complained about someone striking his vehicle. 

A neighbor arrived and said the vehicle in question belonged to Kyle Jacob Bennett, 29, 508 Dixie Red Ave., Jefferson. 

Bennett allegedly drove off the road and struck a vehicle parked in a driveway before running over a trash can. Bennett returned to his residence with the trash can still stuck underneath his vehicle and he ran into the woods. He later returned to the residence.

When officers arrived, the woman told Bennett to answer officers. Bennett was arrested and charged with hit and run and driving under the influence of alcohol.


Other arrests recently made by the Jefferson PD were:

•Gregory Peyton Doster, 20, 540 Valley View Dr., Winder – warrant service.

•Kourtney Silas Caldwell, 23, 151 Parkway North, Newnan – obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Sherod Iki Davis, 32, 51 Davis Mill Ct., Lawrenceville – criminal trespass.

•Justin Alexander Robinson, 25, 160 Mahaffey Cir., Jefferson – warrant service.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•assisted Georgia State Patrol with stopping a vehicle on I-85.

•assisted the GSP with an arrest for driving under the influence on Hwy. 129.

•dispute between an estranged married couple on Old Pendergrass Rd. The wife said she was getting a haircut with her boyfriend when her husband arrived with his girlfriend and initiated an argument. Each male in the dispute claimed the other challenged them to a fight. The man claimed he was at the shopping center expecting to file taxes with the wife before their divorce. The wife denies this and claims he is stalking her.

•a woman on Hwy. 129 believes her estranged husband stole her television from a shed.

•an employee of a tire firm said they ordered 10 tractor trailer tires for a caller. The order totaled over $4,800. A woman arrived in a U-Haul and picked up the tires, the employee thought this was suspicious so they wrote down the truck's license plate number. Later, the shop received a letter stating the cardholder from which the payment was made disputed the charge.

•a vehicle was abounded in the middle turn lane on John B. Brooks Rd.

•a woman on Jimmy Reynolds Dr. complained about her teenage children being unruly. She says they fight with each other and occasionally team up against her and her younger children.

•an elderly man with dementia refused to let a Bentley Assisted Living employee and another nursing home resident out of his apartment because he thought they were burglars.

•an employee at Subway on East Public Square reported a man attempting to buy cookies with a counterfeit $20. When she told him the bill was counterfeit, he grabbed another bill from an envelope that was also counterfeit. A gas station attendant on Sycamore St. also reported a man attempting to purchase items with counterfeit $20 bills.

•a woman on Pine St. reported four gallons of gasoline stolen from her vehicle.

•a man on Hampton Dr. said a caller told him they needed to charge his card $200 for a purchase on Amazon that was shipping to New York.

•a man on Pine St. fled from an apartment where there was a disturbance. The suspect in the disturbance was not located and residents claimed the man that ran off believed he was trespassing.

•a vehicle on Winder Hwy. failed to yield to a vehicle in a traffic circle and struck the vehicle.

•a vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign properly on Faith Dr. and struck a vehicle traveling on Old Pendergrass Rd.

•multiple separate rear-end accidents in turning lanes on Hwy. 129.

•a vehicle on Martin St. failed to yield and was T-boned by a vehicle on Sycamore St.

•a vehicle on I-85 hit a guardrail when the driver tried to avoid a vehicle coming into their lane.

•a vehicle hydroplaned on a I-85 off ramp and crashed into an embankement.

•a vehicle on I-85 clipped the rear-end of another vehicle while changing lanes.

•rear-end accident on Hwy. 11.

•a vehicle stopped on an I-85 off ramp and was rear-ended by another vehicle.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Old Pendergrass Rd.

•rear-end accident on Jett Roberts Rd.

•rear-end accident on Athens St.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Old Swimming Pool Rd.


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