Incidents reported to the Jefferson Police Department last week include:

•simple battery at a Spinner Dr., Jefferson, residence, where a physical dispute between two men took place.

•verbal dispute at a Maria Cir., Jefferson, residence, between a man and his mother.

•civil matter at RaceTrac, Hwy. 129, Jefferson, where a dispute over “booting” vehicles for illegal parking was reported.

•civil matter at RaceTrac, Hwy. 129, Jefferson, where a verbal dispute was reported between two mean about the “booting” of one the men’s truck.

•verbal dispute at a Peachtree Rd., Jefferson, residence, between a man and his wife.

•harassment by telecommunications at Amazon, Hog Mountain Rd., Jefferson, where a female employee reported she had been receiving unwanted and vulgar text messages over the past few months.

•information report at Jefferson Academy, Dragon Dr., Jefferson, where a staff member requested a welfare check on an eight-year-old student.

•financial identity fraud at Mountain Valley Bank, Jefferson, where a Jefferson woman reported her personal checking account had three unauthorized withdrawals totaling more than $502.

•information report at Kenco, Toy Wright Rd., Jefferson, where the site manager reported two men claiming to be with corporate came onto the property and gained entry into the warehouse to check the inventory. However, when the manager became suspicious the men left.

•information on Lee St. at Cobb St., Jefferson, where a tractor-trailer was stuck on the hill as the driver attempted to turn onto Lee St.

•information report on Interstate 85, Jefferson, where a Gainesville man reported something fell from the bed of a work truck in front of him and struck his windshield causing damage.

•miscellaneous report on Dragon Dr., Jefferson, where a Jefferson man reported his vehicle was struck in the rear by another vehicle that did not stop.

•theft by shoplifting at Mitchell Hardware, Lee St., Jefferson, where a man took a wheelbarrow without paying for it.

•civil matter at QuikTrip, Hwy. 129 North, Jefferson, where a man reported he arrived at Walmart Pendergrass to drop off a load at a scheduled time, but the business would not allow him to drop off the load.

•verbal dispute at Wendy’s, Hwy. 129 North, Jefferson, where a male customer reported an employee at Wendy’s had threatened to “kick his a$$,” after he made a suggestion to the employee on how to handle taking orders while his computer was down.

•domestic dispute at a Duke St., Jefferson, residence, between a brother and sister.

•missing person at a Jefferson Station Rd., Jefferson, residence, where a 19-year-old female was reported missing.

•civil matter at a Gordon St., Jefferson, residence, where a female complainant reported a juvenile female was refusing to leave her apartment after being asked to do so.

•possession of marijuana at Speedway Gas Station, Hwy. 129 South, Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•miscellaneous report at a Logistics Center Pkwy., Jefferson, location, where a dispute between two females was reported.

•driving while unlicensed on Hwy. 129 at Hog Mountain Rd., Jefferson, where a traffic accident was reported.

•no insurance on Washington St., Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•theft by taking at a Lynn Ave., Jefferson, residence, where a man reported a female broke into his residence and stole his respirator from inside.

•wanted person located on Hwy. 129 North at Academy Church Rd., Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.


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