Jefferson Police Department officers responded to complaints by a man on Jefferson Ter. saying a woman locked him out of his residence and he was going to kill himself.

The caller, Ronald Eric Boyer, 21, 44 Banks Rd., Jefferson, was arrested after the woman and a man in the residence said he assaulted the woman and threatened the man. He is charged with simple assault, simple battery, criminal trespass and cruelty to children.

The woman said she and Boyer were arguing and he went outside. Thinking he left the residence, the woman said she locked the door and invited the man over.

When Boyer found them, he grabbed a knife and told the man to get out of the residence. He allegedly grabbed the woman by the hair and her ear and dragged her onto the floor. The altercation took place in front of the woman’s toddler son.

The woman had redness on her ear to suggest she was grabbed. Boyer had scratch marks on his face. He initially told officers he caused the marks to himself, but later said the woman scratched him, however, no blood was found on her hands.


Other arrests made recently by the Jefferson PD were:

•Timothy Ray Metcalf, 36, 176 Pine St., Jefferson – warrant service.

•Chandler Lee Smith, 23, 5214 Corinth Dr., Mountain Park – driving with a suspended license.

•Fred Gregory Chatham, 70, 131 Panther Woods Dr., Jackson – warrant service.

•Ruby Deyanira Alfaro, 28, 120 Summit St Southeast, Gainesville – warrant service.

•Wesley Joshua Green, 25, 4329 Benefield Cir., Braselton – probation violation.

•Christopher Eric Daniel, 38, 264 Clay Dr., Jefferson – theft by taking.


Incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•verbal dispute between a husband and wife on Village Dr.

•a man on Primrose Ct. complained about neighbors across the street shining their headlights towards his residence and he says they are harassing him and he is scared of them. The neighbors denied any ill-will towards the man and said they know about his complaints and try to turn their headlights off as quick as they can when they back into their driveway.

•a woman on Porter Pl. complained about a vehicle parking near the top of her driveway.

•a vehicle drove off from QuikTrip on Hwy. 129 with the gas nozzle still in the vehicle causing the hose to be pulled from the pump.

•a man on Storey Ln. lost his debit card and then noticed a fraudulent purchase on his account.

•searched a residence on Athens St. and found a handgun, methamphetamine, ammunition and drug-related objects. The resident is on probation and neighbors have complained about him possibly using drugs.

•complaints of men stealing coins out of a vacuum cleaner at a car wash on Hwy. 82.

•dispute between a couple inside a vehicle on Old Pendergrass Rd.

•a woman on Washington St. reported her estranged was husband sending her threatening and harassing text messages and threatening to accuse her of stealing from his bank account.

•a woman on Fountainhead Dr. complained about a scam caller claiming she had multiple pending court cases against her and requested her Social Security number.

•a man on Nelson Dr. complained about his uncle “giving him a hard time.”

•a driver attempted to drive backwards down a blocked exit ramp on I-85 and struck another vehicle.

•a vehicle rear-ended another vehicle on Hwy. 129 causing the second vehicle to hit the rear-end of a third vehicle.

•a driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic on Washington St. and was T-boned.

•rear-end accident in a turning lane on the I-85 off ramp onto Hwy. 129.

•rear-end accident in a turning lane onto the I-85 on-ramp.

•a driver failed to stay in their lane on Gordon St. and side-swiped a vehicle.

•a driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic on Hog Mountain Rd. and struck another vehicle.

•a tractor trailer rear-ended a vehicle on Jett Roberts Rd.


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