Jefferson man faces charges after he pulls gun at Jefferson restaurant.

Jefferson Police Department officers were called to Beef O’Brady’s, Old Pendergrass Rd., on Saturday, September 18, where a disruptive customer at the bar threatened to get his gun and shoot the complainant, who was a patron at the bar.

Ronald Charles Burns, 58, 215 Oak St., Jefferson, was charged with simple assault and terroristic threats and acts after the complainant and several witnesses stated Burns walked outside to his vehicle and then came back into the establishment with a gun in his hand.

The female manager said Burn started walking towards the kitchen, but she stopped him and asked him to leave the building. She said Burns was upset about the length of time his to go order was taking. She said she promised him she would bring his order to his vehicle and he had to exit the building. She said Burns stated, “Good, no one has to die tonight.”

The manager said he left the building and she locked the front door and called police.


Other incidents recently reported to the JPD were:

•lost/mislaid property on River Mist Cir., Jefferson, where a domestic dispute was reported.

•simple battery – Domestic Violence Act (DVA) at a Washington Pkwy., Jefferson, residence, where a couple were involved in an altercation.

•violation of a driver’s instruction permit on Faith Dr. at Hwy. 129 South, Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•simple battery – DVA on Hwy. 129 North, Jefferson, where a man was reportedly holding a knife to a woman’s leg and she was crying inside a vehicle that a BOLO had been placed on.

•theft by taking at the water tower behind Wood Tec in Jefferson, where a man working with the company painting the water tower reported items missing.

•theft by taking on Cornish Way, Jefferson, where a man reported the catalytic converter had been stolen off his daughter’s Toyota Prius.

•assist Arcade Police Department officer with a traffic stop on Railroad St., Jefferson.

•speeding in excess of maximum limits and no insurance on the Major Damon Gause Bypass, Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•theft by taking on Thomas Pkwy., Jefferson, where a man reported his cell phone missing.

•civil matter at the Riveter Barbershop, Lee St., Jefferson, where a dispute was reported between an employee and the assistant manager.

•damage to property on Lakeshore Dr., Jefferson, where a woman reported part of a retaining wall she built had been torn down.

•information report at the Jefferson Police Department, Washington St., Jefferson, where a man reported a lost wallet.

•juvenile complaint on Melvin Dr., Jefferson, where a male juvenile had reportedly been shot at with an air soft gun by two unknown males.

•domestic dispute at a Holders Siding Rd., Jefferson, residence, between a woman and her step-mother.

•information report at the Jefferson Police Department, Washington St., Jefferson, where a woman reported she is being harassed by her aunt following an earlier incident in which her aunt cut her daughter’s hair without permission.

•harassment by telecommunications on Jefferson Blvd., Jefferson, where a woman receiving harassing phone calls/texts from an unknown male.

•information report on Michelle Dr., Jefferson, where a dispute was reported.

•reckless driving at Jefferson High School, Washington St., Jefferson, where a female student reported as she was exiting the school property she accidentally cut off a vehicle by pulling out in front of it and the male driver followed her, honking his horn and flashing his lights, and he pulled up beside her and yelled obscenities at her. She said the man, wearing a blue cap with “police” written on it, told her he was a cop and he should be giving her a ticket for he “stunt she pulled.”

•civil matter at a Jefferson residence, where a man involved in a verbal altercation with his wife was attempting to pack his belongings and leave the residence.


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Kelly King

This makes me so sad. We left Athens and bought a home in Jefferson ten years ago in part because we felt it was a safe community. I was not raised around guns myself, but have gathered guns are very prevalent in the area. I have nothing against responsible gun ownership, but I do feel our country has gone off the deep end when it comes to its lust for guns and violence, and I honestly don't know what, if any, solution there is to this mess. All I know is I don't want my family living in the Wild West where everyone is carrying all the time, and disagreements that might have been resolved with a fist fight end up killing people and forever changing the trajectories of people's lives. I would hope rational people, including all the folks working and sitting in that restaurant when this occurred and I assume felt threatened or frightened, can come together, political parties aside, and say loud and clear that we don't want this in our community.

Vanessa Phillips

I hope the Jefferson Police, DA, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney and all involved understand that this man, Ronald Charles Burns, is a threat to society in general. I hope he is charged with any and all felony's that this incident falls under, I mean how deranged is he to try to kill someone over a 10.00 Meal? I know practically everyone who works at Beefs and I am Infuriated that he assaulted on of the Sweetest People I have ever met. She works her Tush OFF! Who the Heck does he think he is?? I bet you this.... He hates women, He probably supports what happened on Jan 6th and the person responsible for it and he thinks he can do whatever violent act he wants because he is a MAN. I will not tolerate this mess in our Beautiful Town! I am asking the Authorities to PLEASE PLEASE take this assault VERY SERIOUSLY!! This IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM. We need more Peace and Love from Men. Instead it seems they just want to kill us.

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