Jefferson man charged with maintaining a disorderly house and terroristic threats and acts.

On Friday, October 15, Jefferson Police Department officers responded to a Peachtree Rd. residence, where a dispute was reported. There officers found Robert Lee Hensley, 50, 361 Peachtree Rd., Jefferson, in an agitated state yelling, swinging his arms around, and saying that a female in the residence was a “meth head” and “was dealing meth out of his house” and he wanted her out.

The female said Hensley had been yelling at her all morning saying he was going to kill her.

The report stated while officers were talking to Hensley he yelled out had yelled out “you’re a dead bi%^h.


Other incidents recently reported to the JPD were:

•information report on Fountain Head Dr., Jefferson, where a female was attempting to retrieve her belongings from a residence.

•theft by taking at the Pendergrass Flea Market, Hwy. 129, Pendergrass, where a woman reported her pocketbook had been stolen. The pocketbook was later found, but $700 in cash was missing from the pocketbook.

•information report at an Ashbrook Way, Jefferson, residence, where a juvenile was attempting to get in touch with his mother to have her pick him up.

•information report at a Mimosa Way, Jefferson, residence, where a dispute between neighbors was reported.

•speeding in excess of maximum limits, reckless driving, safety belt violation for 18 years of age and older, possession of marijuana, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – alcohol and possession of an open alcohol container on Hwy. 129 North at W.J. Dills Rd., Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•burglary at a Dixie Red Ave., Jefferson, residence, where a woman reported her ex-husband had broken the window to her daughter’s bedroom and tried to gain entry into the house.

•no insurance on Anderson St., Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•no insurance and suspended license plate on Washington St. at Lawrenceville St., Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•wanted person located on MLK Dr., Jefferson.

•theft by conversion at the Pendergrass Flea Market, Hwy. 129 North, Jefferson, where a vendor reported a 14-year-old female employed to run her booth was suspected of stealing approximately $200 cash from sales made while she was working.

•criminal trespass at Pine St. Apartments, Jefferson, where a man was told to leave the property and not return.

•theft by taking from a vehicle on Pine St., Jefferson, where a woman reported gas had been stolen out of her vehicle.

•no insurance and registration and license requirements in motor vehicles on Old Pendergrass Rd. at Hwy. 129, Jefferson, where a driver ran out of gas.

•property found at Four Seasons Car Wash, Faith Dr., Jefferson, where a cell phone was found.

•theft by taking at Amazon, Hog Mountain Rd., Jefferson, where a 53-foot trailer was reported stolen.

•information report at South State Bank, Memorial Dr., Jefferson, where an employee reported a disruptive customer.

•criminal trespass on Soque Cir., Jefferson, where a man reported someone ran over his trash can and recycling bin.

•miscellaneous on Oconee Point, Jefferson, where a woman reported being concerned because her son keeps having run-ins with another boy.


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