A Jefferson Walk man who shot his neighbor's two dogs after they entered his house in an aggressive manner toward his children will not face charges, Jackson County Animal Control said Friday.

An officer was dispatched to the complainant’s house on Liberty Drive address where the incident happened on Wednesday evening.

The complainant met the officer on his front porch, handing over a Smith and Wesson .40 hand gun he said was used to shoot his neighbor’s dogs. The man said he was watching TV on his computer with one of his children and two others were in the downstairs living room playing when he heard the back door open. He said the dogs came into his house acting aggressive toward his children.

His dog, a St. Bernard mix, came down where the dogs were and got between the complainant and his children and the neighbor’s dogs, which was a bigger Coon/German Shepherd mix and a smaller black lab/jack Russell mix, according to the report.

The complainant said he shot the bigger dog as it ran toward the office area where he was with his children. He said he shot the smaller dog in the neck after it attacked his dog.

After shooting both dogs, he sent his children to another room and called 9-1-1, he said, then dragged the dogs outside.

The neighbor told police that he pulled into his driveway and opened his garage door when he noticed that his dogs came running out of the garage. Then, he heard gun shots. He said his dogs are not normally in the garage, but someone must have not shut the inside door and they got out.

The officer found the dogs laying in the back patio. The bigger dog was dead and the smaller dog was suffering. After getting permission, the officer shot the smaller dog.

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