Jefferson authorities were recently called for a report of simple battery during an incident between two drivers.

The Jefferson Police Department responded to the incident on June 11 on Hog Mountain Rd.

The complainant said she passed the suspect’s vehicle on I-85 and said the driver then sped up and began driving recklessly. After exiting the interstate, the complainant said the suspect pulled up beside her at the intersection of Hog Mountain Rd. and Hwy. 129. The driver allegedly cursed at the woman, called her a cracker and threw paper, cans and bottles at her car.

At one point, the suspect got out of the vehicle and approached and the complainant got out of her vehicle so her two daughters wouldn’t be involved in the incident.

When she asked the suspect “what her problem was,” she told her she was going to make her late for work.

She also reportedly told the complainant to get back into her vehicle and that she had a gun in her car.

The suspect then allegedly approached the woman, grabbed her hair, pulled her back to her car and began punching her. The two daughters intervened and tried to separate the two and one of them was struck in the arm during the fight.

The suspect ultimately got into her vehicle, “flicked off” the complainant and drove away.

Officers found vehicle registration in the roadway and the complainant confirmed the identity of the suspect based on the photo. The two daughters said the photo appeared to be the suspect, but they weren’t certain.


Other recent incidents reported to the JPD were:

•theft by taking on Hwy. 129 where a woman reported her daughter’s vehicle was missing after being parked in a parking lot.

•civil matter on Peachtree Rd. where a man had a dispute with a renter because she “acts as though she owns the residence and had let a male subject stay overnight in her unit.”

•criminal trespass on Widgeon Way where a woman said her husband got upset with her because he wanted to look through her phone. He reportedly held her against her will and broke the phone, before calling her a vulgar name.

•information on Sparrow Ct. where a man saw a bicyclist drive down a dead-end street, but didn’t return. The complainant later found the man, who was standing next to his friend’s vehicle. The bicyclist said he was waiting for his friend.

•information on Hwy. 129 where a woman tried to return a bedding cover to a vendor at the Pendergrass Flea Market. When she was told she couldn’t return it due to COVID-19 concerns, the woman allegedly started chanting and “doing voodoo” and said “I will get you later.”

•information on Abe Lincoln Way where a woman told officers her husband had been released from jail and that they had a no-contact order in place.

•information on Widgeon Way where a man noticed a door handle lock was sticking out and it appeared someone tried to pull it out.

•information on John B. Brooks where a man said a van driver punched him.

•civil matter on West Shores Dr. where a man went to a residence to see his daughter and another man told him to leave, then pushed him and spit in his face. The complainant said he called 911 and tried to back out of the driveway, running over the other man’s foot.

•person found on Hwy. 129 where officers found a man with dementia who had been reported missing out of McDonough.

•information report on Plantation Dr. where officers checked on four juveniles at a residence. They had been left alone before their mother returned after another family member left the residence. The oldest juvenile was 11 years old and officers discussed the importance of adult supervision with the mother.

•theft by taking on Primrose Ct. where a man reported his gaming consoles were missing after he hired a moving company. The moving company employees denied taking the consoles.

•terroristic threats and acts on Glenfield Dr. where a woman reported her ex-boyfriend threatened her and her family via social media message. He reportedly said “I need to f---ing talk to you” and said they needed to leave town because people had “messed up their relationship.” He reportedly threatened to shoot and kill people.

•theft by taking on Peachtree Rd. where a woman reported a handgun was missing from her vehicle.

•civil matter on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a man attempted to sell a truck bed cover, but the buyer decided against and asked for his money back. The complainant said the buyer grabbed his arm and told him to give the money back.

•verbal dispute on Jefferson Walk where an estranged couple argued over WiFi.

•theft by taking on Nelson Dr. where a woman reported her debit card was missing after she returned from a hospital stay. Someone had made multiple withdrawals from the account. The woman also reported dishes and cooking items were missing.

•information on Jefferson Blvd. where a man reported a speeding vehicle.

•possession of marijuana and speeding on Hwy. 129 where officers stopped a vehicle for traveling 67-miles-per-hour in a 45-mph zone. They smelled marijuana and the driver admitted to having the substance. He also said he hand a gun, while reaching in his waist band. Officers held the man at gunpoint, detained him and found a BB gun in his waist band. They also found the marijuana. Officers cited the man.

•battery on Banks Rd. where a mother and daughter had a physical altercation. The mother said she told her daughter she couldn’t come into her residence because she was always stealing from her. The daughter allegedly punched her multiple times, leaving visible injuries. Officers planned to take out warrants on the daughter.

•information on Oak St. where a man reported wild dogs were aggressive towards he and his wife at Woodbine Cemetery. There have been several incidents involving the dogs damaging property and being aggressive towards people. Officers shot and killed one of the dogs.

•information on Oak St. where officers checked on a man, after another man said he hadn’t heard from him in a while. Officers made contact with the man, who was confused and didn’t know what day it was or what medications he takes. EMS was called, but the man declined going to the hospital.

•fraud on Pine St. where a woman reported someone who helped her with her taxes had funneled money into an account that didn’t belong to her, opened a debit card account and may have taken out a home equity loan in her name.

•fraud on Memorial Dr. where a woman reported someone who has watched her children made a fraudulent withdrawal of $400.

•information on Hawkings Creek Dr. where a woman reported her friend’s husband came to her house after she asked the woman to go play trivia with her. He reportedly rang the doorbell for 20 minutes. She said the man had been violent towards her friend and that he doesn’t want her to spend time with her. The complainant said she felt threatened by the man and doesn’t want him on her property.

•information on Peachtree Rd. where a man reported his neighbor drove through his yard and tore it up. The two had a confrontation and the neighbor apologized, but called him a “little b---h.”

•domestic dispute on Banks Rd. where a man said his girlfriend got upset and broke a lamp with a baseball bat. She reportedly fled the residence and officers weren’t able to locate her.

•accident on Athens St. where a driver was attempting to park and struck a convenience store wall, causing damage.

•accident on Dry Pond Rd. where two vehicles collided after one of them failed to yield at the intersection of Horace Head Rd. One driver complained of leg pain and was transported to the hospital. A passenger in the other vehicle complained of arm pain, but denied medical evaluation.

•accident with injury on Dry Pond Rd. where a vehicle collided with another at the intersection with Jett Roberts Rd. One passenger had a shoulder injury and was transported to the hospital.


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