Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to complaints of an assault on Raven Ridge where an elderly woman was injured.

Rebecca Jean Rose Parker, 45, 228 Raven Ridge, Jefferson allegedly head-butted a man and pushed an already injured woman to the ground. The woman was unable to stand or sit up for EMS and was taken to a hospital.

Parker reportedly got into an argument with an elderly man at the residence and head-butted him. The man pushed her back and the elderly woman tried to break them up. She stepped outside to call 911 and when she walked back inside, Parker allegedly pushed her down after saying she hated her.

The couple said Parker was intoxicated on prescription pills and she was reportedly slurring her words and not making sense when speaking to deputies. Parker was arrested and charged with simple battery.


JCSO deputies recently responded to Ivy Creek Dr. where a man allegedly attacked his girlfriend and got into fights with her three adult sons.

Dwayne Alexander Henson, 38, 89 Fairground Rd., Lexington, was at his girlfriend’s residence in Nicholson and reportedly instigated an argument with her which escalated to him assaulting her twice. The girlfriend’s sons got involved after both incidents and Henson was arrested after the second incident for battery and terroristic threats.

The girlfriend said Henson had been drinking and she wanted him to leave her residence. Henson reportedly locked himself and the girlfriend in her bedroom and begin twisting her leg while threatening to break it. He then allegedly started hitting her. One of the sons kicked in her door to confront Henson.

The girlfriend told Henson to leave again before she left the residence. He was still there when she returned and she said she tried to avoid him, but he followed her into a bathroom and pinned her against a wall and bit her twice. She escaped and told her sons what happened. One of the sons started fighting against Henson, but the fight had ended when deputies arrived.


Other arrests made by the JCSO were:

•Tracey Ann Brenning, 30, 617 North Main St., Marissa, Ill. – loitering or prowling and crossing guard lines with weapons or drugs.

•Sabrina Ann Freeman, 56, 112 Will Clark Rd., Jefferson – theft by shoplifting.

•Darrin Scott Jones, 50, 97 Herman Dr., Commerce – probation violation.

•Brianna Yvette McKinzie, 34, 36 Fletcher Dr., Nicholson – probation violation.

•John Thomas Alexander, 69, 101 Allison Way, Braselton – manufacturing of marijuana.

•Sandy Chamblee Alexander, 60, 101 Allison Way, Braselton – manufacturing of marijuana.

•Johnny Ray Grindle, 32, 712 David St., Monroe – hold for other agency.

•Kathtryn Lynn Hagerman, 47, 271 Kings Bridge Dr., Athens – driving under the influence of alcohol.

•Jesse Loreanzil Arredondo, 19, 1272 Thyatira Brockton Rd., Jefferson – hold for other agency and theft by taking.

•Clayton David Bennett, 29, 569 Horseshoe Bend, Maysville – theft by receiving stolen property.

•Felicia Camille Davenport, 27, 1271 Sandy Cross Rd., Carlton – possession of methamphetamine and hold for other agency.

•Savannah Jewel Dean, 23, 160 Chandler Bridge Rd., Nicholson – probation violation and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Nicholas Justin Dempsey, 30, 3630 Grady Smith Rd., Loganville – hold for other agency, entering auto, loitering or prowling and burglary.

•Lynn Adele Griffith, 29, 37 Terry Ln., Colbert – hold for other agency and theft by receiving stolen property.

•Brandon Roger Haley, 33, 250 Cleveland Rd., Bogart – probation violation.

•Adrian Treman Harbin-Smith, 29, 115 Southridge Dr., Athens – driving with a suspended license and failure to appear.

•Jessica Lynn Latty, 31, 515 Pleasant Acres Dr., Maysville – failure to appear, forgery, hold for other agency and identity fraud.

•Christy Lynn Passmore, 34, 515 Pleasant Acres Dr., Maysville – identity fraud and probation violation.

•James Michael Reed, 36, 2217 Old State Rd., Pendergrass – probation violation.

•Thomas Paul Roesser, 35, 1255 Vine St., Gainesville – probation violation.

•Joshua Jacob Tonish, 37, 190 Georgia Bell Dr., Jefferson – hold for other agency and possession of methamphetamine.

•Geoffrey Steven Betts, 38, 142 Peach St., Nicholson – hold for other agency.

•Robert Lee Hewatt, 42, 218 West Washington St., Monroe – hold for other agency.

•Keondrus Dramone McDonald, 32, 54 Oak Park Dr., Jefferson – probation violation.

•Jason Matthew Stancil, 45, 178 Double Bridges Rd., Jefferson – battery.

•Ted Thomas, 60, 240 North Ave., Athens – driving with a suspended license.

•Christian Wetherington, 22, 2401 Old State Rd., Pendergrass – probation violation.

•Brittany Nicole Abbs, 29, 380 Colbert Church Rd., Colbert – failure to appear.

•Dorian Okoye Herron, 25, 853 Waddell St., Athens – theft by taking.

•David Ronald Robertson Jr., 39, 4105 Old Federal Rd South, Chatsworth – probation violation.


Arrests made recently by the Georgia State Patrol were:

•James Michael Fitzgerald, 36, 140 Blackthorne Rd., Nicholson – driving with a suspended license.

•Garrett Hunter McDonald, 30, 60 Lewis St., Greenville, S.C. – driving under the influence of alcohol.

•Larry Lorenzo Dolly-McGlothin, 34, 2673 Rainbow Forest Dr., Decatur – driving under the influence of alcohol.


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