A Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputy recently responded to a security alarm at a closed warehouse on Bonnie Valentine Way.

A deputy arrived and saw the lights on in an office and a male juvenile inside with a dog. The juvenile let the deputy inside and was ordered to empty his pockets. He turned over a pocket knife, a boxcutter, a box of razor blades, a phone charger, a box of ear buds, a cup of single-serve coffee and a candy holder from his pockets. He also had a beanie cap, a pair of gloves, a headlamp and a knife sharpener. He admitted his intentions of leaving the warehouse with the items.

The juvenile said he entered the warehouse through a bay door and he said he drove a motorized cart around the warehouse floor.

A general manager arrived and told deputies the juvenile was the same person whom he told to leave the property weeks earlier for walking around the employee parking lot.

The juvenile and the dog were turned over to his mother. He has charges pending for burglary and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in North Jackson were:

•a woman on Sosbee Rd. complained about her boyfriend kicking her out of their residence and moving all of her clothing into a spare bedroom.

•a woman reported theft of mail and packages from her residence on Hubert Pittman Rd.

•a man on Whites Bottom Rd. complained about his neighbor driving onto his property to avoid potholes in the road.

•a woman on Guy Cooper Rd. reported a package stolen from her mailbox.


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