A juvenile in a stolen vehicle led Commerce police on a chase last week that ended with the youth’s arrest in Banks County.

The pursuit began when an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop after seeing a white Ford Escape run a stop sign at the intersection of Ila Rd. and South Broad St. The vehicle increased its speed after the officer turned on his emergency lights. The SUV reached speeds in excess of 75 mph in a 25 mph zone while traveling on North Broad St. in downtown Commerce.

The officer reported that the vehicle left the road way multiple times and ran over a median during the pursuit. The Banks County Sheriff’s Office was then notified as the chase continued onto Mt. Olive Rd. and neared Hwy. 441. The driver entered Hwy. 441 — running a stop sign — and turned left towards Banks Crossing. The officer ended his chase after reaching the city limits of Commerce, but was later notified that the juvenile driver was in custody in Banks County.

Police learned that the vehicle was stolen from a Commerce resident, who discovered the SUV missing from a residence on Bowen St.

Other incidents reported to the Commerce Police Department were:

•theft by taking on Homer Rd. where a man said 30 bails of pine straw were stolen from his property.

•damage to property on North Broad St. where a man said his foot slipped off his brakes while driving through a car wash, causing his vehicle to crash into and damage a machine inside the car wash.

•burglary on North Elm St. where a male and a child were seen on video breaking into laundromat. Nothing was reported stolen.

•theft by taking on Baugh St. where a man reported three unauthorized transactions totaling $41.

•identity theft fraud at Willoughby Homes where a woman said she discovered someone bought a house and car, opened a credit card and set up student loads under her name. She said her license and social security number were stolen in mid-February, but she hadn’t reported the theft to the police.

•theft by taking on Elizabeth St. where a man said his lawnmower was stolen out of his yard.

•death investigation on Thomas Dr. where the body of a female was discovered after a wellness check at an apartment. Police responded to the residence after a man and woman came to the Commerce Police Department expressing concerns that the woman night have overdosed on heroin. Both said the woman’s son is a drug addict and became worried about the woman’s well-being after hearing statements he made to them. The property owner’s son let police into the woman’s apartment unit, where they discovered her unresponsive in a bedroom and then called the coroner.

•information report on Northwood Dr. where a woman said she was harassed by multiple construction workers and called a “b----“ while she mowed her lawn. She said she “shot a bird” at one of the construction workers during the dispute.

•theft by deception on Amber Pl. where a woman said she paid $250 for a Nintendo Switch through Facebook Market but the seller never sent the item or provided a refund. She said the seller later deleted his Facebook account.

•theft by taking on Wood St. where a bicycle was reported stolen.

•missing person on Mt. Olive Rd. where a woman reported her adult son missing. She told police that no one had seen him for three days. The woman was later informed that her son was incarcerated at the Franklin County jail on drug charges.

•criminal trespass on South Elm St. where an officer on patrol noticed the rear door of a business damaged.

•domestic dispute on Ridgeway Rd. where a woman said a man shouted “foul language” to her and pushed her out of the doorway to his bedroom after she retrieved her dog. The man contended that she directed “foul language” at him and raised her hand, indicating she was going to throw a punch. The man said he then pushed her arm to remove her from the room.


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