Jefferson Police Department officers recently responded to complaints of a man threatening to kill his daughter on Soaring Ln. After an investigation, responding officers and Department of Family and Children Services workers dismissed the allegations.

The daughter said the father recently grabbed her by the neck and told her he would kill her by banging her head in if she gave her mother a bad attitude. The mother confirmed the daughter’s story.

The man denied the allegations and said he hugged his daughter and gave her $100 for her and the mother to use. The man’s son confirmed the man’s story and said the mother was outside when the incident occurred. The daughter started changing her story when told what the man and the son said.

A DFACS case worker met with the parties separately and reportedly agreed with the Jefferson PD officer that there wasn’t much to the allegations.


Arrests made recently by the Jefferson PD were:

•Will Ruben Little, 26, 4265 Melinda Ln., Gainesville – possession of marijuana.

•Dustin Trent Harkins, 28, 352 Heritage Ave., Jefferson – warrant service.

•Terry Lakendall Meadows, 33, 389 Sims Cross Rd., Stephens – warrant service.

•Clinton Michael Mathews, 23, 2720 Meadow Gate Way, Loganville – fleeing or attempting to elude officers.

•Reylon Adonuis Meadows, 20, 1028 Cooley Dr., Gainesville – possession of marijuana.

•Anthony Craig Shook, 53, 1763 Old Mountain Rd., Statesville, N.C. – public drunkenness.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•a woman on Riverwalk Ln. reported threats sent to her through text messages.

•a driver on I-85 dozed off and struck a guard rail.

•a vehicle rear-ended a tractor trailer on Hog Mountain Rd.

•complaints of a man cashing a $2,000 check illegally on Lee St.

•a man reported the thefts of two catalytic converters from work vehicles on Enterprise Dr.

•multiple two-vehicle accidents at the traffic circle on Hwy. 124 and Hwy. 11.

•a woman driving on Old Pendergrass Rd. said a vehicle hit the rear of her vehicle when turning onto Hwy. 129.

•a man driving on Lee St. said a vehicle followed him too closely and rear-ended his vehicle at a red light.

•assisted EMS with a woman who cut her wrist with shards of glass and was threatening to commit suicide. An officer got the woman to calm down for EMS personnel.

•rear-end accident on the I-85 off ramp.

•a vehicle on Hwy. 11 attempted to turn left onto Panther Dr. and struck an oncoming vehicle.

•a man on Lee St. complained about a vehicle cutting him off every day.

•a vehicle T-boned a trailer at the intersection of Old Pendergrass Rd. and Hwy. 129.

•a vehicle rear-ended a tractor trailer on I-85.

•assisted EMS with a man found foaming at his nose on Hwy. 129.

•a vehicle was T-boned on Hwy. 129 while turning onto Hog Mountain Rd.

•dispute between a couple on Bailey Dr.

•a woman on Hwy. 129 was riding with a man when he grabbed her envelope of money. The two got into an argument afterwards.

•a woman on Jefferson Walk Cir. complained about a friend’s dog biting her daughter.

•a man on Rivermist Cir. complained about his daughter being drunk and belligerent.


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