A Jefferson woman accused her boyfriend of videoing both her mother and a 16-year-old female while showering during separate incidents in 2017.

The woman, however, told law enforcement that she had no proof of the 16-year-old being videoed, saying the file had been deleted. She said she attempted to report the incident to Arcade police but was told to file a report with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, but never filed the report.

The man denied videoing the teenager, saying his girlfriend made up the claim.

As for videoing his girlfriend’s mother, he said he set up a camera in the bathroom in an attempt to document his girlfriend cheating on him. He said he had no intention of filming her mother.

The man was told he could not record video of others in private places of homes without their consent.

Dog jumps in golf cart, bites woman

A woman said a dog jumped into her golf cart at bit left leg, drawing blood and resulting injuries.

Jackson County deputies responded to Elliot Smith Rd. the alleged bite occurred.

The woman declined emergency medical services but planned to seek treatment at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton.

According to complainant, the dog attacked and killed a cat about six months earlier.

A Jackson County Animal Control officer told the deputy that the dog should be kept under quarantine by the owners over the weekend until animal control could follow up.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•financial transaction card fraud on Dan Waters Rd. where a woman said her account had been hacked with multiple unauthorized transactions appearing on her account.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 82 Spur where possible gun shots and screaming were reported. A man at the address said his car had backfired.

•welfare check on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where a man said he would rather be transported to a mental hospital than remain at his residence. The man was given a courtesy ride to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•suicide threats on Tuxedo Dr. where a juvenile reportedly jumped out of a window. The juvenile sustained bruises and scratches, according to the incident report. The juvenile reportedly cut her wrists before jumping. She was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•theft by taking on Old Commerce Rd. Ext. where an air conditioning unit was reportedly taken by a previous tenant at the residence.

•civil matter on Bolton Gordon Rd. where a woman said another woman has been filing false reports about her, claiming she was mentally ill, suicidal and harassing her.

•criminal trespass on Rob Belue Rd. where a man said his mother locked him out of the house. According to the incident report, his mother called law enforcement after he knocked on the window and reportedly broke pieces of the window.

•mental subject on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where a man, who suffers from dementia, said people were in his house and threatening to kill him and that his caregiver wouldn’t give him any food to eat. The caregiver said the man is welcome to anything in the kitchen.

•possession of a firearm by a convicted felon on A.C. Smith where a man accidentally shot himself in the left leg, according to the incident report. The man was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center. A criminal history check revealed that he had past felony convictions.

•agency assist on Pine Forest Way where a woman reportedly was having violent thoughts about family members. The woman was transported by a deputy to North Georgia Medical Center in Braselton.

•suspicious activity on Waterworks Rd. where a couple reported that their dog yelped like someone had kicked it.

•dispute on Whitlock Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend took her keys and phone during an argument.

•missing person on B. Wilson Rd. where a woman said she hasn’t seen her husband since June 4. She said the two had a disagreement and he packed his belongings and left. The woman said her husband has a history of being suicidal. The also said he’s previously left for weeks at a time to go camping at a location called Tail of the Dragon.

•dispute on Barber Rd. where a man said he defended himself in a physical altercation. The man, according to others at the residence, deals with mental health issues.

•agency assist on Bradberry Ct. where a woman reported that a man had been drinking and requested emergency medical services tend to him. The man reportedly said he wanted to kill himself, though he denied the claim. The man refused treatment from EMS when they arrived on scene.

•criminal damage to property on Ridgeway Church Rd. where graffiti was reported on the I-85 bridge.

•dispute on Mt. Olive Way where a man said he did not want his former wife, who has bipolar disorder, at his residence. The woman was given a ride to a convenience store and waited for a ride home.

•burglary on Apple Valley Rd. where a bed cover and box of old family picture slides were reportedly stolen.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•disturbance on Blue Grass Dr. where a woman said her neighbors shoot fireworks and the debris falls in her yard.

•suspicious activity on M.L. King Jr. Dr. where a man said his uncle sells methamphetamine from his home.

•suspicious activity on Race Pkwy. where drivers of two vehicles were reportedly spinning their tires and driving in a doughnut motion in a cul de sac.

•agency assist on Ethridge Rd. where an accident with injuries were reported. A man was transported to the hospital with neck and chest pain.

•insurance requirements and windshield violation on Sycamore St. where a man was issued those citations after a traffic stop.

•information on Cotton Gin Rd. where a four-wheeler was reportedly being driven in the roadway. This is an ongoing issue, according to the incident report.

•theft by taking on Lavista Rd. where a woman said her son stole her vehicle while it was being repaired. The woman said she told her son to return the vehicle or she would report it as stolen. She said her he refused to return it. The man working on the woman’s vehicle said he saw it being driven away by two males, one of which he identified as the woman’s son.

•dispute on Brockton Loop where a man said he fired a shot at a man whom he claimed challenged him to a fight and charged at him. He said he did not know if the bullet struck the man. A deputy responded to the scene after multiple complains of yelling and gunfire.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where a deputy searched for a possible stolen jeep but did not locate it the vehicle.

•agency assist on River Birch Loop where a woman, working for a behavioral health group, said she feared a juvenile might become violent while she conducted a self-harm assessment. A deputy joined the woman as she met with the juvenile.

•dispute on Old Winder Hwy. where a woman said her daughter refused to give her her car keys and would not take her to run errands. The daughter said her mother suffers from dementia and fears for her safety and that of others if she drove. She told a deputy that she did not have paperwork that restricted her mother’s driving. She was then told she could not withhold property from her mother.

•harassing communications on Brockton Rd. where a man said his home was burglarized and began receiving threatening texts from a man who he suspected of the crime. He reported receiving texts that read, “You are never going to see your baby,” and “We know where you stay.”

•theft by taking on Bill Wright Rd. where a trailer was reported stolen.

•information on Hwy. 129 where two vehicles were seen lying in a ditch in front of a residence. The owner of the vehicles was later contacted.

•dispute on Paces Dr. where a woman said her son knocked down her door to enter her room. She said her son has done this in the past. He said he broke the door down because he heard a loud sound and worried because he didn’t answer.

•information on Creek Nation Rd. where a reckless driver, traveling at speeds of approximately 70 mph, was reported.

•harassing communications on Grandview Dr. where a woman said her daughter’s ex-boyfriend continues to call her frequently and visits her at her place of employment in Commerce, interfering with her work. The woman said the ex-boyfriend harasses and threatens family members, too.

•suspicious activity on Athens St. where a woman was reportedly lying in a front yard.

•abandoned vehicle on Johnson Mill Rd. where a motorcycle was reportedly on fire.

•suspicious activity on McRee Rd. where a man said a pig head was left on his property.

•agency assist on Commerce Rd. where a woman was reported to be unconscious and being administered CPR. The woman regained consciousness and told a deputy she took aderol and xanax. She refused to be taken to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center by ambulance, but said her friend would take her.

•information on Commerce Rd. where a woman said she was concerned her son was drinking and stealing a battery.

•information on Lyle Field Rd. where a man, who said he was a claims adjuster, reportedly entered a business through a garage door and was bitten on the arm by a guard dog. An employee took him to the hospital for treatment, according to the incident report.

•welfare check on Gilbert Rd. where a woman reportedly had an overdose. The woman denied emergency medical services.

•agency assist on Jefferson River Rd. where a woman took two juveniles from their mother without her permission. The woman later returned the juveniles.

•information on Heaven Cir. where a woman said her daughter continues to receive text messages from her ex-boyfriend.


•suspicious activity on Green Hill Ct. where the complainant saw an saw “an unknown shadow” near their van and that their dog had been hit.

•dispute on Horseshoe Bend where a man reportedly threatened to shoot another man. The weapon the man allegedly possessed turned out to be a plunger, according to the incident report. The man denied threatening anyone.

•interference with custody on Hwy. 82 Spur where a woman said her boyfriend put their daughter into his truck and wouldn’t let the woman get the child. He also reportedly blocked the driveway with his truck before allowing her and her three kids to leave in her vehicle.

•suspicious activity on Hale Rd. where a woman was reportedly going door-to-door asking for a ride.

•mental subject on Holly Springs Rd. where a woman was reportedly having a psychotic episode. The woman refused help from emergency medical services.

•suspicious activity on Brockton Loop where a mannequin, dressed with a yellow raincoat, was left in the wood line. A deputy spoke to a neighbor who said the owner of the property uses the mannequin to scare off deer.

•agency assist on Hwy. 98 where a missing juvenile was located in a convenience store parking lot.

•information on Donahoo Rd. where a female was reportedly being held against her will by a man at a residence. The woman said the accusations were false, and the responding deputy found the report to be unfounded.

•suspicious activity on Jackson Woods Dr. where a woman said people are walking through her yard, looking in windows and knocking on her building. She added that the people “make weird sounds that make her hit her head,” according to the incident report.

•theft by taking on Plainview Rd. where a man said he believes his grandson stole his wallet and $900 cash. The grandson said he only took $5.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•dispute on Hawks Ct. where a juvenile reportedly became irate when his mother denied him permission to buy a phone.

•dispute on Old Kings Bridge Rd. where a man reportedly broke a glass table with his hands after his son called him an idiot.

•theft by taking on Antioch Church Rd. where a Polaris was reported stolen.

•agency assist on Hwy. 441 where a man was reportedly lying on the roadside, possibly having a seizure. The man, who was described as disoriented, was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•dispute on Jims Ln. where a woman said her husband used her car without her permission.

•information on Jim Davis Rd. where a woman said she received nine calls over two days from someone claiming to work for the social security office. During one of the calls, a man claimed her daughter owed the office money. When she confronted him, he reportedly called her daughter a “b-----” and used more profanity before hanging up.

•agency assist on Pine Ridge Place where a missing juvenile from Warner Robins was believed to be with his girlfriend. The missing juvenile had reportedly visited the residence earlier in the day. Deputies were unable to contact the juvenile’s girlfriend.

•information on Lakeview Dr. where a man and woman told a deputy they were having “some alone time” in a truck parked at East Jackson Park after dark. The two were told the park was closed and agreed to leave the park.

•theft by taking on Church St. where a man said a motorcycle was stolen from his front yard.

•suspicious activity on Cabin Creek Dr. where a man said another driver made a gun gesture with his hand toward him while at a traffic light. He said the man then followed him back to his residence before driving off.

•information on Church St. where a man said his motorcycle, which he’d reported stolen, had been returned.

•dispute on Old Kings Bridge Rd. where a woman said her husband took the keys out of her vehicle’s ignition switch during a verbal dispute.

•dispute on Pine Ridge Place where a man and woman reportedly shoved each other during an argument.

•suspicious activity on Ed Bennett Rd. where a truck was reportedly blocking the driveway to the complainant’s farm. The man in the truck said he was cooling down from an argument he’d just had.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in North Jackson were:

•information on Unity Church Rd. where a vehicle was reportedly speeding on the road. The complainant said this has been an ongoing issue.

•information on Nichols Rd. where a vehicle was reported stolen, but the complainant later said the missing vehicle was a misunderstanding. She said someone drove it to the store without her permission.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Lanier Rd. Spur where a 54-year-old woman was found face down on the floor next to a bed unresponsive, not breathing with no pulse.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Mountain Creek Dr. where a woman said she found her sister dead in her bedroom after she had been bedridden for eight or nine years.

•agency assist on Old State Rd. where a deputy joined a DFACS worker in response to prenatal drug use case. Neither the mother or the father of the child were found at the location.

•dispute on Pleasant Hill Dr. where a woman said she took her two kids to the bathroom and shut the door after her boyfriend yelled and threw things at her. He reportedly broke a mirror hanging on the bathroom door. The two had reportedly been drinking. The man said he was upset because the woman’s 3-year-old daughter broke his phone.

•suspicious activity on Village Pkwy. where a woman said someone knocked on her window.

•suspicious activity on Silverwood Dr. where yelling was reported.

•neglect on Emily Forest Way where a 72-year-old woman said her daughter has yet pay rent for residing at her home and that her medical issues are exacerbated by her daughter and her six children.

•suspicious activity on Pond Fork Church Rd. where a person was reportedly yelling in the roadway.

•burglary on Primrose Ln. where a man said someone stole the shop vacuum from his garage.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in South Jackson were:

•criminal trespass on Commerce Rd. where a woman said a man attempted to run over her with his vehicle at the J&J Flea Market. She said the incident occurred after she saw him attempt to sell a piece of jewelry without paying for a table at the market and confronted him. The man said he was trying to leave and did not attempt to run over the woman. A witness reportedly corroborated the man’s story.

•information on Crooked Creek Rd. where a man said a female employee at a gas station called him a pervert and would not allow him back inside the store. The man said he didn’t understand why she said this to him. He said the woman had previously given him her phone number and asked him to give her a call.

•welfare check on Rosewood Rd. where a juvenile female possibly took 23 hydrocodone pills. The juvenile said she did not take any medication and appeared not to be under the influence of any substances, according to the incident report.

•suicide threats on Dew Ln. where a woman said was experiencing depression and mood swings but declined transport to the hospital for a mental evaluation. The woman did agree to talk to someone, and a mobile crisis unit was called.

•taillight violation on Hwy. 129 where a man was cited for the infraction after a traffic stop.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. where a woman’s wallet was reported stolen. The wallet was returned but was missing $100.

•criminal trespass on New Kings Bridge Rd. where juveniles reportedly jumped a fence to play in a play ground.

•violations on Anniston Dr. where a man reportedly violated a temporary protective order. She said he called twice and left voicemails from the Hall County jail.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Hwy. 330 where a woman was found face down in a bedroom at a residence. The woman reportedly had a history of heart problems.

•agency assist on Hwy. 330 where a deputy helped Jefferson police search for a stolen vehicle.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Keri Ln. where a man, with an extensive history of medical problems, was found in a recliner not breathing.


Incidents reported to the reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•civil matter on Pendergrass Rd. where a man said his girlfriend's mother closed a car door on him. The woman denied it and said the man had tried to crawl through the rear seat to take children out of the vehicle.

•agency assist on E. Lakeshore Dr. where officers were called for a report of a man screaming. They later heard a man singing and asked him to keep the noise down.

•information on Braselton Farms Dr. where officers made contact with juveniles who were driving a golf cart and informed them a licensed driver needed to be operating the vehicle.

•theft by taking on Thompson Mill Rd. where a woman reported her keys and medication were taken.

•hit and run on I-85 where a vehicle struck another and didn't stop.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 332 where a man knocked on doors, asking for money, after running out of gas.

•suspicious activity on Stoneview Dr. where a woman reported a man entered into the wood-line next to her residence, possibly to urinate.

•suspicious activity on Cotton Gin Row where a man reported four-wheelers were traveling in the roadway.

•agency assist on McNeal Rd. where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle rollover that caught fire. The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

•deposit account fraud on New St. where a woman reported someone fraudulently used her bank and credit cards accounts, as well as her email. She had previously been in contact with someone on social media, who demanded nude photos and $6,000 in gift cards.

•information on Hwy. 332 where a woman reported her boyfriend was missing after she hadn't heard from him. She later reported he'd been found.

•identity fraud on River Bluff where a couple received a notice about unemployment money, but they hadn't applied for unemployment.

•suspicious activity and information on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a man found a backpack containing a wallet, phone and other personal items. Another man reported hearing a man screaming in agony in the area and saw a truck parked in a cul-de-sac. Officers made contact with the backpack owner's mother, who had not seen him. She was concerned because the backpack was found, but her son's scooter wasn't.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a man said another man harassed him. The complainant had invited the man over to talk.

•civil matter on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported another woman called her a "b---h" and said she hoped her family dies.

•welfare check on Charlie Smith Rd. where a woman reported she couldn't find an elderly family member with dementia and Alzheimer's. The woman later returned after searching for dogs that had run away.

•information on Frost Cove where an intoxicated man was upset that a cat ran away.

•suspicious activity on Dumar Ln. where a woman said someone killed her family. The woman's son said she has dementia and that she gets confused.

•dispute on Wildflower Ln. where a man and woman argued and the woman pushed the man.

•criminal damage to property on Cecil Clark Rd. where a man allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend's father and got into an altercation with him, damaging the father's phone in the process. The man admitted to knocking the phone out of his hand, but said the ex-girlfriend's father had threatened him and pushed him first.

•welfare check on Rivermist Dr. where a woman wanted officers to check on her child because the child's father wouldn't let her talk to the child during his visitation time. The child and her father were fishing.

•burglary on Freedom Pkwy. where someone broke into a nail salon and stole a $400 nail file machine.

•information on Curk Roberts Rd. where someone found several children's bicycles on the shoulder of the road.

•information on Freedom Pkwy. where an intoxicated restaurant patron refused to pay his tab and leave.

•dispute on Clydes Way where a woman reported her husband was asking strange. He had reportedly told her that he "had the devil in him" before he began growling. The man refused to be transported and another family member agreed to stay and help.

•agency assist on River Pl. where a woman said she was raped while at a hospital.

•information on Meadow Vista Ln. where a woman reported a man threatened her husband online.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 53 where someone stole a trailer.

•civil matter on Hwy. 124 where a man reported his ex-wife refused to meet for a custody exchange.

•damage to property on Walnut Rd. where sand from a dump truck damaged another vehicle.

•information on Maddox Rd. where a man reported a fraudulent charge was made on his credit report.


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