A man recently visited the Commerce PD complaining about a woman assaulting him with a baseball bat during an argument.

CPD officers arrested Tericka Rachelle Johnson, 34, 230 Woodbine St., Commerce for the assault, despite her claiming the man threatened to “put a hole” in her.

The man said he wanted to leave her residence and Johnson claimed he owed her money and allegedly started hitting him with a bat. The man suffered a broken hand and received other bruises during the assault.

Johnson claimed the man slapped her in the face and believed he grabbed a gun from his vehicle when he made threats to put a hole in her. She admitted to hitting the man. Johnson was charged with aggravated assault.


Commerce PD officers recently responded to a dispute between two women at an abandoned residence on Ila Rd.

One woman had left the scene, but another woman was still there and had been stabbed in the altercation. The victim claimed she didn’t provoke the woman and the woman just pulled out a switchblade knife to attack her.

The woman was transported to Northridge Medical Center.


Commerce PD officers recently responded to an alleged assault on North Broad St. The assault happened in front of a juvenile and was reportedly over alleged elder abuse.

A woman confronted Tabitha Chapman, 30, 2140 North Broad St., Commerce and Jimmy Lee Chapman, 30, 2140 North Broad St., about Tabitha leaving her elderly mother home alone. The two allegedly assaulted her and were arrested after officers spoke with other witnesses.

The woman had bruising on both eyes. She said she went to the residence to check on her mother and found her alone. The Chapman’s arrived and Tabitha assaulted her when confronted. The woman admitted to hitting Tabitha in self-defense. A neighbor witnessed the incident and claimed to see the Chapman’s both hitting the woman.

Tabitha claimed the woman hit her in the face first, but the officer noticed no visible injuries on Tabitha's face. Tabitha was arrested for battery, exploitation of the elderly and cruelty to children.

The owner of the house said the Chapman’s have drugs at the residence. Marijuana and pipes were found and Jimmy claimed them. He was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.


Other arrests made recently by the Commerce PD were:

•Charles Hancock, 34, 4801 Liverpool Ln., Raleigh, N.C. – driving without a license.

•Kristy Amanda Nichols, 39, 120 Three B Dr., Abbeville, S.C. – possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

•Cody Shane Turner, 27, 5195 Whitehall Rd., Lula – warrant service.


Other incidents recently reported to the Commerce PD were:

•a food bank was burglarized on Atlanta Ave. $400 worth of meat and $60 worth of cereal was stolen.

•a woman noticed $30 missing from her bank account.

•a man reported a gun, $15 and tools missing from his vehicle on Roosevelt Blvd.

•a woman reported clothing, medications and a cell phone stolen on Ila Rd.

•a woman on Hillcrest Dr. complained about someone taking one of her puppies and giving it away.

•wood was reported stolen from a residence on Oconee Ln.


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