A man on Creek Nation Rd. complained about catching someone trying to steal items from his deceased sister’s property. The thieves left the residence before deputies arrived.

The man oversees the residence and when he visited recently, he saw a vehicle beside the residence with a man on the other side carrying two roof vents. The suspect left and the man tried to block the vehicle onto the property but the vehicle was able to get around him.

Nothing was stolen on this date, but the man said a lawnmower and other items were stolen on an earlier date.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•a man on Siding Ln. said his daughter has been talking to people online and now she wants to move out with them, even though she’s never met them in person.

•complaints of three people being rough with an elderly disabled woman on Holiday Cemetery Rd.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a two-vehicle accident on Athens Hwy. Two juvenile’s complained of injuries.

•a man on Thyatira-Brockton Rd. wanted deputies to check on a resident who told him to drop off their cat at the residence, but the residents wouldn’t answer the door. The man then changed his story and said the cat attacked him and he wanted to sue, but he later said the cat belonged to him and he was giving it to the resident.

•assisted the GSP with a vehicle accident on I-85.

•a man posted on Facebook about deputies stealing campaign signs. Dispatch however reported no reports about stolen campaign signs.

•a man on Commerce Rd. complained about his Netflix and PayPal accounts being hacked and receiving several prank calls.

•complaints of a suspicious person walking on Thyatira-Brockton Rd.

•verbal dispute between a couple on Maddox Hill Rd. over infidelity.

•vehicle fire at a residence on Galilee Church Rd.

•a woman on Lewis Sailors Rd. said her recently evicted niece had returned to the residence and she wanted her trespassed.

•a man on Raven Ridge complained about a fraudulent $25 purchase on his Playstation account.

•a man visited the JCSO to report a fraudulent Comcast bill sent to his residence. The man said he has never had an account with Comcast.

•vehicle accident into a ditch on Valentine Industrial Blvd.

•a man on Honey Suckle Ct. complained about his estranged wife sitting in her vehicle by his mailbox. The man said his wife has stolen his mail in the past.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Hwy. 82.

•complaints of a reckless driver on I-85. A woman said a tractor trailer almost hit her vehicle and she had to swerve to miss it. Another vehicle had to swerve to miss her and the driver of that vehicle started to follow her. The two drivers met a deputy and the second driver believed the woman tried to hit him.

•a woman on Hickory Tr. said her daughter cut her wrists and took her vehicle keys so she could leave the residence. The daughter was taken to a hospital.

•a man housesitting for his girlfriend on Galilee Church Rd. reported someone attempting to break into the residence. The man said he heard someone trying to enter from a side door, he went towards the door and the suspects noticed him and ran off.

•a man on Honey Suckle Ct. complained about his estranged wife leaving him constant voicemails after a court case. The messages contain the wife saying he and the judges will pay for the outcome of the case and her claiming she called the FBI to investigate.

•a man reported a handgun stolen from his wife’s vehicle on Cypress Ln.

•a man on Virginia Ave. reported a handgun stolen out of his vehicle.


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