A man on Hope Haven Rd. recently told Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies he found several men at a campfire fort on his property.

The man said he found trees cut down and made into a fort. Near the fort was a campfire which was still warm when deputies arrived, and makeshift marijuana devices made from Coca-Cola bottles.

None of the campers were on the scene when deputies arrived. The man estimated four or five campers to have been on the site.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•vehicle accident into a ditch on Holly Springs Rd.

•vehicle accident after hydroplaning on Creek Nation Rd.

•found a runaway juvenile and escorted her back to her residence on Sanford Dr. The juvenile reportedly left the residence because she didn’t want to go to school.

•a woman on Old Forge Rd. complained about another woman taking items from her residence that she says don’t belong to the other woman.

•spotted a suspicious vehicle drive towards a dead end on Possum Creek Rd. The occupants claimed they were in the area picking up cans to recycle.

•vehicle accident with a coyote on Holly Springs Rd.

•a man reported fraudulent activity to his Verizon account, as well as his bank account and credit union account. The man said someone attempted to redirect $5,500 from his credit union account.

•a woman on Jameson Ct. said she gave a man several items to sell for her, but the man has taken the items or the money for himself. The man took a curved television valued at $3,500, a watch valued at $8,000 and several diecast cars valued at $150.

•a man on Lavender Rd. reported someone breaking into his camper by prying open a door. Nothing was reported stolen.

•a man on Robin Way complained about a possible fraudulent company from Florida scamming him out of $295 by claiming they were going to retrieve and deliver a product for him.

•complaints of hearing a woman screaming on Cotton Gin Row. Deputies found the woman was scolding her son who had been drinking.

•complaints of a business van sitting in a driveway on Hwy. 124.

•dispute between neighbors on Lark Trl. over one of their dogs running loose in the neighborhood.

•an elderly man reported missing from Catoosa County was found at a gas station on Jackson Trail Rd.

•a woman on Jefferson River Rd. said a suspicious woman came onto her porch and rang her doorbell before leaving with a man.

•a man on McDonald Farm Rd. complained about his parents getting into an argument. The mother complained about the father taking her vehicle.

•complaints of a man yelling death threats on Meadow Ln. The man recently went to his wife’s residence and discovered another man’s belongings. The man allegedly started yelling death threats towards the man who was hiding inside.

•a woman on Woods Way said her dog brought a large bone home and she believed it was a human bone. The deputy said the bone was not human and appeared to be a bone bought from a store for dogs.

•a man on Brockton Rd. said a motorists failed to maintain their lane and struck his vehicle, causing damage to his mirror.

•complaints of a man yelling at children on Jackson Trail Rd. The man was reportedly scolding the children for playing around a swimming pool.

•a man on Doster Rd. complained about being scammed out of $100. A caller told him to buy a $100 EBay gift card and read them the code before telling him to buy two more.

•a woman on Carruth Rd. said she left a check for $700 in her landlord’s mailbox and someone stole the check.

•a woman on Gilbert Rd. said she saw lights through the trees beside her residence. A deputy noticed the lights on at a neighbor’s residence on the other side of the trees.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a two-vehicle accident on Winder Hwy.

•a woman on Fincher Dr. said she recently placed a fence on her property line, but the neighbor placed mirrors above the fence.


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