Arcade police responded to a drug overdose last week where a man had reportedly taken approximately 30 Adderall pills and was “acting out.”

The incident occurred on Ramblers Inn Rd. where the man was found in the roadway in front of a residence yelling, cursing and threatening his roommate and her daughter.

The man “did not appear to be in his right state of mind,” according to the incident report. He was sweating profusely, wearing only a pair of shorts, and could not be still, according to the responding officer.

Due to his behavior and the alleged threats, he was handcuffed. Jackson County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived on the scene and transported him to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for treatment.

Other recent incidents reported to the Arcade Police Department were:

•suspicious incident on Rock Forge Ln. where a man said his mobile home was on fire but the responding officer found no flames or any evidence of a fire. According to the incident report, the complainant has a history of “seeing things that are not reality.”

•runaway juvenile on Hwy. 82 South where a 13-year-old was reportedly picked up by a friend’s parent, who then refused to return the child. An officer met with both the person who picked up the juvenile and the juvenile, who said she was kicked out of her home and did not run away. The juvenile was then turned over to her parent.

•agency assist on Rock Forge Ln. where a man was found slumped over and having trouble breathing. The responding officer was unable to locate a pulse. Jackson County EMS took over at the scene, and the man was reportedly able to walk to the medical unit. He refused transport to the hospital.

•suspicious incident on Athens Hwy. where the complainant said someone was knocking on her door but no one was there when she answered.

•suspicious incident on Hidden Oaks Ln. where loud music and gun fire were reported at party. The party host agreed to turn down the music. Police reported hearing no gun fire.

•suspicious incident on Rock Forge Ct. where a woman said her neighbor wanted to report trespassers on her property. The woman, however, said these people, who use her driveway to cut through to White Oak Trail, are not bothering her property and declined to report a trespass complaint.

•abandoned vehicles on Cedarwood Dr. and Poppy Ln. where an officer found four abandoned vehicles in an area where there are no homes.


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