Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a physical dispute on Mark Dodd Rd. where a man requested a ride to a hospital after receiving injuries in a fight with his girlfriend.

The man said his girlfriend slapped him because he was drinking inside their camper. He said he pushed her away but she then allegedly grabbed and twisted his scrotum and tried to choke him with his shirt. The man said the girlfriend bit him as well and he admitted to punching her to get her away from him.

The girlfriend said the man initiated the physical confrontation while he was intoxicated. She said she pushed him away from her and admitted to grabbing his crotch area because he tried to choke her with his foot.

Due to conflicting stories, no arrest was made. Both had injuries, but the man reportedly had more injuries than the girlfriend.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•vehicle accident with a deer on Park St. where the driver of the vehicle had a seizure.

•complaints of a suspicious vehicle on J.D. Brooks Rd. The complainant believes the driver is a mail thief.

•complaints of scam callers asking for money via gift cards on Blue Grass Dr.

•a man on Hwy. 82 complained about an upholsterer taking too long with his vehicle seats and wanting his money back.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Jett Roberts Rd.

•a man on Blue Bird Ln. complained about his ex-wife refusing to let him pick up their child.

•a man on Commerce Rd. complained about a vehicle hitting his mailbox.

•Jackson County EMS found an elderly man deceased in his home after a 911 hang-up on Jefferson River Rd. The man succumbed to natural causes.

•vehicle accidents with deer on Hwy. 60, Jefferson River Rd, Old Pendergrass Rd., Wilbanks Rd. and I-85.

•a bale of hay fell from one vehicle and struck another vehicle on Hwy. 82.

•a woman returned to her residence on Harrison Johnson Way and believed someone was inside. Deputies cleared the residence and didn’t find anyone.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with vehicle accidents on Cedar Grove Church Rd., Jefferson Rd., Hwy. 124, I-85 and Hwy. 129.

•a man complained about aggressive dogs on Swann Rd.

•a woman on Windy Hill Rd. said she crashed into a ditch when another vehicle crossed into her lane.

•a woman on Duke St. reportedly committed suicide by mixing pills and alcohol.

•fight between students at Jackson County Comprehensive High School.

•vehicle accident with debris on I-85.

•a woman on Galilee Church Rd. complained about her mailbox being damaged.

•a man found $2,500 missing from his residence on Oak Grove Rd.

•a man on Windy Hill Ct. reported his boat battery and tools stolen from his yard.

•a man reported a scam at the Jackson County Jail. The man said he applied for a $15,000 loan through Lending Club and had $7,000 deposited into his account. He was then instructed to give back $2,000 in gift cards. His bank informed him that the deposits were fraudulent.

•a woman on Geiger Rd. complained about a friend stalking her and breaking into her home to hang out with her.

•a woman on Whirlaway St. reported a scam where a man sent her a $2,450 check to cash and requested she resend $2,000 in gift cards.

•a man on Galilee Church Rd. reported a dirt bike and air compressor stolen.


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