After being limited to one beer a day by his father, a man got law enforcement involved.

A Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputy recently responded to Cane Creek Rd. in south Jackson County to a report of a beer theft. The deputy learned that the complainant’s father had actually confiscated the man’s beer and given him an allowance of one beer per day.

The father confirmed this, but said the beer was his since he purchased it.

The deputy spoke to the complainant, telling the man that the beer restriction was “for his health and well-being.”

“He reluctantly agreed,” the deputy noted in the report.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Commerce:

•theft by deception on Hwy. 441 South where a man said his van was stolen. He said he dropped the van off at a repair shop in April, but was not able to contact the owner after than and then discovered the shop to be vacated and his van missing from the property. The vehicle was discovered to have been towed to an impound lot. When the man went to the lot to inspect the vehicle, the transmission was discovered to be missing.

•dispute on South Elm St. where a mother and her disabled daughter got into a physical altercation during which the daughter grabbed a knife. The woman said he didn’t feel threatened, saying her daughter held the knife at her side. The daughter said she grabbed the knife to stop her mother from hitting her. The responding deputy said he saw no indication of a facial injury.

•dispute on B. Wilson Rd. where a woman reportedly sustained a bloody lip and had a tooth knocked loose during a dispute with her boyfriend’s brother. He denied inflicting those injuries according to the incident report.

•civil matter on Berea Church Rd. where a woman said her uncle stuck the side and door of her trailer with a bat and threatened to get a gun and shoot those in the residence. According to the incident report, the man told the responding deputy that he owned the property and he wanted them to leave. He also denied making threats.

•dispute on Greer Rd. where a man and a woman got into an argument and the woman said her boyfriend put his hands around her neck “in a soft manner.” The woman then said she tried to leave the residence but her boyfriend wouldn’t let her. The man said he did not place his hands on the woman.

•dispute on Old Ridge Rd. where a man said his wife turned off the service to his phone for texting someone she did not know and not showing her the texts.

•information on Bolton Rd. where a woman said she received a call from the Publisher’s House Give Away, telling her to pay $3,500 to the FDIC to receive $2 million.

•mental subject on White Hill School Rd. where a woman with a history of suicide threats requested to be taken to the hospital. The woman said she felt better when emergency medical service and a deputy arrived and declined transportation to the hospital.

•information on White Hill School Rd. where a man reported gun shots coming from behind his house from a white van. A deputy located the men responsible for the gun fire, who said they were shooting in the area but not at the man’s pasture.

•harassing communications on Bolton Gordon Rd. where a man reported that a woman has been sending texts and emails that made him fear for his ex-wife and child. The woman has a history of mental illness, according to her nephew.

•theft by shoplifting at Stephen B. Tanger Blvd. where a store worker said three people spent three hours in a store and then noticed them stuffing items in purses. When she confronted them, when they walked toward the exit, they ran out of the store. The employee estimated that $500 worth of merchandize was stolen.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Jefferson:

•information on Harrison Johnson Way where gun shots were reported in the area.

•information on Warbler Dr. where a man reported explosions in the area which he believed someone shooting Tannerite near his home.

•suspicious activity on Hunter Rd. where someone was reportedly banging on the walls outside of a home.

•suicide threats on Redstone Rd. where a woman reportedly cut her wrists. The responding deputy found the woman in a bathroom and saw lacerations on her right wrist and “a rather good amount of blood on the floor,” according to the incident report. The woman was placed in restraints and transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•battery on Ivie St. where a special needs juvenile reportedly cut his sister’s eye.

•damage to property on Hwy. 124 where a woman said a deputy ordered her vehicle off the road, which resulted in her backing off the road and into a ditch and damaging her front bumper. The woman said she was ordered off the road to make room for a house movement which took up all lanes of travel.

•suspicious activity on Doster Rd. where a juvenile was home alone and said someone was in the house. She said though she heard someone moving her mother’s bed, an upstairs toilet flush and someone going through her mother’s drawers. She then grabbed a kitchen knife and hid in a shed and eventually saw a man emerge from the home and run toward Mark Dodd Rd.

•dispute on Windy Hill Rd. where a man and woman got into an argument about the woman visiting an address where there is “heavy meth traffic.” The woman was found intoxicated when the responding deputy arrived.

•dispute on Colonial Ct. where a woman confronted her soon-to-be former mother-in law over alleged harassment. The complainant said her mother-in-law drove past her house, honking the horn and taking pictures. The mother-in-law denied the harassment allegations and said the complainant’s grandson got in his car and chased her after passing the complainant’s house en route to see her other son.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. where a man said someone stole his leaf blower.

•theft by deception on Lewis Roberts Rd. where a man reported that he was scammed through Facebook into paying $4,500 to receive a $100,000 stimulus check.

•damage to property on I-85 where a woman said a piece of metal came off the bed of a dump truck and struck her vehicle, causing damage to the front end.

•information on Hwy. 129 where a woman reported finding a chicken bone in her chicken sandwich. The woman said she began choking on the sandwich and pulled the bone from her throat. The woman was instructed by the restaurant’s corporate office to file a police report.

•burglary on Ivey St. where a woman said someone removed a tire from her grandfather’s vehicle and medications from his home.

•deposit account fraud on Commerce Rd. where a business reported $10,000 worth of checks that it did not issue were returned by a bank.

•theft of services was reported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office where a woman from a bonding company said a man paid his $350 bond using a company credit card without his company’s approval. The company disputed the transaction, leaving the bonding company to cover the man’s bail fee. The man did not appear for his court date, and the bonding company was forced to pay $2,212 to the court.

•harassing communications on Waterford Ct. where a woman said her daughter’s ex-boyfriend continues to contact her by phone, social media and email after being told to stop. This began in March, according to the incident report. A temporary protective order has been placed against the boyfriend but it has yet to be served.

•suspicious activity on Hog Mountain Rd. where a woman said her granddaughter is being threatened by her ex-boyfriend. The woman reported that the man’s vehicle was seen parked outside her granddaughter’s residence. A deputy checked the vehicle, which was unoccupied. According to the vehicle identification number, it did not belong to the man. In a separate incident report, the granddaughter reported that her ex-boyfriend was stalking her. When a deputy arrived at the scene, he found the man and two others trying jump start the vehicle parked outside the residence. The woman said she believed the man was faking the vehicle trouble to be close to her and harass her. Deputies were also called the to the residence a third time when the granddaughter said she saw a man, whom she couldn’t identify, slam a door to a barn and then ran off into the wood line of the property.

•suspicious activity on Jefferson River Rd. where a possible narcotic pipe was discovered on the playground of a church.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Jackson Trail Rd. where a man who had a history of health issues passed away.

•information on Honey Suckle Ct. where a man said his bank statement was opened in his mailbox. The man believes his ex-wife opened the statement.

•suspicious activity on Duke St. where a man said he was contacted by a man with a Russian or Indian accent claiming to be from the Crime Specialist Unit and asked to verify the man’s name, address and social security number. According to the incident report, the responding deputy twice called the number and the person on the other end of the line hung up after the deputy identified himself.

•dispute on Raven Ridge where a man said his father-in-law would get a gun “and blow his head off.” The threat reportedly stemmed from a dispute over custody of the man’s juvenile child. The man’s father-in-law, however, claimed the man pulled a knife on him and said “I will blow your brains out.” A witness said the man did have a knife, but it was a butter knife.

•criminal trespass on High Meadow Rd. where a woman said juveniles enter her property, yelling, cussing and throwing items at her shed.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Maysville:

•unlawful activities on Donahoo Rd. at Bingham Rd. where a man said someone had been throwing trash in the woods. He said he witnessed an elderly man threw a bag of trash into a creek bed.

•theft by taking on Pond Fork Church Rd. where a woman said an 80-pound bulldog statue was stolen from her husband’s gravesite.

•information on Plainview Rd. where a woman reported a suspicious vehicle on her property that was later determined to have been stolen out of Madison County.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Nicholson:

•suspicious activity at East Jackson Park where a man was found asleep in his vehicle in the early hours of the morning. The man said he was recording music, but his computer battery went dead and he fell asleep. The man admitted to having marijuana in his vehicle, which the responding deputy had him dispose. The man was told to leave the park.

•information on Brooks Dr. where a counselor at East Jackson Middle School said that two juvenile students hand possibly threatened each other via social media.

•agency assist on Berea Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend had taken an unknown substance and possibly overdosed. The man denied taking anything and refused medical assistance.

•suspicious activity on Cabin Creek Rd. where a man reported that someone who used to live at his residence is being followed by people and having drugs placed in his car and apartment.

•dispute on Hwy. 334 where a man reported harassment by his nephew due to a disagreement over the headstone placed at the gravesite of the nephew’s mother. The nephew, when contacted, told the deputy family members have harassed him over the matter.

•suspicious activity on Smith Overhead Bridge Rd. where a woman placed an order with a business and was asked for her credit card number and social security number, which she supplied. She called the store back, who told her they had no record of her order.

•agency assist on Hwy. 441 South and Ed Bennett Rd. for a single-vehicle accident with injuries. According to a witness, the man’s vehicle flipped eight times after he jerked the vehicle back on the roadway and lost control.

•dispute on Jim David Rd. where a woman said her juvenile son was attacked in the woods by another juvenile. The complainant’s son was reportedly punched several times in the head from behind. The incident was recorded by witnesses on their phones. The responding deputy viewed the footage and concluded both juveniles entered the woods intending to fight and the complainant’s son “got whooped.”

•suspicious activity on Kesler Rd. where a man, who said is camper was broken into earlier in the week, reported hearing noises outside his residence.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in North Jackson:

•damage to property on Hwy. 129 in Talmo where a woman said a rock came off a truck driving in the opposite direction and struck her vehicle, damaging the windshield.

•theft by taking on Primrose Ln. in Pendergrass where a man said a ladder and two extension chords were missing from his property.

•suspicious activity on Emily Forest in Pendergrass where a man said juveniles have been driving dirt bikes through his yard.

•agency assist on Wayne Poultry Rd. and Old State Rd. where a deputy responded to the scene of a hit-and-run.

•theft by taking on Holly Springs Rd. where a woman said a man stole a desk and multiple water heater fittings from her residence.

•dispute on Valley Way and Branch Dr. in Pendergrass where a woman said she is being harassed by her neighbor, who reportedly yelled profanities at her while she walked her dog. She said her husband previously had a dispute with the neighbor.

•terroristic threats and acts on Pond Fork Church Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman said a married couple was en route to “beat up” her and her grandson. The source of the friction was relationship the grandson was having with one of the couple’s daughters, according to the woman.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in South Jackson:

•simple battery on Bob Holman Rd. in Athens where a woman said her boyfriend struck her in the face, accusing her of cheating on him after she spent too long shopping at a grocery store. She said her boyfriend also hit her earlier in the day but did not call 911.

•suspicious activity on Bear Cub Way in Bogart where a woman said the driver of an SUV stopped the vehicle in the roadway and began to follow her.

•simple battery on Archer Grove School Rd. in Athens where a woman said an argument with her ex over their child turned physical. She said her ex tried to choke her, held her against the wall and slapped her in the face.

•dispute on Commerce Rd. in Athens a woman said her neighbor threatened to shoot her dogs after her dogs went into the neighbor’s yard. The woman said the two “got into a cuss fight after that.”

•unlawful activities on Old Hwy. 441 where a mattress and four pillows were dumped on a person’s property without their permission. The complainant said this is the third time in 12 months this has happened. He said he suspects the landlords of another residence dump the belongings of ex-tenants on his property.

•dispute on Bob Holman Rd. in Athens where a mother reported that her children “were fighting and wouldn’t listen to her.” She asked the responding deputy to force the children to give their phones to her. The deputy told the woman he couldn’t enforce the rules of her house but talked with the children and suggested they listen to their mother.

•animal complaint on Cedar Grove Church Rd. in Winder where a woman reported an ongoing issue with her neighbor’s dog running loose. She said the dog had previously killed one of her goats.

•dispute on J.T. Elrod Rd. in Athens where a woman who was reportedly detoxing from meth and destroying items in a residence. The woman was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center for withdrawal treatment.

•suspicious activity on Archer Grove Rd. In Athens where a person was reported walking in a field outside of the complainant’s residence.

•terroristic threats and acts on J.T. Elrod Rd. in Athens where multiple people were threatened at a residence by a woman. According to the incident report, the woman told two people staying at the residence that if she didn’t receive her XBOX, television and vacuum cleaner, she would burn the house down. The owner of the home was told that the woman was planning to hire someone to rob him and “beat him in the back of the head with a bat.”

•stalking on Marie Ct. in Athens where a woman said her ex-fiancé has contacted her, threatening to burn her possessions. She said he has also created a fake Facebook profile to stalk her. The man is not allowed to contact her due to conditions of his bond, according to the woman.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in West Jackson:

•terroristic threats and aggravated assault on Ward Rd. where a man allegedly pulled a gun on another after he heard the man was taking about him. The complainant said he and his mother been discussing the alleged suspect leaving a mess in the residence when he walked in the room and saw that they were talking about him. The suspect reportedly retrieved a firearm, pulled back on the slide to place a round in the chamber, then pointed it at the side of the victim's head. With the gun still pointed at the man's head, the suspect asked if "there were any problems between them" and said he was going to kill him. The complainant said he replied to the man, "if he was going to shoot, then to shoot him." The suspect then left the scene. A K-9 unit was called, but the suspect wasn't found. Authorities did find a holster in the area.

•theft by taking on Bill Watkins Rd. where someone stole a trailer.

•information on Stone View Dr. where someone found a syringe in the yard.

•agency assist on Hwy. 332 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck with injuries.

•suspicious activity on Doe Ct. where someone reported seeing a vehicle parked in a cul-de-sac and one of the occupants was holding was appeared to be a sound level device out of the window.

•aggravated stalking on Grand Brighton View where a man was seen at a woman's residence, violating a temporary protection order.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported her son and his girlfriend were in an altercation. She said the girlfriend hit her son, then they both got out of the vehicle, which was in neutral and rolled down the driveway into the tree line. The couple left and the woman couldn't get in touch with them.

•damage to property on Bradmore Court where someone spray-painted male genitalia on a graduation sign.

•theft by taking on Cedar Rock Rd. where a man reported a tag was missing from a motorcycle.

•suspicious activity on Rebecca St. where a man in a truck asked children where a man lived in the neighborhood. The complainant found the man's aggressive nature odd, along with the fact that he was talking to the children.

•dispute on Country Ridge Dr. where a couple argued over one of them not doing anything around the house. The argument was verbal only and they separated for the evening.

•suspicious activity on Skelton Rd. where a man heard noises coming from downstairs.

•forgery on Antrim Glen Rd. where a man said someone wrote a check from his account.

•information on Davenport Rd. where a woman argued with a woman who she'd let stay in a camper at her residence. The argument started because the tenant had brought a dog to the camper and the complainant had allergies. The tenant reportedly called the woman a "dumba**" and asked "do you want me to show you what bipolar is?" Officers ultimately told them both that the woman couldn't live in the camper due to local ordinances.

•information on Bill Watkins Rd. where a woman reported a man knocked on her door, asking for directions. She feared the man was scoping out the residence or planned to break-in.

•battery and criminal trespass on Duck Rd. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend came to her house and used her keys to get inside. He reportedly grabbed her phone and shouted at her and told her he would "beat the f**k" out of her. He also reportedly kicked and punched a dog. The man allegedly damaged a door and threw the woman to the ground when she tried to get her phone back. He left the scene before officers arrived and they weren't able to make contact with him at his residence.

•simple assault on Davey Circle where a woman said her husband locked her outside of her residence while her baby was inside. She also said the man had acted like he was going to hit her with a bottle after she poured vodka down the drain. The man denied that, and said he was upset about the vodka so he told her he flushed her pot down the toilet and the argument escalated.

•unruly juvenile on Durham Dr. where a juvenile ran away after a family member confronted him about drug issues. Officers found the juvenile, who was then reunited with family.


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