A man who made an alleged threat and attempted to leave the scene was tased and handcuffed by Jefferson police but transported to the hospital due to high blood pressure instead of begin arrested.

The man, however, faces charges of terroristic threats and acts and obstruction charges at a later date.

The incident occurred on Pine St. in Jefferson on June 7 when officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute involving a knife. When they arrived on scene, officers were told a highly-intoxicated man was causing a disturbance at the residence. The knife had already been taken from him.

When police told the man he was free to leave, he asked to retrieve his phone. Since the knife was still inside the residence, an officer asked a woman at the scene to bring the phone to him. The man became “visibly upset” at this, saying it was unlawful for her to get his phone. When the officer responded that it was legal, the man “continued to tell me that we are killing black folks,” according to the officer in the incident report.

After the man was asked to leave, he said, “I’ll make them pop yo a--,” according the report, as he walked away. At that point, officers informed him that he would be arrested.

The man was told to stop before he was tased, but he turned and walked off. According to the report, the man was then asked to get to the ground, but did not comply. He was then tased and handcuffed. Emergency medical services were called to assess the man. Medical personnel suggested the he be transported to the hospital due to his blood pressure being extremely high.

Other incidents reported to the Jefferson Police Department were:

•theft by taking on Kissam St. where a woman reported that an Amazon package laying outside her back door was stolen. She said the package contained a metal plate, fragrances, nose rings and three psychology books.

•battery and cruelty to children on Springbrook Ct. where a woman said her boyfriend pushed her off the bed and punched her back, ribs, head and face. Red marks on both sides of the woman’s neck were noted in the incident report. The woman’s 13-year-old daughter was also present at the scene. The woman’s grandmother said more than 15 altercations have occurred between the man and woman over the years. The woman was given the number to call to arrange for a temporary protective order. Warrants have been issued for the man’s arrest for battery and cruelty to children.

•information on Jefferson Walk Cir. where a man said his wife threatened to punch him, which the woman denied.

•hit-and-run on Damon Cause Bypass and Holder Siding Rd. where a woman said a motorist entered her lane, sideswiped her vehicle and continued on northbound on the bypass.

•information where a woman said her grandmother is expecting a stimulus check and suspects that her cousin’s ex-husband is going through the mailbox in an attempt to steal it.

•theft by taking on Athens St. where a store workers said several items placed in boxes for Goodwill were stolen.

•information on George Bush Ln. where a truck driver for a sod company reportedly ran over a stop sign.

•financial identity fraud on Isaiah Dr. where a man said he allowed someone posing as an employee of his computer security company to have remote assess to his computer. He said he hung up with the man after becoming suspicious of the interaction. He then received a voice message from the person saying his bank accounts would be frozen if he did not answer his calls.

•theft by taking on Sumner Way where medication was stolen from a senior care facility.


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