A man being served a subpoena told a Jackson County deputy, “You almost got shot,” according an incident report.

The incident occurred recently on Hawks Ct. The deputy asked the man what he meant, and the man responded, “I don’t know, but I’m just saying.” The deputy told the man, “That wouldn’t be a smart decision.”

The deputy then told the man that another deputy would come to the residence later to serve a woman at the residence with a subpoena. The man responded by saying, “If it isn’t you, they will be shot.”

Asked again to clarify his comments, the man said he was “just playing” and that “I ain’t gonna hurt anyone.”


An accidental shooting was recently reported on Oak Grove Rd. in southern Jackson County where a man shot himself in the stomach.

The man’s aunt said she was watching TV and heard a thump sound, followed by the man crying out that he’d shot himself. She said she ran to the den area of the house and found the man holding the left side of his stomach with blood visible.

The responding deputy later contacted the man's aunt about the man's condition but was told he was still in surgery.


A man recently died following a single-vehicle wreck in West Jackson.

The JCSO was called for the wreck with injuries and possible ejection June 16 on Hwy. 124.

When officers arrived, they saw two males sitting on the side of the road. A third man, Jharion Syone Spencer, 20, of Covington, was lying in a ditch.

EMS and Fire crews were performing CPR on Spencer, who had been ejected from the vehicle. He was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

A passenger was also transported for lacerations on his head and neck. A juvenile passenger didn't want to be transported and was picked up by a family member.

The two passengers were wearing seatbelts, but Spencer wasn't. They said Spencer had tried to avoid a collision with a trash can and lost control of the vehicle.

The Georgia State Patrol was called to work the accident. Driver impairment is suspected, according to the GSP.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•information on Hwy. 82 where a man with demential was reported missing from Lamar Murphy Park and later located sitting on the shoulder of Hwy. 82 near Plainview Rd. The man did not appear to need medical attention, according to the incident report.

•suspicious activity on Apple Valley Rd. where a man told a deputy where drugs could be found in a hotel in Banks County. He also said he had information about methamphetamine being trafficked at a local business for years. He offered to ride along with a deputy and provide information about drug activity around the county.

•suspicious activity on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where the complainant said a man he didn’t know checked his front doorknob, knocked on his door and looked into his windows before leaving.

•animal complaint on Apple Valley Rd. where a man said he is afraid his neighbor’s dog will harm his grandchildren. He said the dog has not yet been aggressive but is usually not on a leash.

•theft by taking on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where two employees at Tanger Outlets said men who appeared to be dressed in women’s clothing recently stole merchandize from a business. One employee said she saw, via security footage, what she believed to be two males dressed as females putting items into shopping bags. Both suspects had deep voices, according to another employee, who also believed them to be males. She said store’s theft-detection sensors went off when the two initially entered the store but since this occurs often, they were told to enter the store, according to the incident report. Whether or not the men dressed as women in an effort to disguise their identity was unknown, according to the report. An estimated $535 worth of merchandize was reportedly stolen.

•theft by taking on Groaning Rock Rd. where a man said several tools and two air compressors were missing from two of his cars that were towed to a car sales lot in Commerce during a writ of possession.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Old Harden Orchard Rd. where a man was found lying in his camper not breathing and cold to the touch. Emergency medical services determined the man to be deceased before a deputy arrived.

•simple assault on Waterworks Rd. where a dispute with a juvenile reportedly turned physical after a woman told the juvenile her boyfriend was not allowed at the residence. The boyfriend has a criminal trespass order against him. When the woman attempted to call 911, the juvenile reportedly struck the woman three times with closed fists on her arms.

•recovered stolen property on Waterworks Rd. where a truck was left in a driveway on Waterworks Rd. A deputy determined the vehicle to be stolen out of Jackson County. A man’s wallet and ID were found in truck, but he was not found in the area.

•information on Potters House Rd. where a man said he and a woman exposed themselves to each other during a video chat and the woman later tried to blackmail him. He said he was told to send $50,000 to an African organization or she would release the video of him exposing himself. He also said the woman told him he would be charged by law enforcement if he did not send the money.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Apple Valley Rd. where a man was discovered laying face down in his living room and cold to the touch.

•theft by taking on Groaning Rock Rd. where a school Chromebook was reportedly stolen after a family was evicted from their home and their items where placed outside the residence.

•theft by shoplifting on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where an employee said five pairs of sunglasses valued at $1,852 were missing from an area where three people were shopping. She said she later reviewed video footage that revealed that two of the people took sunglasses.

•suspicious activity where a deputy responded to East Jackson Elementary School for activity “that was possibly about to become sexual in nature,” according to the incident report. The deputy found two males in the rear seat of a vehicle. Both said they “were not up to anything.” The deputy said the two were not engaged in sexual activity and both had clothes on. They were told to leave the property.

•dispute on Pine Cone Trail where a woman reported an argument between a couple after hearing loud noises coming from their residence. Both people said no altercation occurred.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•dispute on Hog Mountain Rd. where a woman said her daughter became upset when the woman wouldn’t allow her to drive her car to the store.

•animal complaint on Shoreline Dr. where a woman said she was attacked by three to four dogs while delivering food. The woman was bitten but said the owner refused to quarantine the dog for rabies.

•criminal trespass on Hogans Mill Rd. where a man said someone entered his storage shed. He said the lock was removed but nothing was taken.

•theft by taking on Old Winder Hwy. where a trailer was reported stolen.

•suspicious activity on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a woman said her daughter is dating a man with gang affiliations and was worried about her safety. She told a deputy she saw photos that might indicate that her daughter would be “put in a ditch,” according to the incident report. The woman said there have been past issues between her daughter and her boyfriend. The woman’s daughter called her while the deputy was on-site and was reportedly not in danger.

•information where an anonymous male caller contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to notify authorities that a car traveling from Jackson County to Habersham County would be carrying four or five kilos of cocaine to deliver to an unknown address. The information was passed on to a narcotics officer.

•suspicious activity on Wilhite Rd. where a man said he suspected drug activity at a residence on the road. The man said he had even seen money dropped off inside a vehicle on the property.

•suspicious activity on Oliver Cir. where a man was found unconscious, draped over a bathtub. The man became responsive as as emergency medical services transported him. The man reportedly had been taking medication to treat Crohn’s Disease.

•dispute on Hunters Run where a man said his wife punched him behind the left ear a few days earlier and then later grabbed a kitchen knife and told him to stab her with it. The man said in the two to three days following the incident he had blood and other drainage from his left ear as well as hearing loss. The man wants to press charges for the incident.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 82 at County Farm Rd. where the front right tire valve stem and a three-point adjustable bar had been stolen from a Georgia Department of Transportation tractor.

•criminal trespass at Galilee Church Rd. where a man said he thought his daughter’s boyfriend damaged his door frame.

•burglary on Brockton Rd. where a woman said someone entered her camper and stole a box containing tools, paper plates, silverware and a fire extinguisher.

•disturbance on James Madison Ct. where a man reported that his neighbors were shooting guns.

•theft by taking on Creek Nation Road where an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) was stolen and two men followed the suspect. Deputies arrived at the scene and entered a wooded area where the suspect had abandoned the ATV. A K9 until was called in to search for the suspect, which led deputies to an Athens Hwy. trailer. A man at the residence said his friends used four-wheeler trails in the area but did not give deputies his friends’ names. Deputies were also refused permission to search the residence.

•entering automobile on Gum Springs Rd. where a man said his LCD back-up monitor and $15 worth of quarters were no longer inside his vehicle.

•information on Courtland Rd. where gunshots were reported at a neighboring residence. A deputy contacted the neighbor, who said he was firing a pistol. The neighbor showed the deputy the area where he’d been shooting, and the deputy determined the conditions safe.

•battery on Underwood Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend stepped on her hand and slammed her head against a door during an argument. The woman said she then ran and got inside the man’s vehicle, but he pulled her out and threw her to the ground. The woman refused medical treatment.

•cruelty to children on Jefferson River Rd. where a juvenile came to the sheriff’s office to report that her mother “beat on her” and hit her on the left thigh. The juvenile said she went to the hospital by herself and then walked to the sheriff’s office from her home on Jefferson River Rd. Both the juvenile’s mother and grandmother arrived at the sheriff’s office while she was talking to a deputy.

•agency assist on Lewis Roberts Rd. at Jackson Trail Rd. where a two-car accident resulted in two people being transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville for injuries.

•agency assist on Dry Pond Rd. where four people reportedly had a verbal altercation in the parking lot of a gas station following a two-vehicle accident.

•identity fraud on Lavender Rd. where a woman said some took her deceased husband’s information and filed for pandemic unemployment insurance through the state of Massachusetts. She also said someone used the information to apply for unemployment in Georgia.

•information on Lyle Field Rd. where a man said he found two Venezuelan passports and a Venezuelan drivers’ license near the side of the road.

•dispute on Holiday Cemetery Rd. where a man said his sister locked him out of the house. The man’s sister said he came home intoxicated and began arguing with her. The woman again called deputies out the to residence that night, saying her brother “was acting a fool again.”

•dispute on Hunter Rd. where a woman said a man took $8 of hers that fell onto the ground.

•suspicious activity on Dry Pond Rd. where a woman said a man who claimed to work for a junk removal service after had been to another residence claiming to work for a security company.

•hit-and-run on Dry Pond Rd. where a U-haul truck reportedly struck the left side of a vehicle causing minor damage and knocking the glass out of the driver side mirror. The truck kept traveling while the complaint stopped and called 911. He asked to be evaluated by a medical unit for back pain.

•dispute on Brockton Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend held her down on a bed by her wrists and later threatened to hit her during an argument. The altercation reportedly began when the woman yelled at her dogs and the man thought she was yelling at him.

•suspicious activity on Hog Mountain Rd. where a woman said she thought her ex-boyfriend was stalking her. A deputy talked to the occupants of an SUV parked directly across the street from the woman’s residence and determined they were on a work break, smoking cigarettes.

•agency assist on Winder Hwy. where a deputy was approached by a woman who said she was assaulted. The deputy asked dispatch to notify Jefferson police.

•information on Raven Ridge where a woman requested a patrol of the area due to someone knocking on her door.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•information on Slater Rd. where a man had a seizure but was not transported to the hospital.

•information on Jackson Woods Trail where speeding motorcycles were reported in the area.

•information on Old Miller Rd. where truck was reported speeding in area.

•suspicious activity on Lyle Rd. where a man said someone driving a truck drove into his driveway and performed a U-turn. Shortly after, the man reported seeing flashlights in a pasture across the street and hearing gun fire. A deputy talked to a man in the pasture who said he had permission to shoot coyotes.

•entering automobile and theft by taking on Hurricane Shoals Rd. where someone reportedly entered a woman’s vehicle and stole her purse.

•animal complaint where a man said a dog from a neighboring residence bit him on his left calf. The man’s injury did not require medical attention.

•suspicious activity on Pinetree Cir. where a woman said saw two males around her vehicle at her residence, one of which was lying on the ground. The woman told the males that she would call the police if they didn’t leave and both ran away. The vehicle did not appear to have been tampered with, according to the incident report.

•terroristic threats and theft by receiving stolen property on Hillside Way where a juvenile reportedly threatened to shoot a woman during an argument. According to the incident report, the juvenile had recently threatened to shoot up a residence on Jackson Woods Rd. The woman also said the juvenile had been driving around in a stolen truck. A deputy went to another residence to locate the juvenile, who was eventually found in an outside building. The juvenile resisted but was eventually handcuffed.

•harassing communications on Hwy. 82 Spur where a woman said a renter has threatened her with texts which reference having a gun and shooting at targets.

•suspicious activity on Unity Church Rd. where a vehicle with no tag was sitting in a church parking lot. The center console of the car had been taken a part and the radio was missing.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•theft by shoplifting where an employee said she believes a woman took items from a store in her purse before leaving. The employee said she confronted the woman and retrieved two items but believes more merchandize was in the purse.

•suspicious activity on Cabin Creek Rd. where someone was reportedly yelling in the area.

•damage to property on Dogwood Rd. where a vehicle was found after it appeared to have turned over several times. The owner of the vehicle told the JCSO he did not know his vehicle had been wrecked. The man said he’d left the vehicle on the side of the road when it ran out of gas and discovered it gone when he returned for it.

•burglary on Ivy Creek Dr. where the complainant said a woman forced her way through her front door and attempted to steal a baby rocker and baby bouncer. The complainant said she picked up a baseball bat and told the woman the leave the residence. She declined to press charges.

•juvenile issue on Brockton Rd. where a deputy was asked by a caller to tell a group of juveniles “to watch their mouths” after reports of foul-language use. The deputy found no “cursing juveniles,” according to the incident report.

•information on Hawks Ct. where a woman said she overheard neighbors talking about burglarizing an unoccupied residence on the street.

•agency assist on Hunters Ridge Rd. where a deputy responded with the Jackson County Fire Department to an illegal burning of plastic and garbage.

•dispute on Old Commerce Ext. where a man said his mother brought drugs to his house. The woman was not at the residence when a deputy arrived.

•information on Staplers Bridge Rd. where a sexting incident between a 14-year-old female and a 16-year-old male on SnapChat was reported.

•agency assist on Cabin Creek Rd. where a deputy responded to a two-vehicle accident, during which one of the vehicles overturned and one person was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 334 where gunshots were reported in the area.

•driving without a license on Hwy. 441 where a man did not have the correct license to operate a motorcycle. He was cited for the infraction and issued a warning for speeding.

•suicide threats on Old Kings Bridge Rd. where a man said he consumed over 20 non-prescription pills to “get back at his mother for being mean to him,” according to the incident report. The man, however, said he didn’t want to die. He was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in North Jackson were:

•information on Pocket Rd. where a woman reported that her husband was not responding but breathing. The woman said both had been drinking and was worried about her husband because he takes multiple medications. Emergency medical services checked the man’s vitals, but he refused to go to the hospital.

•suspicious activity on Lipscomb Lake Rd. where a man reported a drone flying over his residence and said “he wanted to shoot it out of the sky.” The man was told by a deputy that he couldn’t shoot the drone unless in was endangering his safety.

•theft by taking on Wayne Poultry Rd. where a man said he returned home after several days out of town to find his homemade yard trailer missing.

•suspicious activity where a woman said she returned home and found the front door to her residence was opened. A deputy checked the residence, and the woman said nothing appeared missing.

•information on Kimberly Ln. where a woman said a juvenile with mental deficiencies became upset, knocked things over in her residence and then hit her in the face.

•theft on Hwy. 60 where a woman said her daughter lost a pair of ear pods and pinged their location to a Sweetwater Ridge address. The people at that residence denied having the ear pods.

•missing juvenile located on Wayne Poultry Rd. where a child, who left a residence several hours earlier, was located at a friend’s house at a neighboring address.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in South Jackson were:

•death investigation (non-murder) on Reynolds Rd. where the body of a woman was found a residence. The woman reportedly hadn’t been seen in a week and the body had reportedly been in the residence “for some time,” according to the incident report.

•information where a man was pulled over for his vehicle “being all over the roadway” but passed a field sobriety test. The man admitted to talking on his phone and entering the wrong lane of traffic, for which he received a verbal warning.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 441 South where an 18-wheeler trailer was reported stolen.

•burglary on Jefferson Rd. where a man said his utility shed was burglarized. Items taken included a chainsaw, weed eater and two sawzalls. The man said his property was also burglarized in March of 2019.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. where a man said a bike he was selling was reported stolen at the J&J Flea Market. He said he saw a male take the bike and place it in the bed of a truck.

•suicide threats on Bob Wages Rd. where a juvenile said he’s been suffering from depression and that he thinkings about hurting himself. He said he has cut himself in the past. The juvenile’s grandmother said he threatened to shoot himself in the head when she told him he couldn’t go to a friend’s house. The juvenile’s father said this is an on-going issue. The juvenile was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center for an evaluation.

•welfare check on Commerce Rd. Ext. where a woman said her adult son had not been taking his psychiatric medications and told her to leave their residence “or else.” The woman’s son said he told her to leave so he could “cool down.” The man did not appear to be suffering from a mental health event, according to the incident report.

•agency assist on Hwy. 330 where a deputy joined Athens-Clarke County police in an investigation of an accidental gunshot wound. The JCSO deputy determined that the man who shot himself was a convicted felon. The deputy then went to a residence where the shooting possibly occurred but found no evidence.

•information on Hwy. 330 where a woman reported an illegally-parked vehicle on her property. A deputy responded and found no vehicle. The woman’s son said she sometimes “sees things” that are not there.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•suspicious activity on I-85 where a man pulled over on a motorcycle and was walking in the median. He said he lost his wallet in the area. The man also hadn't yet gotten the motorcycle registered, so it was towed.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a man said his girlfriend yelled at him for taking the car. The man's mother also spoke to officers and said she no longer wants the girlfriend to come around.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where officers assisted med units with a man who was having a medical episode, possibly a seizure.

•dispute on Reece Dr. where a woman reported her husband wouldn't stop yelling at her and her father. The man said the woman has a mental disorder and drinks excessively, causing issues with the family. The woman left for the night.

•alarm on Hwy. 53 where officers responded to a residential alarm. They saw a pizza delivery vehicle leaving the area and made contact with the driver, who said he went to the wrong address. The homeowner said she heard someone trying to open the door, but said it may have been fireworks. She said the pizza delivery employee had nothing to do with this.

•dispute on Duck Rd. where a woman said she and a man got into an argument because the man wouldn't stop taking pills. She asked officers to stand by while she retrieved her belongings.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where a church leader reported a man was loitering. The man is homeless and had stopped for shade and to rest.

•suspicious activity on McNeal Rd. where officers saw a vehicle traveling in area subdivisions. The driver ultimately parked the vehicle and got out to walk on foot. Officers weren't able to find the driver and some witnesses said the man left in another vehicle.

•dispute on Tapp Wood Rd. where a man reported his estranged wife's boyfriend told him to stay away from the woman. The man reportedly told the husband he would "come to his house and talk about things" if he didn't leave the woman alone.

•criminal trespass on Freedom Pkwy. where a door was damaged and a drill was found at a business. Nothing appeared to be missing.

•dispute on Hwy. 124 where someone reported a man and woman were arguing and it appeared the man was trying to keep the woman from leaving. The estranged couple was arguing because the woman was seeing someone else. He also reportedly got upset over custody of their daughter.

•suicide threats on Briarwood Ct. where a teenager had thoughts about harming himself and was taken to the hospital by his girlfriend.

•suspicious activity on Serenity Ct. where a man reported someone banged on his front door, but no one was found in the area.

•welfare check on Deer Creek Tr. where officers checked on a man who was OK.

•aggravated stalking on Creekside Dr. where a woman reported a man was near her residence, but he wasn't suppose to be due to bond conditions. He reportedly attempted to open the front door of the residence then walked away and left the scene. The woman had texted the man and made plans to eat out at a restaurant. Officers advised the man not to return to the residence.

•suspicious activity on Leyland Way where a man reported someone threw a firework at his house.

•identity fraud on Becca Dr. where a woman received notifications about a loan that she did not have.

•agency assist on West Jefferson St. where officers assisted the West Jackson Fire Department with a structure fire. The structure contained a bed and clothing, but no one was inside. It appeared someone set the structure on fire and two people listed a suspect.

•dispute on Bulldog Ct. where a man argued with family members and his adult stepdaughter allegedly tried to push him down the stairs and there "was some pushing back and forth." He said she also threw shoes at him, hit him several times and that a lamp was broken. The stepdaughter said she was just protecting her kids. Both confirmed the incident was physical and both had marks on them. Officers weren't able to determine who the primary aggressor was.

•dispute on Olde Wick Trail where a father and son argued and screamed at each other.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck.

•dispute on Brighton Park Cir. where a couple argued verbally after a temporary protection order was cancelled.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 124 where someone took a trailer.

•civil matter on Hwy. 124 where a couple had a custody dispute.

•dispute on Skelton Rd. where a mother and son argued and the mother pushed and held the son to keep him from leaving with his father. The Department of Family and Children services was contacted and the couple's children went with the father for the night.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a couple argued and a woman punched a hole in a wall.


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