A Jefferson man was reportedly pepper-sprayed on his own property after returning to his residence last week.

The man said he arrived at his house on Peach Hill Dr. and “heard someone at his building,” according to the incident report. He asked who was in the building and said a woman who lives at the residence emerged and pepper sprayed him.

The woman was no longer at the home when an officer responded to the scene. The man said the woman had been “acting strangely recently,” according to the report.

Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson Police Department were:

•information on Washington St. where a man was reportedly causing a disturbance while looking for his wife and children.

•information on Airport Rd. where a business owner reported fraudulent activity related to the purchase of cutting machines. The money sent for the purchase — $121,108 — far exceeded the quoted amount of $9,020. The buyer said the large sum was sent accidentally and requested that the money be sent back to another account. Suspicious of this, the business owner contacted his bank and learned that the money was wired from the account of a Pennsylvania company. The business owner contacted that company, which said the $121,108 had been stolen from their account.

•information on Danielsville St. where a woman said two people in a van stopped in the roadway to take photographs of her and her granddaughter.

•information on Cobb St. where a man has reportedly been using the name of a business to sell furniture and appliances on Facebook and Let Go. The business owner has notified Facebook of this person’s account.

•theft by shoplifting on Washington St. where a man reportedly stole a wall phone charger, a dual USB car phone charger and a flashlight cable charger.

•information on Railroad St. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend is harassing her with calls and text messages. She said she received over 300 texts from him during a 6.5-hour period. The woman said her ex-boyfriend’s calls and texts include threats to harm himself and her mother. The man’s father was contacted by police. He said his son has been admitted to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.


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