A Winder man, shopping at the Pendergrass Flea Market with his daughter, reported to a Jefferson Police Department officer that he saw a man urinating in some type of container in a corner of the store he was in.

He told the officer his daughter looked over and pointed at the man. He said his daughter “saw the man’s penis.”

The complainant identified the man to the officer and the man told the officer he was on medication that makes him urinate frequently. He said he had several customers in the store and couldn’t leave and he didn’t feel he could make it to the restroom, so he grabbed a container and went to the corner of the store that was “somewhat behind several objects and also a tarp.”

He said he tried to tell the complainant what he was doing when he walked into the store.


Other incidents recently reported to the JPD were:

•suspicious person at a Dixie Red Ave., Jefferson, residence, where a woman reported her landlord drove by her residence and took a picture of her.

•harassment at a Cypress Dr., Jefferson, residence, where a man reported his girlfriend’s ex-husband drove by his home and yelled out the car window that the complainant was a “pedophile” while his neighbors were outside.

•theft by taking at a Siding Ln., Jefferson, residence, where a man reported he had a video showing a woman come on his front porch and take a “Welcome” sign.

•wanted person located at a Danielsville St., Jefferson, residence, where a woman reported her ex-boyfriend had hit her.

•wanted person located at McDonald’s, Hwy. 129, Jefferson, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•damage to property on Sycamore St. at Danielsville St., Jefferson, where a contractor reported someone had wrote in green spray paint on the bottom of the bridge. The footbridge and the memorial plaque were also painted.

•theft by taking at the Chevron Station on Athens St., Jefferson, where a man reported the theft of his cell phone.

•wanted person located at Kubota, McClure Industrial Dr., Jefferson.

•vehicle theft at Amazon, Hog Mountain Rd., Jefferson, where a woman reported when she came out from work her car was missing from the parking lot.

•theft at Family Dollar, Washington St., Jefferson, where a store employee reported the security scanners alarmed the employees of a possible theft when a female walked out of the store.

•financial transaction card fraud at a Helene Way, Jefferson, residence, where a man reported someone had fraudulently used his Navy Federal Credit Union card to purchase a $540 vacuum cleaner.

•dispute at a Laurel Oaks Ln., Jefferson, residence, where a woman reported her ex-husband had abused their kids while they were at his residence in another county.

•domestic dispute at a Fieldstone Cir., Jefferson, residence, between a man and his step-daughter and her husband.

•hit and run; failure to stop and render aid on Shoreline Ct., Jefferson, where a man reported a stone structure had been struck by the driver of an Amazon delivery van.

•wanted person located at the Chevron Station, Athens St., Jefferson.

•vehicle taken from the parking lot at Quik Trip, Hwy. 129 North, Jefferson, where a Ford Explorer was taken.


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