The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office fielded over 30 complaints recently referencing explosions in Jefferson which were later revealed to be a man shooting Tannerite, a brand of combustible targets.

A deputy who responded to the incident on Johnson Mill Rd. talked to a woman who heard a noise that “sounded like bombs going off” at a residence on the road.

The woman said she tried going to the residence to contact the homeowner about the explosions but was told to leave the property.

The deputy met with the homeowner, who said he’d been shooting Tannerite, which explodes when struck by a fast-traveling bullet. The man was notified of the high volume of complaints the JCSO had received regarding explosions and said he would quit.

He also apologized for “wasting the deputies’ time.”

The explosions caused enough of a stir that Jackson County sheriff Janis Mangum addressed the incident in a Facebook post.

“The loud explosion (May 2) was Tannerite being shot off,” Mangum wrote. “I really hate when this happens because it scares the bejeebies out of everyone and rightly so."

In the post, Mangum also explained that, "Tannerite is legal to possess and shoot and does not violate any existing laws that I can find.”


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