A man told the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office last week that his ex-girlfriend threatened to hire someone to kill him before a child custody hearing.

According to the incident report, the man said he was tipped off by the woman’s sister, who referred to text-messages exchanges between her and the man’s ex-girlfriend. The woman turned those text messages over to law enforcement in Hart County, where she is incarcerated.

The man said he was told the sister’s ex-boyfriend was going to carry out the killing. He contacted Hart County authorities about the threats but was told to first file a report in Jackson County where he lives.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce:

•dispute on Wilbanks Rd. where a man reportedly spilled some of his drink on his his ex-girlfriend. The woman said she asked the man to leave and then called law enforcement when he refused to do so. The man, who had an outstanding warrant, left after she made the call.

•dispute on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where a man got a knife after being upset about not being taken to Dairy Queen. The responding deputy noted in the incident report prior encounters with the man, whom he said “has an altered state of mind.” When located, the man said he felt like hurting himself. The man was taken to Piedmont Athens Regional by another person at his residence.

•unruly juvenile on Waterworks Rd. where the juvenile reportedly fled a residence after an argument with her cousin. The juvenile had not been located at the time the incident report was filed.

•dispute on Fred Loggins Rd. where a man and his wife had reportedly been drinking all day and got into an argument.

•information on South Broad St. where a man, reported missing from a Blacks Creek Church Rd. residence, was located.

•dispute on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where a woman said the driver of a vehicle parked next to her accused her daughter of scratching her automobile.

•theft by shoplifting on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where 30 t-shirts, totaling between $800-$900, were stolen from a table at a store.

•agency assist on Hwy. 441 where a deputy responded to an accident with injuries. The deputy assisted in removing a female trapped inside a truck. The woman was transported to the hospital.

•theft by shoplifting on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where a store employee reported that 37 items worth a total of $700 where stolen. The employee said that one person staged the items in a lower display of the store while another person began loading the items.

•agency assist on White Hill School Rd. where a woman was transported to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

•dispute on Old Hoods Mill Rd. where a vehicle “came flying up a driveway” with a woman yelling for someone to stop hitting her, according to a complainant.

•dispute on Sandy Creek Rd. where a woman said her brother, whom she lives with, threatened her with a text message that read, “I wouldn’t come back here without ur 911 friends.” The woman said her brother has hit her in the past.

•missing person on Pine Forest Way where a woman said her 19-year-old daughter had been gone from her residence from an unusually long period of time. The woman said her daughter’s phone, glasses and contact lenses were still at the residence. A juvenile at the residence saw the woman’s daughter get into a car with an unknown male driver. The Jackson County Criminal Investigations Department was notified and the woman’s daughter’s information was entered into the Georgia Crime Information Center.

•information on Berea Church Rd. where a woman said a man, known to get on a “bad meth high,” threatened someone with a baseball bat at the residence the previous night. The woman said the man does not live at the address but says he does.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson:

•information on Stan Evans Dr. where a man requested a welfare check at a residence on Hwy. 82 Spur to locate his children. He said his wife is in violation of their divorce decree. The man’s wife, when contacted, said she did not want him to know their location due to a child molestation case being investigated in Banks County. The woman said her husband, whose father has been charged with the molestation, has been trying to harass the children involved in the case. According to the incident report, a Banks County investigator said the man has called the children in the past and accused them of lying. The Jackson County deputy declined to carry out the welfare check and told Jackson County 911 not to release the location information of the man’s wife and children. He told 911 to direct the man to his attorney regarding the divorce violation decree.

•dispute on Windy Hill Rd. where the complainant reportedly got into an argument with a man whom he is evicting from a residence. He said the man spat on him during the dispute, which the man denied.

•suspicious activity on Summit Chase Dr. where a woman said her neighbor was speeding through the neighborhood and nearly struck a 3-year-old child.

•criminal trespass on Cedar Gove Church Rd. where a woman said her neighbors pulled into her driveway and began yelling at her. She said a man then ran from across the street and began yelling, telling her to call law enforcement. The woman said this is an ongoing issue.

•suspicious activity on Jackson Trail Rd. where people have reportedly been dumping their trash into a construction-site dumpster.

•sexual exploitation of children on Windy Hill Rd. where a deputy responded to a complaint regarding a juvenile.

•suspicious activity on Gum Springs Rd. where a woman said someone was banging on her door, sounding as if they were attempting to enter the residence.

•information on Raven Ridge where a man said someone used his financial information and attempted to make two charges, totaling $75, on his account.

•harassing communications when a woman came to the Jackson County’s Sheriff’s Office to report that the father of her children has attempted to contact her. The woman said she is to have no contact with him, based on the conditions of her bond following her recent arrest.

•information on Sawtooth Oak Dr. where a truck was reportedly driving dangerously through a subdivision while children were riding bikes. This is the second time residents in the neighborhood have complained of this truck speeding.

•information on Tyler Way at Tyra Ln. where a deputy responded to complaints of a dirt bike being ridden on the roads of a subdivision.

•dispute on John B. Brooks Rd. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend pushed her and poked her during an argument in an employee parking lot. She said she also received a text from him that she interpreted as threatening. The man denied wanting to harm the woman.

•suspicious activity on South Apple Valley Rd. where a complainant said he saw a man standing in his construction home. He said he asked the man if he needed help, and the man walked away down the driveway. The man and his mother were later located by the responding deputy, who learned that the man suffers from schizophrenia.

•noise complaint on Ivey St. and MLK Dr. where possible gun fire as reported.

•information on Woods Way where a juvenile claimed child abuse, telling a deputy that her mother took her phone, grounded her and threatened to make her break up with her boyfriend. The deputy told the juvenile that didn’t constitute child abuse. The juvenile asked the officer about being emancipated and he said she would have to contact the court system.

•dispute on Dove Ln. where a reported road rage incident led to a man getting out of his truck and yelling at a man who remained in his car. The driver of the truck attempted to open the man’s the car door before eventually spitting on the man and his car, according to the incident report.

•harassing communications on Lester Wood Rd. where a man said a woman threatened to come his residence with a gun if he doesn’t return items that he said he purchased from her.

•animal complaint on Jackson Trail Rd. where two dogs reportedly killed a chicken.

•information on Nathaniel Dr. where a man complained that six people were in his front yard. A deputy didn’t find anyone in the area and reported that the man appeared intoxicated.

•theft by taking on Hammond Way where a water pump water was reported stolen.

•dispute on Lavender Rd. where a woman said she went to retrieve her deceased mother’s stimulus check but her mother’s boyfriend would not give it to her and that it has already been cashed.

•dispute on Ramblers Inn Rd. where a man said his daughter showed up at his home appearing to be under the influence of drugs and started “arguing aggressively” with them.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Maysville:

•animal complaint on Wheeler Cemetery Rd. at Beacon Dr. where a man said a pit-bull-type dog tried to bite him and another cyclist while riding bikes toward Hwy. 98.

•criminal trespass on Hale Rd. where a woman said her husband busted the windshield on her car with her car radio.

•failure to obey a traffic control device on Chandler Cemetery Rd. where a man’s vehicle was stuck on a driveway off a road that was closed. The man was cited for traveling down the closed road.

•burglary on Kellys Way where a man, who was remodeling his grandmother’s home, reported that the residence was broken into and several items were stolen. The items included a fan and several power tools. The stolen items were later located after vehicles identified in security footage led a deputy to the suspects at a residence on Highland Way.

•agency assist on Maysville Rd. where a man said he needed to be taken to the hospital regarding his alcohol abuse. He was transported by emergency medical services.

•theft by taking on Pleasant Acres Dr. where a 12-gauge pump shotgun was reported stolen.

•suspicious activity on Pleasant Acres Dr. where a man said he heard shots from what sounded like a low-powered shotgun coming from the roadway. The man said he saw a dark passenger car at the end of his driveway and a “larger-sized person” wearing a mask.

•suspicious activity on Elliot Smith Rd. where a woman said she heard a man’s voice coming from outside her home.

•theft by taking on Meadowland Dr. where plywood and 2 x 4s were reported stolen.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson:

•criminal trespass and damage property where a man said someone cut a tree on his property without his permission. According to the incident report, a neighbor said that three men in a truck stopped by the residence and cut down the tree.

•welfare check on Lakeview Dr. where a woman said she believed her daughter had been assaulted by her boyfriend. According to the incident report, the responding deputy saw with woman’s daughter with a large gash running from her eyebrow to her forehead. She said she sustained the injury while wake boarding. One of her friends, however, had video of the woman’s daughter hitting her head on the coffee table and said the boyfriend was responsible for the injury.

•dispute on Sawdust Trail where the complainant said a man who had just moved out came by to pick up his things and drew a knife on him. The complainant said he told the man, who had been living in the basement with the complainant’s daughter, that if he drew a knife, “then he better use it.” He said he went after the man, but his daughter got in between them. A woman at the residence told the responding deputy that she had given the man permission to pick up his items and that the complainant started the altercation.

•dispute on Jim David Rd. where a group of people shooting fireworks were reportedly confronted by a neighbor, who complained of the noise and called a man in the group an “a--hole.”

•civil matter on Kesler Rd. where four people said that their neighbor has been stopping her vehicle in a shared driveway and yelling at all hours of the night. They also said the woman has been speeding up and down the driveway.

•theft by taking on Old Commerce Rd. Extension where a woman said her work permit was sent to an old address and the brother of the current occupant of the residence wants $300 in exchange for the work permit. She said they were told the person actually holding the work permit is “someone not to be messed with” and that the resident’s brother was acting as a “go-between.” The woman said she believes is this a possible scam being conducted by those residents.

•criminal trespass on Ivy Creek Dr. where a woman said someone poured beer on a tent on her property and stole a lantern.

•dispute on Jim David Rd. where a woman said she was attempting to photograph neglected puppies to notify animal control when a woman began yelling and cursing at her.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in North Jackson:

•information on Pettijohn Rd. where a man said he received a motorcycle with vehicle identification numbers (VIN) on the plate and on the frame that didn’t match. A search of the VIN on the plate didn’t indicate a stolen vehicle. A search of the VIN on the frame revealed the motorcycle was from Ontario, Canada, but did not provide information for whether it was stolen or not.

•theft of mislaid property on Holly Springs Rd. in Pendergrass where a man said he lost his wallet, which contained $5,300 in cash, at a convenience store. Security footage showed a man picking the wallet up from the floor.

•suspicious activity on Hubert Pittman Rd. where a man reported a drone flying over his residence. He said the drone swept down low to the property and clipped the ear of a horse a juvenile was riding, causing the juvenile to fall off the horse. The complainant said his has been an issue for two months.

•unruly juvenile on Kimberly Ln. in Pendergrass where a woman said her autistic son refused to come inside from the rain and was striking the family’s bus with a broom. The juvenile had also refused to take his medication. He was later taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton for an evaluation.

•dispute on Sosbee Rd. in Talmo where a man said his girlfriend locked him out out of his house. The woman said she was afraid the man would hurt her if she allowed him in the residence. The man had a key to the residence to open the door, but a woman blocked it with furniture.

•harassing communications on Main Street in Talmo where a woman said her ex-boyfriend was posting inappropriate messages to her business Facebook page.

•dispute on Holly Springs Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman said she was being held against her will by her husband of 40 years, who she said was also abusing her and threatening her with a firearm. The responding deputy said he noticed bruises on her face and forehead, which the woman attributed to multiple falls. The woman told the deputy he is bipolar. The woman’s husband denied being in a dispute. The deputy said he found no evidence of assault, but did call EMS about the woman’s bruises since she was unable to maintain her balance.

•transmission of photography or video depicting nudity or sexually explicit content on Smith Bridges St. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend posted sexually-explicit videos and photos of her on the internet without her permission. She said these photos had been posted for a year, but that she has just found out.

•welfare check on Pleasant Hill Dr. in Talmo where two people said they moved out of a residence due to the abuse from another resident to her autistic son. They said they have seen the woman push and hit the child on multiple occasions. One of the complaints showed the responding deputy with a photo of the child with an older bruise. A deputy checked the woman’s residence and reported that the child was playing and “appeared to be happy.” The woman said she has never abused her child. The department of family and child services was notified of the situation.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in South Jackson:

•criminal trespass on Fuller Rd. where a property manager said three people moving out of a residence attempted to take things that did not belong to them.

•agency assist on Jefferson Rd. in Athens where a deputy responded to the scene of an automobile accident where a man drove his vehicle into an outside wall of a residence. Both the man and the passenger in the vehicle showed signs of “heavy intoxication,” according to the incident report.

•animal complaint on Williams Rd. where a woman found a “very large” brown snake in her kitchen drawer. The responding deputy was unable to remove the snake, according to the incident report.

•dispute on Crooked Creek Rd. in Athens where two brothers, one of which had a knife, got into an altercation. According to the incident report, one brother challenged the other to a fight. The other brother did not want to fight, and locked himself in his room, taking a knife with him for protection.

•dispute on Savage Rd. in Bogart where the complainant said a man came on to his property while he was shooting fireworks said “he could kill all of them.” The man denied making the threat, but “seemed unable to focus”, according to the responding deputy in the incident report.

•suspicious activity on Ed Bennett Rd. in Athens were the complainant reported someone walking around his property with a flashlight. The complainant confronted the man and told him to leave, telling him he had a gun at the residence. The man’s mother confronted the complainant after the incident, saying he should not be threatening her son. The complainant said he thought the man possibly had mental disabilities.

•information on Crooked Creek Rd. In Athens where gun shots were reported in the area.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 330 in Athens where a man said his utility trailer was stolen after parking it behind the South Jackson Fire Department.

•suicide threats on Bear Cub Way where a woman called and said her boyfriend had taken several xanax after an argument with his wife in an attempt to kill himself. The man left in a vehicle prior to a deputy arriving. He was not located at the time of the incident report.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton:

•civil matter on Legacy Dr. where a woman's pool was damaged by BB pellets and said her neighbor had been shooting a BB gun. Officers spoke with the neighbor's mother, who said the complainant was just trying to start drama. Officers told her to warn her son about the safety hazard.

•dispute on Brighton Park Dr. where a couple argued and both accused the other of grabbing them by the throat. Both had visible redness on their necks. The husband agreed to leave for the evening.

•suspicious activity on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man said he shot a squirrel in his yard, then sat down in a chair with the gun in his hand, accidentally firing in the process. A bullet went through his other hand.

•suicide threats on Ward Rd. where officers spoke with a woman who had made superficial cuts to her legs. She denied wanting to harm herself or others.

•suspicious activity on Jefferson Ave. where a woman was upset about four-wheelers driving in a field. At one point, she said she wanted officers to do something "or she would." She later said if it happened again, she would "drop him" and that deputies would have to come pick up his body. Officers spoke with the man, who denied going on the woman's property and said he had been driving on the field across from the residence.

•suspicious activity on Winterset Cir. where a man reported someone tossed beer and wine bottles over the fence onto his property.

•theft by taking on West Freeman St. where a man took a for-sale motorcycle on a test ride and didn't return.

•loitering or prowling on West Jackson Rd. where a woman saw someone outside of her window. Other suspicious incidents had also reportedly occurred in the area. A neighbor's daughter said someone tapped on her window and later said that while she was outside playing, a man was in the yard and took off running into the woods. The neighbor had also smelled marijuana coming through air vents, despite none of them smoking the substance.

•suspicious activity on Jackson Trail Rd. where someone reported a vehicle drove up and down a road and stopped multiple times at a church.

•agency assist on Hwy. 332 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a single-vehicle accident. The vehicle sustained heavy damage, but no one was in the vehicle. The driver was contacted and returned to the scene.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a man received a text message from a woman, telling him to leave his girlfriend alone. Neither he nor the girlfriend understood why the woman sent the text and they blocked her number.

•agency assist on Blind Brook Cir. where a woman who had reportedly been drinking all day took 20 sleeping pills. She was taken to the hospital.

•dispute on Reece Dr. where family members argued and ultimately agreed to stay in separate rooms.

•identity fraud on Miracle Ct. where a man said someone opened a Verizon account in his name.


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