A Commerce man reportedly tried to offer advice about his ex to the man she’s dating, and it didn’t go well.

Commerce police responded to Hospital Rd. where the complainant alleged that he received a message from the man stating, “I’m going to kill you,” after an exchange of texts about the woman.

The complainant said he was worried about the man’s well-being and reached out to him with advice about his ex-girlfriend.

The responding officer reported that he man’s phone screen had significant damage and was unable to determine the context of the messages.

The complainant was asked to save the images of the text and email them to the officer, but Commerce police hadn't received the images as of the incident report.  

Other recent incidents reported to Commerce police were:

•theft by taking on Elm Str. where a man requested a police report related to a Nov. 2019 automobile incident. The vehicle, which was being leased, was found five months ago abandoned. When a representative from the leasing company went to retrieve the automobile, it was gone. The vehicle is now no longer under contract and should have been returned by now. The leasing company needs a police report to allow them to activate the low jack tracking system on the vehicle.

•possession of amphetamine and drugs not original container on Ila Rd. where police responded to reports of a man selling pills at a car wash. Police found a bottle of oxycodone pills of with no readable print on the bottle. The man was charged with possession of pills but not arrested on the site. A warrant was later issued for his arrest four days later. Based on a list of prescriptions provided by the man’s lawyer, the pills in the bottle were not prescribed to him, according to the incident report.

•suicide attempt, obstructing law enforcement officers and disorderly conduct on Medical Center Drive where a man, who earlier in the day tried to kill himself with an overdose of Xanax, became irate with the nursing staff at Northridge Hospital. Officers responded to the scene and talked with the man, but he eventually walked off and picked up a knife on the ground. The officers then struggled with the man and eventually handcuffed him. The man was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional for a mental evaluation. He will have charges pending his treatment, according to the incident report.

•damage to property on Baugh St. where a woman said a repossession company damaged a garage door at the residence when employees repossessed a car parked in the garage.

•theft by taking on Willow St. where a trailer was reported stolen.

•harassing communications on Hillcrest Dr. where a man said someone continues to harass him through fictions social media accounts. The man said he attempts to block and report the accounts, but he person creates a new account and continues with the harassment. The social media messages include "hateful things" and mentions of the man’s family, according to the incident report.


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