A man on Groaning Rock Ln. reported to Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies that his neighbor shot both of his dogs and killed one.

The man said he has shock collars for his dogs but believes the batteries may have died. He said he heard gunshots and one of his dogs limped to his home, he found the other dog dead in the neighbor’s yard.

The neighbor complained about the dogs being on his back porch and his landlord instructed him to shoot the dogs. The neighbor claimed the dogs were barking at him. The deputy mentioned in the report that the wounded dog was not aggressive towards him.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•complaints of road rage on I-85. One driver said the other threw an item at his vehicle when he passed them. The other driver claimed the first driver passed him and started brake checking.

•welfare check on a woman on Sandy Creek Rd. An Amazon delivery driver found the woman with two black eyes. The woman confirmed she was assaulted by an ex-girlfriend and the two are now separated.

•complaints of two teens walking through the woods near Wilbanks Rd.

•an employee at a Tanger Outlets store suspected a woman of shoplifting when 26 empty hangers were found in the area the woman occupied before leaving the store.

•approximately $600 worth of items were stolen from the Nike Outlets store. Two cashiers told deputies and their manager of two men leaving the store with a trash bag full of items.

•welfare check on a woman on B. Wilson Rd. The woman’s daughter called for the check after getting off the phone with her intoxicated sister who said she was going to the mother’s residence to pick up clothes. The daughter said the sister has a history of arguing with the mother. No dispute occurred because the sister’s son retrieved the clothing.

•a man on Blacks Creek Church Rd. complained about someone taking his gate off its hinges.

•reports of East Jackson Middle School students having inappropriate images on their cell phones.

•complaints of items stolen from a property on Apple Valley Rd.

•complaints of an East Jackson Comprehensive High School student posting on social media about being in a gang.

•a woman on Huntington Ln. complained about her ex-husband sending nude pictures and pornographic videos to her.

•welfare check on a woman on Roy Howington Rd. who had failed to show up for work for two days. The woman said she had some personal issues but was otherwise OK.


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