A man reportedly was punched during an argument that started when he questioned the functionality of a lawnmower.

Commerce police was called to the incident on Wood St. on June 10, during which the man told another man his lawnmower didn’t work properly. The two proceeded to argue and the man was told to leave the property. When he didn’t, the other man “close-fist punched” him in the head one time, according to the incident report.

The man, who reportedly had a visible red mark to the left of his left eye, declined to press charges but wanted criminal trespass warnings issued to the other man and his wife.

Other incidents reported to the Commerce Police Department were:

•theft by taking on Louise Dr. where a man said $40 from his wallet, which he’d hidden in the box spring of his mattress, was missing. He said the theft occurred when when his daughter went inside the residence to change her clothes. Police had initially responded to the residence to reports of a domestic dispute between the man and his daughter.

•theft by taking on Northwood Dr. where a man said an employee stole a work cell phone.

•burglary on Heritage Hills Dr. where a woman said five cups containing $60 worth of change and an X-Box gaming console were stolen from her residence. There were no signs of forced entry, according to the reports, but a friend did text the woman to tell her that front door was open.

•theft by deception on Clayton St. where a man said he paid a woman $1,400 for a truck in Montana before she asked for $700 more to transfer the insurance. He said he did not pay the woman any additional money.

•information on Hillcrest St. where a woman said a spool of copper wire left in her backyard by the cable company was stolen.


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